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The Eight Things That Americans Must Change To Survive



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The 8 Things That Americans Must Change To Survive 

There are many things that need changing in Twenty-first Century America if the nation and its people are to survive.  Many of these things, with name changes (Parliament instead of Congress, Bank of England instead of Federal Reserve System, etc., are also true of the United Kingdom and many other nations).

1.)  We must end the wars and remove the parasitic forces that are arranging non-stop wars around the world before they get us into the Third World War.  A war that will be a Life Extinction Event for the Human Race.  This includes ending the False Flag events that so often precede wars as their 'justification'.  

2.) America has, depending on which figures you quote, something like 90 to 103 million working age citizens totally without any job.  Yet we are told by the mainstream news media and our federal government that we are in a "recovery from a recession" and that unemployment is well under 10%.  In the last decade we shipped over 54,000 large factories overseas to Third World nations with extremely low wages and little or no environmental requirements, and in fact, gave tax breaks to the corporations moving their manufacturing overseas.  No nation can economically survive for long with its people flipping hamburgers at "Micky Dees" or selling cheep junk at "Wally World".   

3.) We need to end the existence of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.  This is nothing but legal counterfeiting where mostly foreign bankers create money by a bookkeeping entry and then loan it to the US Government, which is then obligated to pay back the principal and compound interest.  Only the federal government has the legal/constitutional authority to issue currency.  President Lincoln refused the 'offer' of the Paris based Rothschilds to finance the Union war efforts and printed "Greenbacks", saving untold sums for the taxpayers.  Since the Global Banking Cartel bribed Congress to enact the Federal Reserve Act 101 years ago, we have had no end to wars, and excessive and often counterproductive government spending, all resulting in deficit spending and FED loans to the government.  While this has resulted in great profits to the global banksters it has reduced our dollar to a couple of pennies to what it was worth in 1914. Today almost all money raised by the individual income tax goes to paying the interest on past FED loans. 

4.)  If we, and the rest of the world, do not end the on-going and developing mega-disaster at Fukushima, even if this takes a massive and expensive "Manhattan Project" level effort, in twenty or so years we will see a growing 'higher life extinction event' overwhelm this planet.  Already, massive deaths of marine life forms are happening in the largest ocean on Earth.  Eventually, even the corporate owned mainstream news media will not be able to keep the grave reality from the masses.

5.) We are living in a particularly evil time in which certain global elites are operating Population Reduction Programs based on things like Roundup and other chemicals, on Genetically Modified Food, and other things such as vaccines and medicines that do great harm rather than cure or prevent diseases, while keeping simple and natural cures off the market.  In short, we must arrest those killing people while profiting from it and hiding behind bribe made laws and government rules.

6.) We must restore Constitutional Rule to our Republic.  There is no mention in the US Constitution of Executive Orders or of the right to deprive citizens or non-citizens of legal protections at the whim of those in power or of the right of the President to enter into combat on his own authority.  There is no right to intercept and record all phone calls and Internet usage. The 16'th Amendment to the US Constitution, authorizing a Income Tax, was NOT ratified by the required number of states (this was confirmed by a US District Court ruling), but then and now the power of the global banksters, who needed the income tax to pay for their 'legal' counterfeit FED loans to the government, managed to keep it out of the news media.

7.) We must reform our very corrupt political system.  We need to get as much money OUT of the system as possible.  About 30 years ago we legalized bribery by calling it Political Action Committee funding and since then the power of the citizens of the Republic to influence their own government has become negligible, while that of AIPAC, Wall Street, Big Pharma, etc., has grown into a massive cancer that has sucked most of the life out of once a democratic nation.  We must end computer based voting and computer vote counting, they cannot be made secure and "he who controls (or can hack) the source code controls the outcome of the election".  We need a nationwide system that uses paper ballots, placed in clear Lexan boxes, and counted on-site in public view at each polling precinct with the outcome posted at each polling place, with all voters being required to dip a finger into indelible ink to vote.  All paid lobbying needs to be outlawed as does all citizen lobbying on behalf of foreign nations.  Elections should have strict caps on spending and no corporation on non-human person should be allowed to donate, and no person should be allowed to donate over $1,000 in any election race.  Term limits should be enacted for all Congressional offices.     

8.) Last but by no means least, we need to Get Back To God in this country. Something our ancestors knew and took for granted.  We need to reject "Political Correctness" that gets in the way of traditional God-centered public life.  Marriage is between one man and one woman and killing unborn babies is murder. A nation that is God-centered is a strong nation, one that is not God-centered is one that is rotting at the core, like our current nation that is well on the track to becoming a Third World Nation with a Police State mentality.

Tim Earl of Stirling     
Europe News Blog

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