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70,000 Yemenis flee war-wracked Sa'ada ~ link
International aid groups say tens of thousands of people, including 28,000 children, are fleeing the northwestern Yemeni city of Sa'ada, which has been a target of brutal Saudi airstrikes.

A group of 17 agencies, announced Sunday that the growing wave of air attacks by Saudi Arabia on the northern Yemeni province of Sa’ada are forcing 70,000 out of their homes.

Groups like Oxfam, Islamic Relief, and Save the Children, condemned the growing intensity of the bombings in the city, saying there is an urgent need for the implementation of a lasting ceasefire in order for the humanitarian agencies to deliver aid to the needy across Yemen.
“There is an urgent need to halt hostilities in order to move humanitarian aid to the country,” CARE International’s local director in Yemen, Daw Mohamed, said, adding “All parties concerned should also come forward to work out a long-term political solution to the problem.”
Save the Children, another aid group closely watching the developments in Yemen, said people were mostly unable to escape the deadly airstrikes due to the blockade imposed on the area in the wake of the attacks.

Saudi Arabia and USA plan escalated aggression on Yemen ~ link

A so-called proposed 5-day humanitarian ceasefire is phony. Terror-bombing continues. US/Saudi enforced blockade prevents enough essentials to life from entering Yemen.

Suggesting a limited pause in fighting is willful deception. Washington wants all-out terror war against 25 million Yemenis. Is large-scale invasion planned? Yemeni UN envoy Khaled Alyemany representing the illegitimate (US-installed) ousted government has called for intervention by foreign ground forces.

Yemen's Houthis agree to five-day truce proposed by Saudi Arabia ~ link

Yemen consented to a five-day truce proposed by Saudi Arabia, which will begin on Tuesday, according to an army spokesperson allied with the Houthi forces.

“We announce our acceptance of the humanitarian ceasefire that will begin on Tuesday,” Colonel Sharaf Luqman said in a statement broadcast by Yemen’s Saba news agency. Any violation of the ceasefire by Al-Qaeda or others would prompt a military response, he stressed. The ceasefire, which is to allow humanitarian aid in, is to come into force at 11pm (2000 GMT) on Tuesday. 

The Strategic Importance of Iran, for Russia and China - Eurasian Triple Alliance ~ link

China, the Russian Federation, and Iran are widely considered to be allies and partners. Together the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran form a strategic barrier directed against U.S. expansionism. The three countries form a “triple alliance,” which constitutes the core of a Eurasian coalition directed against U.S. encroachment into Eurasia and its quest for global hegemony.

While China confronts U.S. encroachment in East Asia and the Pacific, Iran and Russia respectively confront the U.S. led coalition in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. All three countries are threatened in Central Asia and are wary of the U.S. and NATO military presence in Afghanistan.

Iran can be characterized as a geo-strategic pivot. The geo-political equation in Eurasia very much hinges on the structure of Iran’s political alliances. Were Iran to become an ally of the United States, this would seriously hamper or even destabilize Russia and China. This also pertains to Iran’s ethno-cultural, linguistic, economic, religious, and geo-political links to the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Russia celebrates 70th anniversary of WWII - video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Dozens of cities across Russia and abroad on Saturday joined huge celebrations marking 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in WWII, Ruptly’s interactive map shows.

Military parades were held all over Russia, from the country’s Far East to Kaliningrad. A total of 26 cities took part, while ceremonies devoted to Victory Day were held in more than 150 locations across the country. About 85,000 servicemen from the Russian Armed Forces took part in celebrations, the Defense Ministry said.

Photos of London's VE 70th Anniversary ~ link 
On the final day of events marking the anniversary of victory in Europe in the Second World War, huge crowds gathered to watch a military parade pass through Westminster towards Buckingham Palace before the Red Arrows flypast.

The Red Arrows traditional red, white and blue vapour coloured the sky above Horse Guards Parade, where veterans and current servicemen watched the flypast along with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.


Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin exchange frosty glares at Moscow VE Anniversary celebrations ~ link ~ Interesting photos.  Stirling  

Something doesn't add up: "Strong Jobs" Report, Weak Spending and Sagging Sales ~ link
The problem with the employment report is not just about how it is calculated but more so that it is taken as the definitive measure of economic performance. The notion itself, conceptually at least, isn’t assaultive as the modern economy is entirely about the division of labor and specialization, so anything that deals in that subject matter is already in the right place. This particular brand of economic account, however, isn’t so definitive as to have earned such blind faith, especially during this “cycle.”

