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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin twice a day video news updates.  Tim Earl of Stirling 

UK Election Results ~ link ~ link

David Cameron has promised to lead a government for "one nation" and make "Great Britain greater" as he returned to Downing Street as prime minister. Speaking outside No 10 after visiting Buckingham Palace, he said the UK was "on the brink of something special". The Conservatives have 331 seats - five more than needed for a Commons majority - their first such victory since 1992.

Mr Cameron's rivals Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have all resigned after election disappointment.

Political Earthquake from Scottish Vote in UK General Election ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

The SNP is now the third largest party in Westminster, with major ramifications for the future survival of the United Kingdom as a unitary state. In many constituencies in Scotland the swing against Labour was well over 30 percent. High voter turn-out in Scotland masks a national figure that would otherwise have been lower than in 2010.

Britain’s ruling elite got the result they had wanted. Virtually all the media and leading business figures insisted that a Tory majority was necessary for the “stability” of the financial markets—the only constituency that counts. But it is a pyrrhic victory. It heads a government that not only might preside over a British exit from the European Union, but also the break-up of the United Kingdom. Moreover, it commands the support of just 22 percent of the electorate--under conditions in which it is pledged to further savage cuts that will devastate the lives of millions.


The End of the United Kingdom is foretold by the Scottish Vote ~ link

This British election will go down in history not for the shock margin of victory by the Conservatives but for sounding the death knell of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Nationalist Party has surpassed all expectations by winning 56 or so of the 59 seats in Scotland up for grabs in the British parliament. What that means, pure and simple, is another referendum on Scottish independence probably within the next five years

The Timing of the UK Elections and the Royal Baby Bonce ~ link ~ Some of the pro-Tory newspapers and television media almost stopped coverage of the election to cover the birth of another baby to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  While this seems silly, a large percentage of voting takes place on last minute perceptions.  In this case the positive baby coverage temporary replaced negative economic perceptions and this favored the party in power.  Stirling 

70th Anniversary of VE Day ~ link ~  
Events have been held across Europe to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two on the continent. Ceremonies were held in Paris, London and Berlin. Moscow will hold its event on Saturday.

Russia boosts its military strength despite sanctions ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  

And President Vladimir Putin can demonstrate to his own people, and to the world, that Russia is back in the military equivalent of the premier league. 

Russia's armed forces modernisation is still very much a work in progress. But the fighting in eastern Ukraine has demonstrated that, over recent years, elements of the Russian army have significantly improved, in equipment and capability. 

Gerald Celente: We are about to see Total Panic Engulf the World ~ link

So destabilization in the Middle East is starting to hit the radar of the equity markets around the world.  There is now the very real threat of a counterattack against Saudi Arabia.  There is a threat to the Saudi monarchy and the oil fields.  
Most people don’t realize this but most of the existing workers in the Saudi oil fields are Yemenese.  And there are over 4 million Yemenese in Saudi Arabia.  So if there is an attack against Saudi Arabia, the situation could unravel very quickly.  This would also have the effect of totally destabilizing global equity markets, which have only been fueled to bubble valuations by cheap money.
In fact, Janet Yellen just commented that equity market valuations are quite high.  The markets are where they are today because of all the quantitative easing and the record low interest rates.  So a sudden shock in the equity markets would set off a massive panic.

"Safe Zones" in Syria linked to Turkey's steps ~ link ~ Any large scale movement of Turkish and/or American forces into Syria will ignite a all-out General Middle East Regional War, that itself will likely start the full global military phrase of World War III.  Stirling    

The U.S. military’s top-ranking officer says contingency plans have been drawn up for a safe zone in consultation with Turkey, while a senior Pentagon official has told Hürriyet that this is conditional on Turkey’s steps on plans to train Syrian rebels, which remains a source of tension between the two countries. “We’ve been planning for such a contingency for some time,” General Martin Dempsey told members of the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee on May 6.Dempsey said U.S. forces were capable of carving out a buffer zone in Syria but it was a “major political decision” and would mean troops stationed elsewhere would not be available for other missions.

Flashback from yesterday: Opposition Deputy: Turkey to send ground troops into Syria ~ link ~ Sounds like WWIII to me.  Lets pray and hope that this is NOT true.  Stirling  
A senior official from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has told the media that the Turkish government is planning to send ground forces to Syria within two days, saying that the government's reckless policies would drag Turkey into an intractable conflict.

CHP Deputy Chairman Gürsel Tekin, speaking to the Taraf daily on Thursday, said the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government will send Turkish ground forces to the north of Syria on Thursday or Friday night. The deputy's statement implied that Turkey would set up a buffer zone, which it has previously pressed for in Syria. Tekin said he obtained the critical information from a reliable source, who is assumed to be in the military, about the plans for intervention in Syria.
War on the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling  
  All Americans need to understand that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is by far the World’s biggest parasitical invading organism in history that sucks the lifeblood out of any host country until mass-death of the Citizenry and the nation itself is attained.

