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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near

I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin twice a day video news updates.  Tim Earl of Stirling 
Yemen War: Saudis warn civilians to leave border areas ~ link

Saudi-led coalition aircraft have dropped leaflets warning residents in a Yemeni border district to leave, as air strikes against Houthi rebels continue. Leaflets were dropped in Old Saada in Saada province, the rebels' stronghold.

But the NGO Medecins sans Frontieres, which has a team in Saada, warned people would not be able to leave the city quickly because of fuel shortages.

US considering selling bunker buster bombs to Saudi Arabia ~ link ~ Remember a couple of weeks ago, when that massive blast hit Aden, I and others said it was likely to have been a tactical level nuke, but others claimed that it was just a bunker buster.  It appears that the Saudis do not have bunker busters yet, but do have some tactical nukes!!!  Stirling  

The United States is considering sophisticated weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, including bunker-buster bombs, that are currently offered only to Israel.
The weapons sales are an effort by the Obama administration to ease the monarchy’s concerns over a potential nuclear deal with Iran, according to The Washington Times.

Talks were underway behind closed doors as Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Since 2010, the Saudi kingdom has purchased $90 billion worth of US weaponry, including F-15 fighter jets, Patriot missiles, thousands of smaller bombs and armored vehicles. Analysts familiar with the weapons sales say the 5,000-pound GBU-28 bunker-buster bomb is high on Saudi Arabia’s wish list.

Yemen Army flushes al-Qaeda terrorists from southern city ~ link
Yemeni army soldiers backed by the members of the popular committees have flushed al-Qaeda terrorists out of the city of Arish in the southern province of Aden.
The Yemeni forces managed to capture some military equipment and vehicles belonging to the terrorists, reports said on late Friday.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), known as the most lethal arm of the terrorist network, is currently engaged in a battle against the Yemeni army and the popular committees loyal to the Ansarullah fighters of the Houthi movement, who control the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a and other major provinces. 
The clashes come against the backdrop of an ongoing aggression by Saudi Arabia against Yemen with fighter jets bombing the civilians and the infrastructure in the impoverished Arab country while they also airdrop arms and ammunition to the AQAP militants.

UNICEF: Import limitations threaten many Yemeni children ~ link ~ And the Saudi Royal Family, the Israelis, and the Obama Administration DON'T GIVE A CRAP!  Stirling  

The United Nations has warned about the consequences of restrictions on Yemen’s imports of foodstuff and basic commodities as deadly Saudi air raids continue to hamper relief operations in the war-ravaged Arab state. “If restrictions on the commercial imports of food and fuel continue, then it will kill more children than bullets and bombs in the coming months,” said the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Friday. UNICEF’s spokesman, Christophe Boulierac, also voiced alarm over a severe fuel shortage in the country, adding, “Fuel may run out in less than a week in Yemen.” “Humanitarian access to many areas is extremely difficult and we are frequently being blocked,” the UN official pointed out.

Boulierac further noted that 120,000 Yemeni children are at the risk of severe acute malnutrition over the next three months in case health and hygiene services fail to function normally, and an immunization campaign aiming to protect millions of children against communicable diseases does not get underway. He also warned that 2.5 million children under five are at immediate risk of contracting diarrhea and other transmissible diseases as key infrastructure in Yemen, including water supplies and health services, are on the verge of breaking down.

Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 - without a UN mandate - in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to the country’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh.

Saudi regime: Time running out as it patches itself up ~ link ~

The Saudi army has a lot of equipment, but if ever there were an army primed to cut and run when the bullets start flying, this is it. That is why their foreign minister was angry when the Pakistani Parliament declined the offer to be cannon-fodder troops for a ground invasion of Yemen.

Here we are in 2015, where the US’ main allies in the region are this house-of-cards House of Saud pretend-a-country — albeit one with huge wealth, in addition to a psychotic Israel, where chosenites would sell their own mother for advancement or political power, no matter how fleeting.Both KSA and Israel have nuclear weapons — which we aren’t supposed to know. The Saudis have done a better job keeping theirs secret by not using them in terror bombings like the Zionists have. The second half of this decade is going to see a major shake up of one or both of these regimes, who have nothing to offer the world but the worst that humanity can offer. That they both are lauded as America’s key allies shows we have some major soul-searching to do, before we are replaced, ourselves…

North Korea has test fired a new underwater ballistic missile ~ link ~ Such a missile, with a nuke warhead, fired from a submarine could allow North Korea to target a large part of North America from the Pacific and perhaps even from the Atlantic (if the sub has enough range or can be refueled at sea).  Stirling  

North Korea says it has test-fired a new underwater ballistic missile, describing it as a “world level strategic weapon.”  North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was at the site of the event and gave the order of the missile launch from an attack submarine, the country’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported early on Saturday.

