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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near



The Khazarian Mafia (Part II) ~ link ~ I strongly recommend that you read this one in full at the link!  Stirling   

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is a worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate that has deeply infiltrated and hijacked the political institutions of the United States of America. And the KM has gained control over the US Congress and the last several administrations and manipulated America into fighting Israeli wars in the Mideast, using all kinds of crafty covert operations including their nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01.

Some call this Babylonian Talmudism secret Satanism or the Luciferianism of the super-elites or those who refer to themselves as the “Illuminati”, the “Circle of Twelve” or the “Disciples of Satan.” Like it or not it is a simple fact that at this very time the Khazarian Mafia actually runs most USG institutions including the US Congress, the Judiciary and the US Supreme Court, with five of the nine Justices known to have been bribed and owned by the Khazarian Mafia.

Bibi Netanyahu is the operational head of the KM and had a long history as a KGB agent before the Soviet Union collapsed.

Syrian War: "Islamists" mercenaries capture key norther town of Jisr al-Shughur ~ link ~ link ~ These forces crossed into Syria from Turkey, which continues to support the Zionist/Globalist war on Syria. I have noted an increase in efforts to attack Syrian forces lately.  This could be a prelude to something big.  Stirling  

It was the last major town under government control in Idlib province. Correspondents say it may give rebels a route to the ruling elite's heartland.

The Islamist forces, including the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, began the assault on Thursday.

IAF fighters strike Hezbollah missiles in Syria ~ link ~ link ~ A possible indication of something big coming down the pike.  Stirling  

Syrian and Lebanese media are reporting at least two IAF raids that struck targets in Western Syria, but there is still confusion regarding when they took place and what targets were hit.

According to Channel 2's website, “unofficial media” in Syria and Lebanon said there were two attacks – the second one on Friday, against Hezbollah trucks that carried surface-to-surface missiles. Photographs that were published showed the remains of the bombed targets.

Israeli airstrikes hit Syrian and Hezbollah targets in Syria ~ link

According to sources quoted by Al Jazeera, the attack in al-Qalamoun targeted the 155th and 65th Brigades of the Syrian army, which deal with strategic weapons and long-range missiles.

The sources reported several explosions in the Syrian towns of Al-Qutayfah, Yabroud and Qarah on the outskirts of Damascus.


Kerry backs Royal Saudi Air Force strikes on Yemen ~ link

US Secretary of State John Kerry is backing Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen as long as the Ansarullah fighters of the Houthi movement continue to make gains in the country. 

AIPAC pushing GOP to foster bi-partisan support for bill to kill Iran deal ~ link ~ Getting the traitors/political whores to move things down the road to the Third World War.  Stirling  

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has been urging Republicans not to back amendments that might turn many Senate Democrats against the "Iran Nuclear Review Act," or prompt Democratic President Barack Obama to renew his threat to veto the legislation.

"Our priority is to make sure the bill gets passed with the strongest possible bipartisan majority so that Congress is guaranteed the opportunity to pass judgment on the final agreement," an AIPAC source said. 

ISIS shoots down Syrian aircraft  ~ link

The Islamic State (ISIS) shot down a regime aircraft near a key military airport in southern Syria Friday, with pro-ISIS Twitter accounts saying the jihadist group had captured the pilot, AFP reports.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the plane went down east of Khalkhalah airport, the only air base in Sweida province, a stronghold of the Druze minority that has largely avoided the bloodshed of Syria's war.

Nepal: Over 1,300 killed in 7.9 magnitude earthquake ~ link ~ link ~  
A 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal and India, killing more than 1,300 people. The most severe damage was seen in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, where buildings collapsed, burying people alive under the rubble.

EU allows more GM crops to be imported ~ link ~ linkMore Globalist Population Reduction Program efforts to 'reduce the herd'!!!  Stirling 

The European Union has given the green light to start importing 10 new types of genetically modified crops for the first time since 2013. Two types of flowers have also been cleared, amid heated debates over amendments to the EU approval process.