As it is, the Establishment Survey and unemployment rate are lagging indications, not forward-looking. The unemployment rate, at its best, may be able to say something about what just happened but is far less intuitive about what will happen. That point really gets lost in the shuffle, especially from the “establishment” that is clinging to anything that might suggest there will never be any economic refutation to monetary “magic.”

Inhuman Austerity ~ link

The Framers of the U.S. Constitution said the Government should provide for the “general Welfare,” a mandate to help build a strong and prosperous nation. But the concept has been lost in a wave of anti-government, “neoliberal” propaganda making the Market king. Close your eyes and imagine an affluent society with subsonic trains crisscrossing the continent. One that produces unlimited clean energy. Provides basic healthcare for everyone. Values education for its own sake. Cultivates the arts and research to discover beauty and the unknown. An affluent society that responds with compassion to natural disaster. Conserves natural resources and protects the environment. And enjoys more leisure time. Cares about eliminating poverty and illiteracy. That ends racism and prejudice. Does the affluent society seem like a dream? Is it an impossible goal? The neoliberals think it is. They imagine a world of austerity and a new Gilded Age.

Read more at:

Multinational Trojan Horse: TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) ~ link

Peel back the layers of the TPP and you’ll find what some believe to be a “corporate Trojan horse.” Disguised as “free trade,” the TPP’s provisions and tactics undermine Constitutional safeguards and national sovereignty. But there’s also a silver lining. The TPP exposes who, in the marbled halls of political power, is working for whom. It forces politicians to put their cards on the table, and by their hands you will know them.

Americans Have Less National Pride than Yemenis, Mexicans, Libyans, Rwandans, Ghanaians, Zimbabweans, Pakistanis, Nigerians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Moroccans, Kazakhstanis, Tunisians, Qataris … and More than a Dozen Others ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Many Americans remember when our economy was good and the level of oppression and wars and unconstitutional surveillance was very low.  Now we are in the crapper and no amount of corporate/MSM/political BS can change this!!!  Stirling 

The World Values Survey – a global network of social scientists studying changing values and their impact on social and political life, led by an international team of scholars – finds that the percent of Americans who are “very proud” of the U.S. fell from 77% in 1999, to 71.1% in 2004, 62% in 2009 and only 56% today.

F-35: One of history's biggest White Elephants ~ link ~ Thirty some years ago I first began acting as a consultant to high-tech aerospace firms.  I saw really good proposals flushed down the drain because the right company or combination of companies were not involved.  Further, I was seeing insanely high prices for warplanes that only made sense if you understood that politics and corruption were the driving forces at work.  Now, in 2015, America has largely lost the ability to field large numbers of state-of-the-art military aircraft because of the organic corruption in Washington.  We are headed into World War III with the world's most expensive fighters, which do not work as planned most of the time and in any case are in such limited numbers, due to insanely high prices as to be ineffective in a real global shooting war! Stirling 

Organic Farming Knowledge Grows Across Africa ~ link ~ Good article, take a minute to read it all at the link.  Stirling 

Perhaps because the many benefits of GMOs and their attendant chemical brethren have been exposed time and again as a myth. And specifically in Africa where a 200+ page study entitled "Organic Agriculture: African Experiences in Resilience and Sustainability" thoroughly documented the amazing transformation in health, economic activity and even basic human rights that took place after embracing organic farming. It is of course to be expected that a system which teaches self-empowerment and engenders care for one's land and people is what will offer true prosperity.

Bad news for dealers of synthetic chemicals and exploitation - slowly but surely people across Africa are overcoming imposition and are regaining their connection to their land and their families; they are now protesting the secret meetings, legislative intrusion, and non-sustainable seed systems. - See more at:
Perhaps because the many benefits of GMOs and their attendant chemical brethren have been exposed time and again as a myth. And specifically in Africa where a 200+ page study entitled "Organic Agriculture: African Experiences in Resilience and Sustainability" thoroughly documented the amazing transformation in health, economic activity and even basic human rights that took place after embracing organic farming. It is of course to be expected that a system which teaches self-empowerment and engenders care for one's land and people is what will offer true prosperity.
- See more at:

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