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Special Report:

UK General Election

How Alex Salmond could become the new British Prime Minister in a few days.

Those wild-eyed Scots just might conquer England on their way to Independence!  

Abe Lincoln use to say that politics was like two fighters in a ring who fought so hard that they ended up in each others clothes.  

In other words: What Goes Around - Comes Around!

In the Scottish national independence vote, not too many months ago, it was the London/City of London-centered UK politicians who 'acted the spoiler' to the Scots ancient quest for a return to full Scottish Sovereignty.  Now, in the 2015 UK General Election, it is the Scottish/SNP politicians who are apt to 'act the spoiler' in the United Kingdom General Election.

Everyone is expecting the SNP to end up with all 59 Scottish constituencies in the new 2015- UK Parliament, and to use that 'catbird seat' to deal itself a far better hand in the coming months and years.  

However, what if instead the SNP itself decided to form a UK Government offering Junior Minister positions (with much larger perks, pay, and staffing) to assorted mostly Backbench Tories, Labour, UKIP, LibDem, Greens MPs! Throw in the Welsh nationalists and a couple MPs from Northern Ireland and they might get Number 10 Dowing Street for only 250 or so MPs joining the new unity government with a very weakened Conservative and Labour opposition.

Considering the unstable political environment following the election of a Hung Parliament with the swing power being held by wild-eyed Scots wielding their Broadswords, the SNP just might be able to pull this off!  To offer sufficient  Backbenchers a Junior Minister, or similar, role, would mean adding to the UK Parliament's budget and staffing.  But who cares if you up the budget a bit, when you are in control - Even if this is the result of an unexpected SNP political coup that gains the SNP control over the UK Government!  

Tim Earl of Stirling      

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