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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  

AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



This is the American Memorial Day 3-day holiday weekend.  Sorry my update today is later than normal.  Tim Earl of Stirling 

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs ~ link ~ The next major effort should be the seeking and obtaining of criminal charges against the senior executives and the Board of Directors of Monsanto for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!  Throw the bastards in prison for life...that will stop the murder!!!  Stirling 

Thousands of people across the world have joined together in a global movement, protesting against American biotech giant Monsanto. Activists from over 400 cities are speaking out against GMOs and Monsanto’s monopoly over the food supply.

Saturday marked the third global annual March Against Monsanto (MAM). According to the organizers, 48 countries were scheduled to participate in a massive global turnout. 

March against Monsanto: World rallies in protest LIVE UPDATES

Monsanto, Corruption and the Cancer Causing Dangers of GMO Foods ~ link ~Also see link ~

This compelling and disturbing video below shows Jeffrey Smith, a leading expert on GMO foods disclose the beguiling antics by Monsanto who not only are allowed to manipulate their own policy claims, but continue to be held unaccountable for the toxic repercussions of their genetically modified organisms or GMO’s.

In the video, Jeffrey Smith, discusses two deadly poisonous ingredients found in GMO’s based on proven research that causes cancerous tumors to form in rats.

Monsanto’s former attorney, Michael Taylor, dubbed “The food safety Czar”, is now conveniently positioned with the authority to monitor the promotions of Monsanto’s products, including their GMO foods. Monsanto has never gotten called out for detailed analysis regarding the dangerous processes these “foods” undergo.

It’s similar to “The fox guarding the hen house”, where GMO foods are not legally mandated to be labeled because Monsanto says they are no different than the regular foods.

Check out this revealing 5 minute video & learn the truth about GMO’s and why Jeffrey Smith emphasizes that no consumption of GMO foods is safe.

Sowing the GMO Seeds of Depopulation ~ link ~ ~Also see link ~

There is a growing fear that eugenics is being used to get rid of sections of the world population that are ‘surplus to requirements’. And it is a legitimate fear, not least because there is a sordid history of forced/covert sterilizations carried out on those deemed ‘undesirable’ or ‘surplus to requirements’, which reflects the concerns of eugenicists who have operated at the highest levels of policy making. From early 20th century ‘philanthropists’ and the Nazis to the nascent genetics movement and rich elites, by one means or another ridding the planet of the great unwanted masses has always been fairly high on the ‘to do’ list (see this informative piece)

Millionaire US media baron Ted Turner believes a global population of two billion would be ideal, and billionaire Bill Gates has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to improve access to contraception in the Global South.

Gates has also purchased shares in Monsanto valued at more than $23 million at the time of purchase. His agenda is to help Monsanto get their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into Africa on a grand scale. In 2001, Monsanto and Du Pont bought a small biotech company called Epicyte that had created a gene that basically makes the male sperm sterile and the female egg unreceptive.

Two Royal Saudi Air Force F-16s downed by Yemen ~ link ~

Yemeni army has shot down a Saudi warplane northeast of the northern city of Sa'ada, as Al Saud regime continues its aerial attacks against its southern neighbor unabated.

According to Yemen's al-Masirah television, the Saudi plane was downed in Kataf district of the province. Earlier in the day, another Saudi F-16 fighter jet was downed in the Bayt Khayran area of the district of Bani Harith in the north of the northwestern province of Sana’a. The fighter jet had reportedly conducted a number of airstrikes against Yemen’s al-Dailami air base.

Iran holds war drills to counter regional aggression ~ link

The Iranian armed forces have held military drills in the central province of Isfahan, in which they test-fired missiles and shot down mock-enemy drones over the Arak nuclear facilities. Part of the exercise was to train for unpredictable scenarios.

The war games were codenamed 'Beit-ul-Muqaddas 27' and held in a desert area in Kashan County, the IRNA news agency reported Saturday, citing the Army Ground Forces commander, Brigadier General Reza Pourdastan. He proclaimed firing on Thursday of the Fajar, M6 and M10 missiles a success.

