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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


US House of Representatives reject 'fast track' trade proposal ~ link ~ Many Democrats did not want to be branded with voting for the bill as it is apt to become a object of hate by the American working classes!  Stirling  
The US House of Representatives rejected a trade bill backed by the White House on Thursday.

President Barack Obama made a rare trip to Capitol Hill to drum up support for his "fast track" bill but Democrats in the House voted it down.The measure would have allowed Mr Obama to negotiate global trade deals Congress could not change, but still approve or reject.

Syrian Air Force jets bomb mercenaries in Iblib Province ~ link

Syrian jet fighters have launched a series of aerial strikes against the strongholds of foreign-sponsored militants in the northwestern province of Idlib, killing and injuring a number of Takfiris and injuring many more, Press TV reports.

A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syrian military aircraft pounded a terrorist hideout in the village of Kafr Eweid in Idlib, located roughly 300 kilometers (186 miles) north of the capital, Damascus, on Friday. An unspecified number of militants were killed in the attacks.

Similar aerial attacks were also carried out in the town of Abu al-Duhur, located about 45 kilometers (27 miles) southeast of Aleppo, as well as the villages of al-Majas, Hmeimat al-Daer, Sahm al-Dabshi and al-Habeit in Idlib Province. Syrian military aircraft also conducted a number of sorties over the strategic al-Jisel oil fields in the central province of Homs and near the ancient city of Palmyra, which was overran by ISIL militants last month.

Iranian commander terms ISIS "US Soldiers" ~ link

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Brigadier General Esmayeel Qa’ani said ISIL has been created by the US and Israel to divide and destroy Muslim states.
The General said the US and Zionism started a new era following the year 2,000 when the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement forced them to retreat from Southern Lebanon.

One day they created the Al-Nusra Front and another day Daesh (ISIL) or the Free (Syrian) Army that are all fed from one place with specific tasks divided among them; some are fed by Jordan some by Saudi Arabia’s money,” he continued. “But, no matter what they are called, they are the soldiers of the US and Zionists brought up to sow discord among Islamic countries,” General Qa’ani said.

The growing Mideast conflict that Americans will never understand ~ link

Yesterday, al Nusra, the Turkish trained and supplied al Qaeda “franchise” tearing Northern Syria apart attacked a small village in Syria called al Louz.  Most of the village was slaughtered, men certainly but women and children. 

The attack was ordered by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu working with King Abdullah II of Jordan during meetings in Amman, Jordan in March 2015.  There a secret protocol was agreed upon between Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel to systematically target ethnic groups across Lebanon and Syria.  The Druze are at the top of the list.

The Druze had been given an ultimatum, rise against the Damascus government or pay the consequences.  The “cleansing” of al Louz is the result.  From an ARA news story:

New clashes in eastern Ukraine kill 2 and injure a dozen more ~ link

Eduard Aleksandrovich Basurin, a spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said on Friday that as a result of shelling in the past 24 hours, two civilians have been killed and two injured in the Kuibyshevsky region of the eastern city of Donetsk.

The DPR defense spokesman added that seven people were also injured in the Kyivsky district of Donetsk as well as the city of Gorlovka. The DPR Defense Ministry had earlier announced that the Ukrainian army shelling rocked the volatile eastern region 36 times during the past 24 hours, Interfax news agency reported.
Also on Friday, ten Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in the country’s southeast, according to Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council. No serviceman has been killed in the fighting, Lysenko added at a press briefing in the capital, Kiev.

USAF electronic recon jet and Russian Su-27 have a 'close encounter' over the Black Sea ~ link ~ Russia and America are NOT natural enemies.  Russia does NOT want a war but the crazy global banksters and nutty Netanyahu Zionists DO!!!  Stirling   
ISIS holds a massive military parade in Libya - with photos link and video ~ link ~ ISIS is the Globalist/Zionist created force key to their plan to create the Third World War ... key to getting the goy to want to go to war to stop the dangerous ISIS.  Every day hundreds to thousands of desperate refugees are rescued by western navies in the Mediterranean.  Every day the MSM provides new stories about ISIS horrors but failing to mention that ISIS is the creating of the CIA and Mossad.  Stirling   
American politicians hurt America while helping tiny Israel ~ link ~ You know selling out to a domestic corporation or group is one thing, but selling out to a foreign nation and sending American boys to die for them is treason ... pure and simple!!!  Stirling  
US politicians from both parties, whose reason for being is their political career, live in fear of the Israel lobby. The Israel lobby exists to promote the Jewish state of Israel. The operatives in the lobby know the politicians will do anything and sellout anyone if they believe it will help promote their political careers. The Israel lobby, along with the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament based neoconservative movement, successfully worked to push US politicians to start the Iraq war for Israel’s benefit
Obama orders Secret Surveillance Court to ignore court decision and continue to spy on American illegally ~ link ~  
Just hours after President Obama said he would sign new federal legislation ostensibly aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' metadata, he instructed his Department of Justice to seek permission from a secret court to continue the program for at least another six months.

As reported by the UK's Guardian newspaper, the DOJ essentially asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which considers all government surveillance requests behind closed doors, to ignore an earlier federal appeals court ruling that found the bulk collection of data unconstitutional
European shares fall over Greek default fears ~ link

Shares on European stock markets have fallen sharply amid reports that senior EU officials have discussed a possible Greek default for the first time. The Athens stock exchange closed nearly 6% lower, while Germany's Dax and France's Cac 40 closed more than 1% lower.

Unprecedented panic and financial destruction and "bail-ins" to engulf the World ~ link

I see the same syndrome today in investment markets.  Ultra-high-net worth investors are expecting to achieve a minimum 15 percent returns each year.  And on many private equity deals they are currently achieving an annual return of 30 – 50 percent.  They believe it is their investment skills that are generating these massive returns.
But with official inflation rates at virtually zero and interest rates at record lows, and U.S. GDP not growing at all, the expected returns of 15 – 50 percent are totally unrealistic.  Most wealthy investors do not realize that these returns are only possible through unprecedented credit creation and money printing during this century.  The reason is that this money printing has primarily gone into asset markets rather than the real economy.
When sophisticated investors today look at risk, they do this at a micro-level looking at various asset classes.  Very few see the massive macro risks of debt explosion and the worldwide bubbles that these have created in bonds, stocks and property.  Just like Gordon Brown, investors believe that they are the ones generating the upside.

Coming chaos: Signs of an approaching dwarf star? ~ link ~ I have always been very leery of claims of Planet X or a red or brown dwarf star.  However, I am seeing a pattern of earthquakes and volcanic activity that may well be consistent with gravity waves caused by the approach of a sizable planetary body!  Time will tell.  Stirling   

Spanish Princess Cristina and husband lose ducal title amid fraud inquiry ~ link ~ I am not an expert on the Spanish system of titles, but I believe that the ducal title was given to the couple, not just to her (that or he shares in the title that was given to her as he is her husband).  Stirling 

King Felipe VI of Spain has removed the title "Duchess of Palma" from his sister, Princess Cristina, who is to go on trial charged with tax evasion. She was granted the title in 1997 when she married Inaki Urdangarin, a former Olympic handball player who is also accused of tax evasion.


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