Left unabated the RKM parasite will destroy each host country it has infested and if unabated will eventually destroy the whole World.

If we eliminate the Illegal, Unconstitutional private RKM Fiat debt-note based “funny money” and the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax, we can increase our purchasing power by approximately 40%.

And we know that the RKM has planted stolen nukes in twenty-five American cities and in every large capital of Europe, and has been threatening to set them off as a part of their Samson Option. This has certainly helped keep the leaders they control in line, and is described as Israel’s “nuclear blackmail”. 

Bibi 666 Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shabel - Who called for the Genocide of Palestinians - as the Justice Minister in his new government  ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this shit up!!!  Stirling   

During Israel’s summer 2014 attack on Gaza, MK Shaked essentially called for the genocide of Palestinians. In a Facebook post on July 1—a day before Israeli extremists kidnapped Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir and burned him alive—the lawmaker asserted that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and called for its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

Her post consisted of an excerpt from an article by Uri Elitzur, the late right-wing journalist and leader of the Israeli settler movement, which seeks to colonize Palestinian land in contravention of international law. Elitzur also served as a speechwriter and advisor to Netanyahu.

Unanimous Support for Ukraine War by Canadian Parliament  ~ link ~  

Canada has decided to send 200 Canadian Forces troops styled as ‘trainers’ to Ukraine, allegedly to prepare the Ukrainian Armed Forces to defend the U.S.-backed regime of fascists and oligarchs against ‘Russian aggression’. Or so says our national media.

On April 29, a four-hour ‘take note debate’ was held in Parliament to review this decision. Representatives of all parties and the cabinet participated. The record of the proceedings inHansard is not an encouraging read. Canadians deserve better.

The Internet is giving Power To The People - video ~ link ~ Yep!

Unemployed working-age Americans = 93,194,000 ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ Yet the lying government and MSM say our unemployment is 5.4% and we "are in a recovery from a recession"!!!  Stirling

There is no BS like the BLS ~ link ~  

The BLS used its fictitiously calculated “Birth/Death Model” plug metric to pad today’s report of 223k jobs added in April with 213,000 “fairytale” jobs. That’s right, 96% of the jobs supposedly added in April were BLS BS

Of course, the BLS and it’s mentally challenged Census Bureau lap-dog want us to believe that the unemployment rate is only 5.4%.   I guess this could be true if you want to completely ignore the 93.1 million of the working age population that is not considered to be part of the labor force.  Of course, according John Williams, who looks at how the Government calculated the unemployment rate in 1990 vs. now, the true unemployment rate is more like 23%.  

Greece: What's it like to live under the threat of default ~ link

Greece got through its latest crisis point last week, repaying 200m euros (£145m; $224m) to the IMF. But the government straightaway turned its attention to Monday's Eurogroup meeting and the 763m euros IMF repayment due on Tuesday.

Bond market is signaling a mounting financial crisis ~ link

The instability of the global financial system and the potential for another crash have been underscored by a major sell-off of government bonds this week. Yesterday saw European markets display levels of volatility not seen since the euro zone debt crisis turmoil of three years ago.

In the course of the day, the yield on the German 10-year government bond, which moves inversely to its price, jumped by 21 basis points (a 0.21 percentage point rise) to 0.80 percent, before falling back to its opening level of 0.59 percent.

Obama: More hostile towards the Press than any President in history ~ link

A brand new Politico poll of White House correspondents finds:
(1) 65% of reporters say that Obama is the least press-friendly president they’ve ever seen
(2) 78% of White House reporters believe “President Obama dislikes the press” 
(3) 63% of the reporters have literally never asked Obama a question at any press conference
(4) 58% say they’ve never spoken to anyone at the White House other than a flack on the White House press team
(5) 5 times more reporters believe that Obama is becoming less and less open with the press than believe he’s getting more transparent with time

Canada: House of Commons passes a Bill  to greatly expand the powers of its intelligence agencies ~ link ~ I sometimes think that the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia are in competition with one another to see who can become the most fascist to please the Global Banksters and Zionists!  Stirling   

Canada’s House of Commons voted late Wednesday to adopt the Conservative government’s Bill C-51, which, in the name of combatting terrorism, overturns core democratic rights and legal principles.

In its third reading, the House voted by 183 to 96 in favour of the legislation. It will now be sent to the Senate for final approval, with the government pressing for Bill C-51 to be proclaimed law before the month’s end.

Big Business of Cancer ~ link ~ If you have cancer GET OUTSIDE OF THE BIG PHARMA BOX IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!  Stirling    

Fashion for RC priests ~ link ~ I have noticed for a number of years now that fewer and fewer Roman Catholic vestments have religious symbols on them!  That says something!  Stirling  

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Haven't you said all the time that the RKM wants to implant microchips in the sheeples' bodies?

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In it the Eloi are controlled by the Morlocks. I do hope that this is not mankind's future. But on the other hand, the Morlocks, aka RKM, lost the battle and the Eloi were able to live like human beings again.