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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


I am sorry there was no normal June 24th posting, but I had computer issues and lost a couple hours of work. 
 Tim Earl of Stirling  

Pentagon is considering deploying nuclear missiles to Europe directed against Russian cities - First Strike Weapons!  ~ link ~ The people running America, the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists, are way beyond crazy ... they are DEMONIC!!!  This would place a 'hair trigger' on all-out NUCLEAR WAR!!!   Stirling 

The question arises: why does Washington need to create a manifestly counterproductive drama around some pseudo INF violations by the Russians, and particularly by resorting to a range of threats that have never before been issued in such a bombastic way?

The main reason is that the US is trying to prevent Russia from developing two effective missile “antidotes” to the American system to intercept ballistic and cruise missiles – Moscow is developing a new cruise missile and a next-generation intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile capable of challenging the high-tech US missile-defense infrastructure. Washington wants to be able to deliver a first nuclear strike against Russia, China, Iran, and other states without fear of reprisal, with an eye toward creating a future world order. After all, the Pentagon is retaining its offensive doctrines unchanged that allow for a first preemptive or preventative nuclear strike.

USA Nuclear Target Map ~ link ~ Actually this is a simplified map that is likely to be only 25% or less of actual targets within America!!!  And the bastards pulling Obama's strings, and those of many other 'western' leaders, want a nuclear war!!!  Stirling   
Nuclear Transmutation Technology: Nikkei reports that Mitsubishi will use LENR to Clean Up Nuclear Waste ~ link This, if true, is a major scientific breakthrough!  It goes way beyond Laser Alchemy. Stirling  
Nikkei, the Japanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal, reported that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Yokohama, Japan, plans to use low-energy nuclear reactions to clean nuclear waste. This patented LENR transmutation method was developed by Mitsubishi physicist Yasuhiro Iwamura.
The researchers put the source material that they want to convert on top of the multi-layer film, which consists of alternately laminated thin films of calcium oxide and palladium. The thin metal layers have a thickness of several tens of nanometers. Elements are changed in atomic number in increments of 2, 4 and 6 over a hundred hours while deuterium gas is allowed to pass through the film.

The transmutations of cesium into praseodymium, strontium into molybdenum, calcium into titanium, tungsten into platinum have been confirmed. In 2013, Mitsubishi’s patent, originally issued in Japan, was continued in a European patent, and protects their proprietary thin-film transmutation technology.

Nuclear Transmutation Technology: What's Next after making Gold in Microwaves - video ~ link ~ The first part of this video refers to the uses of Nuclear Transmutation Technology relating to Fukushima (per the above article).  But watch it all, most interesting technology that has its origins in the Laser Alchemy that America, Israel and West Germany discovered about 30 years ago.  Stirling    

Are there signs of an Accelerating Cabal Take Down? ~ link ~ Only time will tell.  Stirling   

There are rapidly accelerating indications the Khazarian crime syndicate that illegally seized power in the United States and many European countries is being systematically dismantled. A New York appeals court, for example, has ruled that officials who served during the George Bush Jr. regime can be sued and can face criminal charges. That opens the way for the mass jailing of the perpetrators of the 911 mass murder incident.

Another sign is that a French judge has ordered one of the most senior members of the Rothschild family, Baron David de Rothschild, to be questioned by police on fraud charges

The Imperial House of Romanov invited to Return to Russia ~ link ~ There are advantages to Putin to bring back the Czars!!!  Stirling  

Members of the house of Romanov's were offered to return to Russia. A deputy of legislative assembly of Leningrad region, Vladimir Petrov, sent the appropriate address to the official members of the Romanov family, permanently residing abroad, – Duchess Maria Vladimirovna in Spain and Prince Dmitry Romanovich in Denmark (copies of the letters were obtained by "Izvestia"). Deputies intend to develop a draft law establishing a special status of members of the Royal family and providing for their return. In particular, the official residence of the Romanov's could become one of the abandoned palaces in St. Petersburg or Crimea

"Your Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna! — the deputy  addressed the head of the Imperial house of Romanov. — Throughout the history of their reign, the Imperial dynasty of the Romanov's was one of the foundations of Russian statehood... Today, a difficult process of restoring Russia's greatness and its return to world influence is underway. I am sure that at this crucial historic moment, members of the Imperial House of Romanov can't stay away from processes taking place in Russia".

Petrov is confident that "the return of the descendants of the last Russian Tsar to their historic homeland will contribute to the smoothing of political contradictions in the country, remaining from the time of the October revolution, and will become a symbol of revival of the spiritual power of the peoples of Russia".


Great Airshow Video from Airshow Budapest 2014 ~ link ~ For those who love airshows, the USN Blue Angels will have airshows over the Ohio River this coming Saturday and Sunday in Evansville, Indiana.  Stirling  

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