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On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin twice a day video news updates.  Tim Earl of Stirling 

Saudi Arabia moves strike force to border with Yemen ahead of "truce" ~ link ~

The Saudis have reportedly fired more than 150 rockets targeting Yemen’s Saada and Hajjah provinces. The coalition’s planes were reported to have struck Houthi positions in the central city of Taiz as well as in Marib, the oil-producing province of east of the capital, Sanaa. 

The attacks prompted retaliatory fire from the Houthis, who claimed they had fired Katyusha rockets and mortars on the Saudi cities of Jizan and Najran, AFP reported

The recent exchange of fire comes just a day before the five-day humanitarian truce agreed by both the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels. The ceasefire was scheduled to start Tuesday, but it could be jeopardized by continuing fighting between the two sides. 

Four Arab leaders have canceled meetings with Obama ~ link

Four Arab leaders have called off their upcoming meeting with US President Barack Obama amid the Persian Gulf states’ escalating tensions with Washington. Saudi Arabia's King Salman would not meet with Obama in Washington this week, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Along with the Saudi king, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain have also cancelled the Washington trip. Only the emirs of Qatar and Kuwait would be present at the meeting and the other countries would send their deputies.

President Obama was scheduled to meet with the Arab leaders at the White House on May 13 and at Camp David, Maryland, on May 14. They were expected to discuss nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 countries -- the US, Britain, Russia, China, France and Germany -- and the crisis in Syria and Yemen.

Syria in last 24 hours kicking butts of foreign mercenaries ~ link

There is a reason the Saudi king is refusing to come to Camp David.  His armored columns inside Syria are cut off, calling for air support from Israel and ground support from ISIS.  In Yemen, a Moroccan jet was downed just before the 5 day cease fire begins. 

War Threat Rises as the Economy Declines ~ link ~  

The defining events of our time are the collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11, jobs offshoring, and financial deregulation. In these events we find the basis of our foreign policy problems and our economic problems.

The United States has always had a good opinion of itself, but with the Soviet collapse self-satisfaction reached new heights. We became the exceptional people, the indispensable people, the country chosen by history to exercise hegemony over the world. This neoconservative doctrine releases the US government from constraints of international law and allows Washington to use coercion against sovereign states in order to remake the world in its own image.

The Elite Declared War Against Us - They Expect Resistance ~ link ~ Very good article, do take a minute to read it all at the link.  Stirling  

Smith specifically mentioned the US Army exercise Jade Helm which is using resources from the FBI and the DEA. This is clearly not an exercise designed to train US troops for battle in Iraq or Iran. He thinks the billionaires are preparing to defend their position because they know we are near an economic collapse.

I have said that the Mossad has put forward two publicity campaigns to explain to American Christians that an economic collapse in September of 2015 and even a war were the Will of God and not caused either by the gross criminality of Bankers or by Israeli Warhawks.

China has decided to apply to the IMF to add the yuan to the SDR basket of currencies. America depends on its ability to print the world’s reserve currency to feed itself. Wall Street has stolen everything so when we lose our reserve currency status 80% of Americans will be reduced to abject poverty. That is unless we reform the system.


The Death of the British Labour Party ~ link ~  

The election does indeed prove that Labour’s core constituency has been eaten away. But workers have deserted it because they already view it as a Conservative Party Mark Two, with almost one-third of the electorate seeing no point in voting at all because no party has anything to offer them.

Miliband’s feeble tack to the left was entirely unconvincing, coming from a party that was pledged to austerity and that is incapable of putting behind it the actual record of Blair and his successor Gordon Brown as a tool of big business and architect of the Iraq war.


11 Reasons that the poor have to fear about Iain Duncan Smith, MP being in charge of benefits cuts ~ link ~ In the near global economic depression that we are in now, you would think that most national governments would focus on quality job creation NOT on austerity cut backs.  But Globalist Bankster controlled political whores don't have any morality so they don't 'give a crap' about the suffering of millions of their countrymen!!!  Stirling 

Canada: PM Harper threatens Boycott Israel supporters with Hate Crime charges ~ link ~ For a long time I refrained from doing much criticism of any Canadian Government because of the old Canadian hereditary great offices-of-state that go with my Scottish titles, but no more.  Harper is terrible.  He is such a total whore for the Zionists that he would throw Canadians in prison for objecting to the deaths of thousands of children and other civilians in Gaza and the West Bank by the Israeli butchers!  This is such total fascist bullshit, the Canadian people should object to him and the foreign (Israel and Globalist banksters) based control of his government!!!  He is doing a massive disservice to the great nation of Canada!!! Tim Earl of Stirling, Hereditary Governor and Lord Lieutenant of Canada  


Swedish Supreme Court refuses to withdraw the arrest warrant for Assange ~ link
Assange, who has been hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden, was accused in 2010 by two Swedish women of committing rape and assault. The Australian was granted asylum inside the embassy in 2012 to avoid being sent to Stockholm for questioning.

Some legal experts believe Assange, 43, could be extradited to the United States, where authorities may want to question him over the 2010 Wikileaks release containing thousands of classified files on US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as some 250,000 diplomatic cables.

Gun Control - More guns mean less crime - video ~ link

A video compilation of some of the best pro-gun arguments and clips that the media does not show you nor do we learn about from our college classrooms. This is a general message that humanizes the message of American Freedoms and Liberties.

Monsanto's Glyphosate blankets GMO crops near schools ~ link ~  

Genetically engineered crops, or GMOs, have led to an explosion in growers’ use of herbicides, with the result that children at hundreds of elementary schools across the country go to class close by fields that are regularly doused with escalating amounts of toxic weed killers.

GMO corn and soybeans have been genetically engineered to withstand being blasted with glyphosate – an herbicide that the World Health Organization recently classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” The proximity of many schools to fields blanketed in the chemical puts kids at risk of exposure.

But it gets worse.


Rover 'Curiosity' snaps first color photos of Mars blue sunset ~ linkI know, the image above is of Earth.  Sorry, I don't have a Mars image.  Stirling  
The Mars Curiosity rover has taken stunning pictures of sunset on the planet, the first colour images of the red planet’s blue evening light.


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