It is not still clear that the missile was the controversial KN-11, the North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile reportedly under development. Some reports say North Korea earlier conducted three tests with the missile on an underwater test platform near the country's coastal city of Sinpo in October 2014, on January 23, and April 22, 2015.

Syrian Army retakes villages from ISIS in Hasakah Province ~ link

The Syrian army has managed to retake several villages from ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the northeastern province of Hasakah.
According to reports on Friday, the Syrian army, backed by national defense forces, liberated the villages after attacking ISIL’s positions in the province.

The Syrian forces also destroyed several vehicles belonging to the Takfiri group.
The strategic province, which is the corridor to the eastern border with Iraq, has come under repeated attacks by Takfiri terrorists over the past few months.
Earlier in the day, the Syrian forces established their control over several areas in the southern region of al-Qalamoun, a day after they took over the city of Assal al-Ward near the Lebanese border area in the mountainous region.

SANA also said that the Syrian army targeted the positions of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in the southwestern province of Dara'a, killing and injuring several terrorists.

Hollande admits to breaking EU embargo to arm Syrian mercenaries - video ~ link
Cold War Blowback: Russia resumes supersonic TU-160 'Backfire' strategic bomber production ~ link

But there is more to the TU-160 story. I don’t think the new production is being cranked up just for the Russians — but the Chinese, Indians and maybe even Iran. It would save them a fortune and a ton of time versus developing their own.

Increased multi-country TU-160 production can bring down the per unit cost, and also continually fund improvements. Backfire bomber bases all over Asia would be a huge targeting problem for the West. It would be facing not only defense in depth, and also a much bigger threat to having its forward bases taken out early in a conflict… all priority targets for these Eurasian countries to defend themselves from a manufactured preemptive strike by the West.

And lastly, the huge sums being invested in the energy mega-pipeline deals all throughout Asia are certainly going to be well defended, along with the New Silk Road, bullet trains and highway system. Asia will be defending itself with internal lines of communication … with emphasis on the defending

Israeli Army Source: If a conflict breaks out in Lebanon, IDF WILL CROSS THE BORDER ~ link

If war breaks out in Lebanon, IDF troops will cross the border, a senior officer told the Jerusalem Post, adding that the Israeli army has held a series of military drills “for war against Hezbollah” in recent weeks.

Israeli Artillery Corps 282 Support Unit has been staging military exercises to train for the war against Hezbollah in the Jordan Valley for five days. 

The Israeli army stages this type of exercise annually, but this year it was different, as a huge amount of military and live fire was deployed, a senior Artillery Corps officer told The Jerusalem Post. 
Israel: Speeding up the countdown to Armageddon ~ link
The man now calling the shots for Israel’s Palestine policy is not Prime Minister Netanyahu but Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Jewish Home party, who has declared and means that there are no circumstances in which he would ever agree to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Without the Jewish Home party’s participation Netanyahu would not have been able to construct a fragile and unstable coalition government with a majority of one in the Knesset. In other words it was Bennett who made it possible for Netanyahu to have a fourth term as prime minister and that gives him, Bennett, and the deluded and demented settlers he represents, a great deal of bargaining and blackmail power.

Israel working to trigger a US War with Russia and Iran ~ link ~ This will end up being right out of the last book of the Bible with billions of deaths!!!  Stirling  
Israel is working to create a military confrontation between the United States and Russia by worsening tensions and pressuring Washington to attack Iran, a US activist and commentator in Idaho says.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has “worked for decades” to exacerbate existing problems between Washington and Moscow by provoking the US to enter into a war with Iran and getting Russia involved in a wider conflict, said Mark Glenn.“We have a situation that is absolutely prime for Netanyahu to take advantage of in order to put pressure on the American administration vis-à-vis war with Iran,” Glenn told Press TV on Saturday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin used an address on Saturday commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany to accuse the United States of attempting to dominate the world.“We have seen attempts to create a unipolar world, we see gaining momentum as a force of bloc thinking,” Putin told foreign leaders, war veterans, and thousands of soldiers assembled on Moscow’s Red Square ahead of a major military parade.

Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon ~ link ~ Damascus is set in a type of 'punchbowl' that will cause any large nuclear detonation to bounce back and increase the effective force of the blast!  Stirling   

Turkey's PM denies reports on Turkish military intervention in Syria ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ It may well be that the Turkish opposition was working with elements in the Armed Forces to stop such an intervention and that it worked - at least for a while!!!  Stirling  

Ankara has rejected reports that Turkey is preparing for military intervention in neighboring Syria, amid opposition claims about the matter. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Saturday that “there is no situation right now that requires Turkey’s involvement” in Syria, Turkish media quoted the prime minister as saying.

The remarks came after Turkey’s main opposition party claimed this week that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has plans to launch a military operation in Syria within a day or two.

Syria: Any Turkish Aggression Means A All-Out War ~ link

Syrian government sources speaking on condition of anonymity told VT that Turkish direct military involvement in the Northern Part of Syria means all-out war, adding that:
“Syria’s allies will not stand tied-handed if such a thing took place.”

The sources confirmed that the Syrian government is privy to the Turkish moves and any reckless military action that will be taken by the Turkish government will be considered as an “act of aggression” against the Syrian territory and an infringement of its sovereignty.

Neoconservatives waging a war of deception on Americans ~ link

The pro-Israel neoconservatives in the United States are determined to continue their “war of deception” against Muslim nations and the American people, a scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.”

Zionist neoconservatives have “bought up” the US Congress by paying “bribes” to lawmakers in the form of vast political contributions, said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. Neocons “are dedicated to trying to continue their war of deception not only against the Islamic world, but also against the American people,” Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday.

Europe marks 70 Years since WWII VE victory ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Europe marked the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II on May 8th with commemorative events across the continent.

The ceremonies kicked off in the Polish port city of Gdansk, known as Danzig in German, where the first shots of the deadliest conflict in history were fired on September 1, 1939.

The sky over the Baltic Sea was lit up by a salute fired from 21 guns at the Westerplatte peninsula in Gdansk late on Thursday night.

America remembers VE Day with dozens of WWII fighters and bombers over Washington - with photos  ~ link ~  
More than 50 vintage World War Two airplanes soared over the U.S. capital's National Mall on Friday to mark the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.

Tens of thousands of people crowded lawns between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial to watch the 50-minute event, which featured 15 flying formations representing major battles during the war.

Scottish Labour Party Apocalypse - Now what ~ link

My interlocutors were all agreed that the roots of the night are deep. One might cite Labour complacency in Scotland. Some inside the party attribute that phenomenon to the Westminster group in particular. 

It is possible to attach credence to that viewpoint without going the whole way and endorsing the view, attributed to Wendy Alexander, that the Scottish Labour Party has not contributed an original idea to the body politic in a century or more.

Labour has lost or corroded its links with working-class communities across Scotland. Those links have been supplanted by grassroots organisations. And SNP affiliates. It is no longer a given - has not for some time been a given - that Labour can be trusted to stand up effectively or uniquely for proletarian concerns. 

UK democracy is run by big business ~ link ~
One of the main points which is repeated in most debates is that the austerity measures would continue in the next five years.

“Obviously we had a 5 year coalition government where at least some of the extreme right-wing policies of the conservative party was controlled and managed by the Lib Dems. What we are likely to see is that the austerity measures now are taking a full speed,” London-based commentator Shabbir Razvi told Press TV.

PM Cameron working to form his first all-Conservative Cabinet ~ link
David Cameron is spending the weekend finalising his first all-Conservative cabinet after his party won a majority in Thursday's election. The PM has already reappointed Chancellor George Osborne, who has also been made first secretary of state. Theresa May, Philip Hammond and Michael Fallon retain their jobs at the Home Office, Foreign Office and defence with other announcements due on Monday. 

