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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

This is Good Friday for most Christians, however the Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Week, next week.
Do remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and His great message of Love this Easter Season.  
Tim Earl of Stirling  



Israeli officials are furious over the Iran Nuclear Deal ~ link ~ Israel has several hundred nuclear weapons, Iran has none!  Yet Netanyahu and his evil nutty Government has the guts to complain!!!  They can go to Hell.  Stirling 

It’s unsurprising given the decades of hostility they’ve shown toward diplomacy in general, but Israeli officials are reacting with outrage at the announcement of a framework deal between Iran and the international community.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has promised to do everything in his power to prevent an agreement, says that the framework “threatens Israel’s survival” by allowing Iran to keep portions of its civilian nuclear program.
Iran nuclear deal increases risk of 'horrific war' threatens Netanyahu ~ link ~ linkOld Bibi 666 Netanyahu is "licking his chops" at the likelihood of a 'horrific war' in the Middle East!!!  He is the most evil and dangerous government leader in the entire World ... I suspect that he is the actual Antichrist of the Bible!!!  Stirling   
Over 500 killed in two weeks of war in Yemen ~ link ~ Mostly unarmed men, women and children!!!  All killed for the demonic Global Banksters and Zionists!!!  Stirling  
Two weeks of chaos in Yemen has killed at least 519 people, many civilians and children among them, the UN announced, as Houthi rebels continue their advance against exiled President Hadi’s loyalists who are supported by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

Another 1,700 people have been wounded over the past two weeks, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos, said in a statement Thursday. She voiced concern for civilians caught in the crossfire – especially after neighboring Saudi Arabia with allies launched an air-campaign last week in an effort to stop the advancement of Shiite Houthi rebels who deposed President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi. 

“Those engaged in fighting must ensure that hospitals, schools, camps for refugees and those internally displaced and civilian infrastructure, especially in populated areas, are not targeted or used for military purposes,” Amos said in a statement.
USA increases involvement in the Yemen War ~ link ~ link ~  

In a move that Pentagon officials are describing as just a “deepening” of their military involvement in the Saudi attack on Yemen, they have announced military aircraft from Centcom will begin aerial refueling operations for Saudi planes currently bombing the nation.

The announcement couldn’t be worse timed, coming after a three day span during which Saudi planes killed scores of civilians in a pair of attacks on a dairy and a refugee camp in northern Yemen.
Tunisia to re-open ties with Syria to track ISIS mercenaries from Tunisia ~ link
Tunisia says it plans to re-establish diplomatic ties with Syria in order to track its citizens who have gone to fight alongside Islamist militants.

Some 3,000 Tunisian jihadists are thought to have gone to Syria and Iraq. 

GOP seeks to 'snatch war from the jaws of peace' ~ link ~ link ~

“All indications are that there will be a committed effort by the GOP to oppose the president and indeed, all the P5+1 nations in order to snatch war from the jaws of peace,” he said.

“After all, in a country driven by a war economy, there is no profit in peace and great fortunes to be made by war,” he added.

Is Greece about to ignite a chain reaction all across Europe by playing its geopolitical Trump Card ~ link ~ I suspect that the Global Banksters are counting on this ... otherwise they would have made a reasonable deal with Greece!  They want a total economic collapse, globally, so that they can usher chaos on a massive scale, topped off with WWIII.  All so that they can kill off most Goy and enslave the rest and steal everyone's property and wealth!  What they will get is Armageddon and eternal damnation!!!  Stirling   

If the EMU powers persist mechanically with their stale demands – even reverting to terms that the previous pro-EMU government in Athens rejected in December – they risk setting off a political chain-reaction that can only eviscerate the EU Project as a motivating ideology in Europe
Forced Grexit would entrench a pervasive suspicion that EU bodies are ultimately agents of creditor enforcement. It would expose the Project’s post-war creed of solidarity as so much humbug.

Greece could not plausibly remain in Nato if ejected from EMU in acrimonious circumstances. It would drift into the Russian orbit, where Hungary’s Viktor Orban already lies. The southeastern flank of Europe’s security system would fall apart.

UK Election 2015: Both the Tories and Labour under pressure over possible coalition claims ~ link ~ The British public is catching on: The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats all serve the same Global Banking Cartel and Zionist puppet masters, and the British people get screwed time and time again!!!  Stirling 

The Conservatives and Labour have come under pressure over claims they could be forced into a post-election deal with UKIP or the SNP, respectively.

The polls suggest there may be a hung parliament after 7 May, raising the possibility of a coalition or a deal between different political parties.

The opinion polls suggested there was no clear winner from the debate, but commentators said it made the British political system look very different from the traditional two or three-party set-up.


Boycott campaign snowballs in Germany over Bild's coverage of Germanwings Crash ~ link ~ There is some hope ... the Alternative News Media is getting through all the Globalist/Zionists propaganda and people are starting to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!!  Stirling  

A brief notice issued by a German gas station stating that it will stop selling the tabloid Bild after its sensationalist coverage of the Germanwings crash, is gaining colossal resonance. Increasing numbers of retailers are removing it from their stands.

What started with a Facebook entry by ARAL station in the town of Bendorf, Rhineland-Palatinate, is now going viral with the original post getting more that 100k ‘likes’ in less than a week. 

Californians are outraged as Oil Producers and Frackers are excluded from the Emergency Water Restrictions ~ link ~ Giving the Finger big time to the public to take care of the crooks.  Time for a old fashioned western necktie party!  Stirling   

California's oil and gas industry is estimated (with official data due to be released in coming days) to use more than 2 million gallons of fresh water per day; so it is hardly surprising that, as Reuters reports, Californians are outraged after discovering that these firms are excluded from Governor Jerry Brown's mandatory water restrictions, "forcing ordinary Californians to shoulder the burden of the drought." 

When all the water disappears in California - How many million people will have to migrate???  ~ link ~ The massive drought in California is the result of a deliberate HAARP attack, over many months, to engineer the weather over the western United States.  The goal is to kill off the greatest food producing area in America, to cripple what is left of our economy, and to continue and expand Globalist Population Reduction Programs!!!  If the Federal Government really wanted to, they could correct this almost overnight by redirecting the HAARP broadcasts from Alaska and HAARP-type broadcasts from space!!!  The public should begin to demand that they do this!!!    Stirling  

No nation for young workers - Only Americans 55 and older were finding jobs in March ~ link ~ This is what happens to the richest nation on Earth when its people allow the worst criminal trash to rule them!!!  Stirling 

We first showed back in October 2012 that in America, courtesy of the Fed's micro-mismanagement of everything, the labor force has been turned upside down, and the only jobs being created are those for aged workers, Americans 55 and over. The reason is two-fold: with savings rates at zero, Americans who were on the verge of retiring found that the fruit of their labor was worth nothing under ZIRP (and may well be punished under the upcoming NIRP) as their savings (and fixed income investments) generate zero interest income, while young Americans would rather stay in college by the millions funded generously by trillions in Uncle Sam student loans.

In any event, this is nothing short of a recipe for disaster, as aged workers have no leverage to demand higher wages (hence the lack of any broad wage growth), while Millennials and other young Americans, instead of entering the work force and accumulating job skills as well as wages, get more and more in debt. 

Argentina shut down in national one-day transport strike - video ~ link 

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Dear Lord Stirling,

While I am writing these words, Easter chiming can be heard in my village. It is 22:54 in Germany now.

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A few months ago you (!) asked yourself if this website is/was reliable and worth mentioning, didn't you.
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Yours, in Jesus Christ, our Saviour

Joaquin, Germany

Happy Easter, dear Lord Stirling.