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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Who would Win a War in the South China Sea ~ link ~ The information presented is not so good.  For one thing, America could send 3 to 5 Supercarrier Battle Groups plus several Assault Carrier Battle Groups into the area.  Still, the carriers are vulnerable in several ways.  The real danger is that any regional war will quickly become nuclear and could go STRATEGIC NUCLEAR even without a full WWIII scenario (Russia/China/Iran/Syria/Belorussia/India?/etc. vs. NATO/Australia/New Zealand/etc.  Stirling   
As regular readers are no doubt aware, the US and China are racing towards a maritime conflict stemming from Beijing’s construction of what Washington has condescendingly called “sand castles” in the Spratly archipelago. 

Atop these man-made islands are cement plants, air strips, and soon-to-be lighthouses, as China boldly asserts its territorial claims on what are heavily-contested waters though which trillions in seaborne freight pass each year. Now, with Beijing set to enforce what is effectively a no-fly zone over its new sovereign ‘territory’ we bring you the following graphic from WSJ which shows that when it comes to sheer size, China’s air force and Navy are beyond compare. 

US Sec. of Defense warns China over South China Sea islands ~ link ~ Just what the United States needs ... another damn war for the Globalists - NOT!!!  Stirling  

Carter said on Wednesday that US warships and planes would carry on patrolling the region, accusing China of heightening tensions in the area. “China is out of step with both international norms that underscore the Asia-Pacific’s security architecture, and the regional consensus in favor of non-coercive approaches to this and other long-standing disputes,” he said.

Washington does not recognize China’s sovereignty in the disputed areas and is weighing sending surveillance aircraft and warships to test its territorial claims.

Syria and Armenia decry Turkish support for western/Israeli mercenaries fighting Syrian Government ~ link

During a joint press conference with his visiting Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian on Wednesday, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said Damascus regards the move to provide assistance and air support for militants fighting the Syrian government as an aggression and so has the right to retaliate against it.

He noted that Ankara is well aware that “the use of Syrian airspace by non-Syrian planes is by definition an aggression, therefore the Syrian Arab Republic has the right to use all the available resources to repel this aggression.”

Netanyahu to America: GIVE us 50% MORE MONEY and we will shut up about Iran nuke agreement ~ link~ This Yiddish in-your-face BS needs to be shut down and dear old Bibi told to 'go to hell'!!!  Stirling   

“The idea that Israel would be asking for more money, it’s basically an extortion of the politicians in Washington in order to get Israeli support for the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran over a nuclear deal,” said Lindorff.
Iran and the P5+1 –  the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – are negotiating to work out a comprehensive agreement aimed at ending the longstanding dispute over the Islamic Republic’s civilian nuclear work...

You have Israel opposing that even to the point of the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] coming to the US and speaking at Congress and attacking the plan, which is a kind of appalling,” Lindorff stated.
Now basically Netanyahu is saying ‘alright, give us 50 percent more money for weapons and we’ll shut up,” he added.
It’s really kind of insulting. "So if the US goes along with this, I think there's gonna be a lot of outrage in the US,” noted the author of The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office. "It's certainly outraged me. All kinds of social programs are being cut in the US, and the idea that we'd be giving an extra $1 1/2 billion to a country [sic] that is sticking its thumb in our eye is kind of beyond belief," he concluded.

US Defense Department admits supporting ISIS and Buffer Zones in Syria ~ link ~ There is a 'over-the-top' immorality coming out of Washington these days that totally reflects the Global Bankster and Zionist mindset, NOT a traditional American mindset!!!  Stirling  

To beat ISIS - Kick out the US-led coalition ~ link ~  
It’s been a bad time for foes of ISIS. Islamic State scored a neat hat-trick by invading strategic Ramadi in Iraq’s mainly Sunni Anbar province, occupying Syria’s historic gem Palmyra, and taking over Al-Tanf, the last remaining border crossing with Iraq.

The multinational, American-led ‘Coalition’ launched last August to thwart Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS) march across Syria and Iraq…did nothing. And so Baghdad and Washington are pointing fingers, each accusing the other of being asleep on the job.

So too is the idea of a US-led Coalition air force that can cripple Islamic State. Washington has run fewer sorties over Syria and Iraq in the nine months since inception of its air campaign, than Israel ran in its entire three-week Gaza blitz in 2008-09. Where were the American bombers when Ramadi and Palmyra were being taken? And why does the US Air Force only seem to engage in earnest when their Kurdish allies are being threatened – as in Kobani (Ain al-Arab), Syria, and Erbil in Iraq

US Navy's Big Mistake - Building Tons of Supercarriers ~ link ~ Over thirty years ago, when I was a senior consultant to a high-tech military aircraft design bureau, that proposed building a family of low-cost but high-tech VTOL all-composite whole-airframe jet aircraft, I said that the USN's supercarrier battle groups were too vulnerable in any high-level future war.  That we could replace one super-expensive supercarrier with four Escort Carriers and NOT have such a concentration of assets that we now have with only 11 supercarriers globally (and usually two or more in dry dock at any one time).  There is no navy on Earth like the US Navy but that does not mean it is invincible!  Stirling    

That track record, just as the boast in the Army/Navy game program, however, is not an indication that a carrier cannot be sunk — or put out of commission — but rather the fact that since 1945, the U.S. Navy has never engaged another navy in battle that tried.

The Navy is developing a new class of supercarriers that cannot function properly, and has designed them to launch F-35 fighters that are not ready to fly their missions. This is all happening during an era of out-of-control budgets, which bodes poorly for American sea power and leadership ahead.

VP Biden blasts Putin - Says USA debating sending weapons to Ukraine's Junta ~ link ~ Biden must be off his medication again!  Stirling 

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