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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near


Saudis Declare "Victory" - Is the Yemen War ending or just being rebranded ~ link ~ Rebranded, their ending of the air war in Yemen lasted a day ... they have already resumed the air campaign!!!  Stirling  

Fresh off killing scores of civilians in an airstrike on the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa, Saudi Arabia has declared victory in their ongoing war against the Houthis, insisting the military objectives of “Operation Decisive Storm” have all been achieved.

For those keeping track, the initially stated goal was to reinstall former President Hadi, who is still living in exile in Riyadh. In the three weeks of strikes, hundreds of civilians have been killed, humanitarian resources are in short supply everywhere, Houthi forces are still contesting Aden with Hadi forces, and al-Qaeda has taken considerable territory in the east.
 The declaration of victory and an end to the war doesn’t appear to mean an actual end to the war, however, as officials are announcing “Operation Renewal of Hope,” which will begin immediately, and will include military components. They’re describing it as an anti-terror operation, though the indications are that it will continue to focus on the Shi’ites, and not al-Qaeda.

Bombing Ends - Or NOT: The Houthis have sophisticated weapons and the Saudis are at 'their mercy' ~ link

“The Houthis have in their arsenal a variety of missiles including long-rage Fatah 110 and Sam7, anti-tank Concors 72, anti-armored vehicle Tofan and Stinger, which can probably upset the military calculations of the Saudi-led coalition.” 


Helicopters fly from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on April 13, 2015. US Navy Photo
US Navy photo April 13, 2015
USS Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group and nine USN warships now near Yemen ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve 

Saudi aggression to continue amid UN inaction ~ link

We spent the afternoon working on the Sana’a attack, because we were able to debug, they said it was a Scud storage facility that was hit and we do not think that is true because the Scud fuel, for two reasons, the Scud fuel is Dimethylhydrazine, and if you have ever seen them go off when they are shot, they have a yellowish dirty brown vapor, that they have, so if that was a Scud storage facility, instead of a white big mushroom cloud, you would have had a big dirty orange-brown one, and then the other thing that didn’t make any sense, if it was a Scud storage facility, you would have had secondary explosions going on, anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes as warheads and missiles went off and there was none of that.

So what we saw is a fingerprint, footprint, of a tactical nuclear weapon and we think that might have been a hardened command bunker that they wanted to destroy.

MIT Professor: There is now a greater chance of an accidental Nuclear War than during the Cold War ~ link

Changing technical conditions and issues, unstable political environments and geopolitical tensions are producing a greater danger of accidental nuclear war between the US and Russia than during the Cold War, according to Theodore A. Postol, a professor of Science, Technology, and International Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Israel's "enemies" reading from Zionist script - Morris video ~ link 

Renowned Canadian journalist calls on Prime Minister Harper to 'Get Out of the Ukraine' ~ link ~ Harper is owned by the Globalists and Zionists, he will continue to do their will and not give a damn about what is good for Canada!  Stirling  

In a piece published Sunday in Canada's La Presse, renowned journalist Lysiane Gagnon argued that Canada has no business in sending troops to assist Kiev's military machine, noting that it's time for the Harper government to "get out of Ukraine." 

Asking where "the Harper government's Ukraine obsession will stop," Gagnon slammed the prime minister for his decision to send troops to a conflict zone which is already being held together by a fragile truce. The journalist questions what Canada is even doing in the heart of Europe, entangling itself "in a conflict where it has no national interest," which, "if things are done in a cavalier way, could engulf Europe [in war]?


A US War on Iran will ignite a massive conflagration in the entire Islamic world ~ link

American professor James Petras says a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities would ignite a very big conflagration in the Middle East that will affect the entire world.

“Any military attack on Iran would ignite a very big conflagration in the Middle East far beyond a simple military excursion. It would ignite war, I think, in the entire Islamic world,” the sociology professor said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

“There is no question that the oil fields in [Saudi] Arabia would be involved. I think the economies of the region would collapse,” he added.

“I think the US would confront a prolonged war. Israel would be a target as a consequence of any US invasion. I think this is a dangerous chatter that has captured the crazed imagination of certain important sectors of Congress that are deeply influenced by the warmongers in Israel, in particular [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu,” Petras explained
UK calls for the Dismantling of Murdoch's media empire - Netanyahu grants Murdoch Syrian oil rights ~ link

Ed Miliband has demanded the breakup of Rupert Murdoch’s UK media empire in a dramatic intervention in the row over phone hacking.

In an exclusive interview with the Observer, the Labour leader calls for cross-party agreement on new media ownership laws that would cut Murdoch’s current market share, arguing that he has “too much power over British public life”.

Netanyahu Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild ~ link ~

The Rothschild zionists along with their coconspirators, The British government, and British royalty confiscated Palestine for Rothschild, and the Georgian Khazars who are no more Hebrew Jewish than the man in the moon.

Senator Rand Paul Gigolos For Rothschild’s Israel: Threatens Black Mail Against Palestine If They Pursue War Crimes At The Hague International Criminal Court! ~ link ~

A leading [Rothschild Czar] senator [Randy Paul] has introduced a bill that linked U.S. aid to the PA withdrawal of its request to join the International Criminal Court. Under the legislation by [Rothschild Czar] Sen. Rand Paul, the administration of President Barack Obama would be forced to end some $400 million in annual aid to the PA, much of it to the security forces.

Read More Here: Of This Surreptitious Blackmail By Rothschild czar Randy Paul To Force A Cover Up War Crimes By Rothschild’s State Of Israel Against Palestine.

Jeb Bush says NSA surveillance is "The Best Part of the Obama Administration" ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this shit up! Stirling   
It’s reasonably rare for potential Republican presidential candidates to compliment the Obama administration, so any time they do, it ends up being fairly revealing.
For example, when former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush—who is currently in the process of “actively exploring” a presidential run—was asked yesterday for his thoughts on “the best part of the Obama administration,” he singled out the president’s continuation and enhancement of the National Security Agency’s bulk phone records surveillance program:


Anonymous said...

Saudi blue bomb?

What the hell are these Saudi assholes using here??

david mccallum said...

I pray for peace in my homeland Israel daily, for while I am of more than one tribe, my father was Belgian, meaning I am of Asher. The red shield showed it's ugly long arm of power and stole a billion dollar potential stripmine. Had I succeeded, I would not have sought the master of all realms of existence. Evil is used for the end God has for us, until we walk into our predestination bless his name. And 100 trillion praise his name, with another voice added, still in the flesh now seeking to fulfil the purpose of this life. All that to serve him for eternity by showing myself approved, and I will still have my land too. Though it is desert, I will live to see it will reverse.

It's in the heart of Iran to strike Israel. Only the US stops Israel from dropping the big one on Iran. Israel doesn't want to lose their resupply of ordinances, or get shot down if fast air is sent with nuclear payloads. That's been shown.
Judah is returning, but I suspect it may still face great trauma as one third of the population could well die or go into captivity. It would however, humble survivors toward more open mindedness to the realities they will experience in their jealousy by seeing Ephraim with the blessings...AND the love of Yeshua they have not in their synagogues. Hungry hearts crave and seek the anointing, and will learn to walk in the power of priests to fulfil what the almighty has spoken. We will be one.