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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



Yemeni forces in retaliatory rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia ~ link ~

Yemen's Ansarullah fighters along with allied army forces have fired tens of rockets in a retaliatoryattack against Saudi Arabia’s Jizan on the southern border.
Saudi military vehicles were also set on fire after the Yemeni forces captured three military bases in kingdom’s southwestern region of al-Jaberi, Yemen’s al-Masirah TV reported on Sunday.

Yemeni forces launch such attacks in retaliation to Saudi Arabia’s relentless airstrikes, which the monarchy has been carrying out since March 26.Meanwhile, Saudi warplanes bombed the international airport and Khur Maksar region in the southern Aden province. Saudi jets also conducted multiple raids on various towns in the northwestern Sa’ada province. 

Israeli Air Force bombs Lebanon in order to destroy its own downed drone ~ link ~ Once again, normal rules of human behavior do NOT apply to Israel!!!  Stirling

A blast has been reported near the town of Saghbein in a remote area of Lebanon's western Bekaa, sources told agencies. Hezbollah-run Al Manar TV said, an Israeli drone was downed in the area and the airstrike was Israel’s attempt to destroy it.

A Lebanese security source told Reuters that the cause of the blast "is still not 100 percent clear but most probably it was an Israeli airstrike to destroy their drone." 

Netanyahu slams international "diktats" on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict ~ link
666: "How dare you two-legged soulless animals lecture we, the Chosen Ones...You will kiss our feet and serve us, those who we allow to live." I have said this for years, Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the actual Anti-Christ and he will arrange/begin the Third World War!!!  Stirling 
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he will “fiercely reject” international proposals to settle the Israel-Palestine crisis, adding that they have “no true consideration for the security needs of Israelis or other national interests of ours.”

      File photo shows Russia’s heavy nuclear-powered GM cruiser, Peter the Great. ©RIA Novosti
Russia to deploy combat aircraft in the Arctic Ocean ~ link

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced the installation of new radar detectors on the Arctic Ocean islands, while planning to also deploy jet fighters in the northern region.

“We have been talking a lot about building up Russian power in the Arctic. The armed forces are superfluous here. We have new hardware deployed on the islands of the Arctic Ocean,” Russia’s Deputy Commander of Aerospace Defense Kirill Makarov said on Saturday.“It’s all being done for the Russian Federation to defend its interests across the country, and also promote its interests in the Arctic,” he added. 

"Time to hold physical cash" ~ link ~ Great idea ... only trouble is the evil bastards in the Global Banking Cartel have so screwed up the global economy that most people don't have any spare cash!!!  Stirling  

As Jamie Dimon recently noted while discussing the perils of illiquid fixed income markets, the statistics around “tail events” can no longer be trusted. In other words, 6, 7, or 8 standard deviation moves that in theory should only happen once every two or three billion years may now start to show up once every two to three months. Evidence of this can be found in October's Treasury flash crash, January's fantastic franc fuss, and last month's Bund VaR shock.   

Why is this happening? Simple. There’s no liquidity left and the idea of efficient markets facilitating reliable price discovery is an anachronism.

Greek Crisis: Tsipras submits revised plan with no pension cuts ~ link ~ This is all sounding like a B movie plot!  Stirling 

Update: the farce must go on because according to Bloomberg the "final final" Greek proposal never made it, and was, ahem, lost in tranmission: EU HAS RECEIVED NO NEW PROPOSAL FROM GREECE YET: EU DIPLOMAT - BLOOMBERG
* * *
With just under 24 hours until Monday's final summit after which even JPMorgan now agrees the ECB will be forced to use a nuclear option and limit or cut Greek ELA thus imposing capital controls as a "negotiating tactic", earlier today both France and Germany told Greece it must have a reform deal agreement with the Troika finalized and delivered before a crucial leaders’ summit between Athens and its creditors on Monday; in other words before trading opens on Monday.
According to the FT, with the Greek cabinet meeting on Sunday to consider compromise proposals, François Hollande and Angela Merkel both telephoned Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister, to remind him he needed a “staff level” agreement with the European Commission, IMF and ECB ahead of the summit.

Geopolitics WILL TRUMP Economics In Greek Crisis ~ link ~  

Based on the continued failure of the negotiating parties to make any substantive progress in the talks over Greek debt payments, the financial world is tied up in knots over a possible Greek exit from the European Union. The uncertainty has manifested in both high and low finance, with a sharp sell-off in bonds, particularly EU and Greek government debt, and heightened retail withdrawals from Greek banks as depositors become wary of capital controls that would be imposed in the case of an exit. All concerned parties should likely breathe easier. Despite Greece's almost complete lack of financial integrity, neither NATO nor the EU can afford the political cost of a Greek exit from the EU.

The unacceptable specter lurking behind the EU negotiators is that, if Greece is shown the door by the EU, Russia or even China might step in to provide financing to Greece in return for a strategic foothold in Western Europe and gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean. This is a possibility that Europe cannot abide. In short, international political ramifications will trump any economic or financial issues.
Greece is Standing Strong on the Shoulders of China and Russia - Plus the 'Road to $19,000 Gold' ~ link
Turning to Greece, people are wondering why the Greeks are being so resistant to anything the Europeans are offering?  It is because Greece feels it has another alternative.  Someone from Greece called the IMF a ‘criminal organization.’  These are not the words of a weak country that is negotiating with a giant.  These are the words of a country that really thinks it has a lot of leverage.
Well, Greece does have a lot of leverage because they are looking to the East to China and Russia, both of whom have been making overtures to Greece.  China already owns 1/3 of a Greek port and they want to buy a full 100 percent stake in that key port.  The Chinese will then send trains through Greece, up to Budapest and to Germany. And Russia has already offered Greece a spot with the BRICS Bank.  Russia has also said they will build a gas pipeline through Greece, which will go to the rest of Europe.   

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