ISIS kills 400 - Mostly women and children - in Palmyra ~ link ~ If you understand the history of war propaganda, if you also understand who created and controls ISIS, and their goals of starting a massive Middle East Regional War and the Third World War, you will understand why the bastards in ISIS are doing what they are doing!!!  Stirling   

Talmud writings: 'The future destruction of Palmyra will be a day of rejoicing for Israel' ~ link ~ The Talmud is NOT the Bible, however, to many Orthodox Jews it is more important than the Bible itself.  It actually has much that many would consider satanic in it.  Stirling  

While Palmyra has absolutely no value whatsoever to Islam, Christianity or even to ISIS as an ‘islamic group’,  it holds a TREMENDOUS significance for the jews and judaism.

The key to understanding why the ruins of this ancient pearl of the desert have become a target rests in jewish ‘sacred’ texts:

“The day on which Tadmor is destroyed will be made a holiday” (Yeb. 16b-17a).

“Happy will he be who shall see the downfall of Tadmor” (Yer. Ta’an. iv. 8)

“The future destruction of Palmyra will be a day of rejoicing for Israel” (Yev. 17a)


Jeff Steinberg: US and allies are 'playing the Sunni radical card' in the Mideast ~ link

They are playing the Sunni radical card and that’s very very dangerous and destructive,” senior editor of Executive Intelligence Review Jeff Steinberg told Press TV on Sunday.

He made the remarks after newly declassified US intelligence documents revealed Washington and some of its allies had foreseen and facilitated the rise of the ISIL terrorist group in Syria as a counterweight to the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The conservative government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has obtained more than 100 pages of classified documents from the US Department of Defense and State Department through a federal lawsuit.

Wounded anti-Syrian militant is being treated in Israel ~ link

The 27-year-old militant, whose name has not been revealed, recently sustained shrapnel wounds in the course of clashes with Syrian army troopers and was taken to the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in the northern Israeli settlement of Poriya, located approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) south of the coastal Israeli city of Tiberias, SANA reported Saturday, citing an Israeli media outlet.

The report added that the Israeli medical center has accepted and treated nearly 175 anti-Syria Takfiris ever since foreign-sponsored militancy broke out in Syria in March 2011.

According to the documents from Israeli hospitals, until last September, Israel’s military had paid USD 10 million from its budget for the treatment of the terrorists injured during clashes with Syrian government forces.

The documents further revealed that a total of 398 injured militants had also been treated at Galil Hospital in Israel’s northern coastal city of Nahariya in the past couple of years. Another hospital in the city of Safed had provided treatment for hundreds of other Takfiri terrorists.
Damascus says Tel Aviv and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri militant groups operating inside Syria.

Secret Pentagon Papers show US created ISIS as a Tool to overthrow Assad  ~ link
And while speculation was rife that just like the CIA-funded al Qaeda had been used as a facade by the US to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al Qaeda 2.0, there was no actual evidence of just this.

That may all have changed now when a declassified secret US government document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the "leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

EU calls Russia's NGO law a 'worrying step' ~ link ~ Russia has seen, how time and time again, the Globalists and Zionists use cut-outs especially non-governmental organizations to create and pay for "revolutions" and riots/etc. and they are moving to prevent it from happening in Mother Russia.  That is NOT worrying but a Good Step!!!  Stirling   

The European Union says Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a "worrying step" by signing a regulation that outlaws what Moscow believes to be "undesirable" non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The EU foreign services said in a statement on Sunday that the rule was a “worrying step in a series of restrictions on civil society, independent media and political opposition." "It will restrict freedom of speech and media as well as pluralism of opinion," the statement read.

Under the law signed by Putin, the Russian authorities would be able to ban overseas NGOs and go after their workforce.


Spanish Elections: New parties taking a chuck out of the established political parties ~ link ~ linkIn just about every nation that holds elections, if the election is real and honest, the established political class is losing.  The people are totally fed up with the bought-and-paid-for Globalist and Zionist whores who are selling the citizens out!!!  Stirling    

Exit polls from Spain's local and regional elections have predicted gains for new challenger parties Podemos and Ciudadanos, at the expense of the country's traditional main parties.

The Spainish economy has been a key concern for voters.

Polish President defeated by conservative challenger who questions EU and NATO ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski conceded defeat in Sunday's presidential election to his conservative challenger, Andrzej Duda, following the release of an exit poll putting the head of the Law and Justice party ahead of the incumbent by 6 percent.

According to a poll conducted by Ipsos, Duda received 53 percent of the vote, to Komorowski’s 47. 