The crops, which include maize, soybeans, cotton and oilseed rape will be authorized for human food and animal feed for the next 10 years, the European Commission announced on Friday.
The GM crops by Monsanto, BASF and Bayer CropScience will principally be used to feed cattle in Europe, according to Reuters. 

Tokyo children's park has such high levels of radiation that an hour spent there equals six months of normal radiation exposure ~ link ~ I continue to be amazed at the Japanese allowing the Fukushima nightmare to continue without taking some real steps to contain the problem.  Stirling  
Soil underneath a slide at the park in the Toshima ward in the north-east of the Japanese capital, showed radiation readings of up to 480 microsieverts per hour.

This is nearly half the recommended annual limit of exposure for a person

Obama moves forward with Trans Pacific Partnership despite some Democratic objections ~ link ~ One more coffin nail in America's economy and Constitution!!!  Stirling  

"Democrats' frustration with President Barack Obama's trade agenda bubbled over Thursday, with key opponents accusing their party's leader of putting more effort into a bid to aid corporate America than anything he's done for the middle class.

Calling it "maddening," Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) told reporters that the Obama administration was putting on a full-court press unlike anything Democrats have ever seen in his presidency in order to win the authority to fast track enormous trade deals."

Vatican aligns with UN on a One World Governance Authority ~ link ~ This Jesuit Pope sure does seem to like the Globalist Illuminati agenda!!!  Stirling    

Senator Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born American citizen ~ link

Cruz’s official Canadian birth certificate, as posted by the Dallas Morning News, shows that Rafael Edward Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, on December 22, 1970. Oddly, however, the birth was not registered until December 31, leaving an unexplained gap of nine days. But where was baby Ted over Christmas, an astute birther might ask. Donald Trump could build a casino in a hole that size.

Of course, even a sheaf of birth certificates would still leave Cruz’s citizenship technically open to question. Under the law in effect in 1970, Cruz would only have acquired U.S. citizenship if his mother had been “physically present” in the United States for ten years prior to his birth, including five years after she reached the age of fourteen. Neither Cruz’s birth certificate, nor his mother’s, nor the Consular Report could irrefutably establish Eleanor Wilson’s residence for the necessary length of time. For all birthers know, she might have been living in Kenya.

Labor Peer Lord Janner's child sex abuse was covered up by police and social workers for over 20 years ~ link ~ linkLord Janner was a key Zionist in the UK for all that time.  Stirling 

The scale of the cover-up helps explains how the former Labour MP repeatedly escaped justice.

The Director of Public Prosecutions says there was sufficient evidence to charge Janner with 22 offences of paedophilia against nine children. But Alison Saunders outraged campaigners by ruling the 86-year-old should not face court because he has dementia.

CNN footage of faking Gulf War coverage as 'reporter' puts on gas mask and pretends to take fire in a US studio - video ~ link ~ Do not forget that 96% of the American mainstream news media is owned by only 6 globalist corporations ran by Zionists!  Stirling  

Quicksilver trail may lead to king's tomb in mysterious pre-Aztec city ~ link ~ link

An archaeologist has made the startling discovery of liquid mercury beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico, which predates the Aztecs. This could mean the presence of a royal tomb right below one of the most cryptic cities in the Americas.

Local researcher Sergio Gomez announced the discovery on Friday of “large quantities” of the element underneath the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent – the third largest in the ancient ruined city of Teotihuacan, which is shrouded in mystery and was once one of the largest in the hemisphere.


Anonymous said...

Well, the boss of the honourable BBC, Danny Cohen, belongs to THE TRIBE.

Cohen attended a Jewish primary school in north London, followed by the City of London School, an independent school for boys in the City of London. Cohen read English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, from which he graduated with a BA Honours Double First in English Literature.

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Mr Groening's confessions are very valuable for the younger generations who think that the Holocaust was a fake.