UK: A Functioning Democracy It's NOT ~ link
We at the Automatic Earth always try to steer clear of elections as much as possible, because there are no functioning democracies left in the west -no more than there are functioning markets-, and no journalists reporting on them either. Interesting question, by the way: how can a journalist report on a democracy that isn’t there? And where in that setting does news turn to mere opinion, and where does opinion then become news ? 

Still, of course we caught some bits of the UK elections along the way regardless. The decisive moment for us must have been when Jeremy Paxman interviewed David Cameron at the BBC, and asked him if he knew how many foodbanks had been added in Britain since he took office 5 years ago

Cameron, well duh obviously, had no idea, and instead of answering the question he started a flowery discourse praising the many volunteers who work in the foodbanks he didn’t know existed. Paxman cut him short and said there were 66 when Cameron came to power, and 421 now. Apparently in Britain, volunteers are needed to take care of the needy, they’re not going to pay people to do that. You would think that takes care of Cameron’s candidacy, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

US Social Security Insolvent - Underfunded by over $19 TRILLION ~ link ~ You didn't really think that they were going to pay retirement for all those Baby Boomers did you?  Stirling  

What is in store for gold if cash is outlawed ~ link ~  

So, should we reach the limits to monetary policy, what’s in store for that ‘barbarous relic’ sometimes known as gold? It would be a period of rapidly rising real interest rates, as a floor on negative nominal interest rates had been set in a period of accelerating deflation. This should be bad for gold. As The Solid Ground has argued before, the de-leveraging which always comes with deflation and falling cashflows would be very positive for the USD. This would also be bad for gold.

However, in such a world, zero-yielding gold would be a high-yielding instrument. If the authorities ever sought to restrict access to banknotes, then gold would suddenly find itself enfranchised as money for the first time in many decades. So, given the scale of these competing forces, it is just too early to say what might happen to the gold price, but the allure of gold will grow the more it becomes clear that central bank fiat has failed and the age of government fiat is dawning.

The time is ever nearer when the price of gold will rise in an era of deflation. In due course, though no time soon, the full force of government fiat will engineer a reflation, albeit one replete with the misallocations of savings and capital so beloved by the bureaucrat. Then the PhD standard, in which the value of money is linked only to the words of the over-educated, will have ended. The gold price will rise even further, ‘And the words that are used for to get the ship confused will not be understood as they’re spoken, for the chains of the sea will have busted in the night’. And that’s ‘The hour when the ship comes in.’

California's Horrific Drought in photos ~ link ~ This is the most productive food growing region of America.  The drought is NOT an act of nature, but one shaped by HAARP and HAARP-type technology!!! Some claim that it is being done to keep most of the Fukushima radiation away from the western states; other think that it is simply one more Population Reduction Program by the Globalists!!!  Stirling  

California's drought has reached epic proportions, prompting Governor Jerry Brown and state water regulators to adopt "unprecedented" (and some say draconian) measures to counter what is perhaps the only example of a liquidity crisis more acute than that which investors face in secondary bond markets.  

Police abduct 10 children from a Kentucky family due to "off the grid lifestyle" ~ link
If the government does not like the way that you are raising your kids, they will come in and grab them at any time without giving any warning whatsoever.  Of course this is completely and totally unlawful, but it has been happening all over America.  The most recent example of this that has made national headlines is particularly egregious.  Joe and Nicole Naugler of Breckinridge County, Kentucky just had their 10 children brutally ripped away from them just because the government does not approve of how they are living their lives and how they are educating their young ones.

Let’s be very clear about this – Joe and Nicole had done nothing to violate the law whatsoever.  All of their kids were happy, healthy and very intelligent.  But because the control freaks running things in Kentucky got wind of their “off the grid lifestyle”, they have now had all of their children unlawfully abducted from them.

IRS employees received raises after cheating on their taxes ~ link

Ocean on Saturn moon Enceladus resembles habitable lakes on Earth ~ link ~  

The newly-discovered subsurface ocean on Saturn’s icy moon of Enceladus is similar in makeup to some of the life-bearing salt lakes on Earth, a new US study suggested. Astrobiologists believe this small moon is the best place to search for alien life in the Solar System.The 505-kilometer-wide satellite is geologically active, with powerful geysers blasting through its ice shell. Those geysers contain water which researchers suggest comes from an ocean located beneath the moon’s icy surface.
Armless woman paints amazing artwork - video ~ link 

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