California Drought ~ link ~ Also see: Rain deluge floods parts of Texas and Oklahoma ~ link ~ and link ~ link ~ linkThis is another Globalist SOFT KILL Population Reduction Program designed to kill us off and further to destroy America!!!  It is being run by the Globalist/Zionist controlled American  Government via its HAARP and HAARP-type weather warfare programs!!!  Stirling  

The Globalists' New World Order: Soft Kill and Hard Kill Methods ~ link

Our belief system shapes and ultimately determines our very reality. It can be likened to the hapless deer frozen and unable to move while caught in the headlights of an approaching truck or tank. Without the belief that we can take immediate steps to avert disaster by lifesaving navigation out of this overwhelming darkness into the light of peace, security and serenity, we are all doomed. Therefore, as perilously negative as it may seem to so many of us right now who bravely ponder the dark forces moving against us, there are individual and collective actions we can take together that will empower us as citizens of the world to believe we can in fact make a difference, perhaps the difference between our life and death, and ultimately survival of the human species or its extinction.

Working on oneself spiritually can give us the strength and courage to overcome the most dangerous adversities in life. Finding your Creator, Higher Power, or your God is the greatest coping strategy and skill any of us humans can ever possess. Striving to create a balance between still finding joy and love in our daily lives with those we care most about on this earth plane while at the same time taking the necessary precautionary steps to protect and defend ourselves from any immediate or overt threats and dangers is extremely important. Granted, it’s easier said than done. But having your own contingency plan to maximally safeguard our family and homes, our neighborhoods and communities is also crucial. The human spirit and capacity to triumph even in the most despairing moments and conditions can be unbelievably resilient and powerful. And only those who know and experience pain and suffering can also embrace equal heights of joy and happiness. The art of living is living each and every single day as fully and joyously as is humanly possible. Difficult times can facilitate the gift of insight and awareness that in turn promote greater wisdom and bliss. Working toward change most often starts from within and shifts outward to one’s immediate living environment from home to the local and regional community levels.

Greece cannot afford the IMF repayment in June ~ linkThe current government should tell the global banksters "to go to hell"!  Stirling 

Greece cannot make a repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) due on 5 June as it does not have the money, the interior minister says. "The four instalments for the IMF in June are €1.6bn, this money will not be given and is not there to be given," Nikos Voutsis told Greek TV.

Greece has to come to a deal with the IMF and EU to secure the final tranche of its bailout from the institutions.

Greece on the Ragged Edge ~ link

So, I have a simple question.  Why should the brunt of the demanded reforms fall on those least responsible for the mess, and most vulnerable?  Surely, the provincial woman on the streets of Athens pushing her Gyro cart up the steep hills of Kolonaki is far less responsible for the lamentable state of affairs her beloved country finds itself in, then those in the positions of leadership whom should have clearly known better.  Yet, today she is the one being asked to bear the burden of the terribly onerous predicament her Nation is suffering through.  Meanwhile, the bankers want more Euros, and no one is buying her Gyros.

Seems to me the wealthy Greek political class, the int’l financial establishment and the EU political leadership bear the lion share of the responsibility here.  Yet, instead of facing up to the mess they presided over and largely created, by putting forth workable resolutions to the debt death spiral effectively consuming Greece, what I have mostly witnessed over the past four months is that same establishment circling the wagons, doing everything in their power to delegitimize the SYRIZA leadership and further cripple their already stressed banking system.  I guess the best defense is a flat out offensive.  Is this what passes for inspired leadership in this day and age?

As for me, I would be more than happy to see the cradle of democracy put the imperial autocrats and financial kleptocrats in their place, teaching them a thing or two about enlightened self governance.  Perhaps the ascent of Alexis Tsipras simply reflects the frustration of the everyday Greek citizen, completely fed up with their notoriously corrupt self serving political class oligarchy, the self seeking autocrats in Brussels and self interested banking elites that keep offering up the same poison pill to cure a lethal debt epidemic that they themselves were central to spreading around the globe in the first place.

Tiny $9 computer CHIP ~ link ~ WOW!

A $9 computer created in California, does everything any average family PC is supposed to do including surfing, programming and entertainment. The tiny gadget has raised more than $1.5 million on Kickstarter – 30 times more than its developers asked for.

The computer is called CHIP and it fits in a breast pocket, while being a full-featured mainline Linux computer without any reservations. With a 1 GHz processor, 512Mb of RAM and four gigabytes of solid-state memory drive, it performs most of the tasks needed for work in office or back at home – at least that’s what the developers say in a promising Kickstarter bid. 

How quickly does Earthing affect your body - video ~ link 

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