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 Special Report:

Massive nuclear armed US Navy armada forming off Yemen as claims that Royal Saudi Air Force has used a tactical nuke on key military site in Yemen's capital and also killed Yemen children with chemical warfare.

A truly massive nuclear-armed US Supercarrier Battle Group along with an Assault Carrier-based USMC amphibious group is now forming off the coast of Yemen and may be facing hostilities with an Iran guided missile destroyer and support ships.  This comes about as serious charges are being leveled at the Saudis for using a tactical nuke and chemical warfare in, what for them, is an increasing risky war on Yemen.  The latest war in the Mideast is yet another proxy war between the Globalist/Zionist-controlled West and a Russian/Chinese/Iran/Syria/BRICS coalition.

Only hours ago on this news blog, I carried links to the following stories: 

 Did Saudi Arabia Just Nuke Yemen ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ You should take the time to view this site and the photos of the mushroom clouds, at the link. Stirling

Only a week after Veterans Today exposed Germany’s deal to trade submarines for Israeli nuclear weapons and the related transaction, tactical nukes for Saudi Arabia as well, Saudi Arabia may well have used one of these weapons in Yemen. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has documented nearly 50 clandestine nuclear explosions since 1945.
In lieu of soil samples and closer photographic evidence of the blast site, and based on the cover story, a “scud missile site” being used, the initial assumption that this is a nuclear explosion is not out of line.
Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) (1,1-dimethylhydrazine) is a chemical compound with the formula H2NN(CH3)2. It is a colourless liquid, with a sharp, fishy, ammoniacal smell typical for organic amines. Samples turn yellowish on exposure to air and absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide. It mixes completely with water, ethanol, and kerosene. In concentration between 2.5% and 95% in air, its vapors are flammable. It is not sensitive to shock. Symmetrical dimethylhydrazine (CH3NHNH(CH3)) is also known but is not as useful.
The initial explosion from the Saudi weapon and the billowing pristine white cloud afterward are indicative of a lie, you see Scud fuel burns yellow and brown, the vapor trails on launch unwholesome and ugly.

Red Cross/Red Crescent: Tens of Yemeni children killed by Saudi Poison Gas ~ link
Yemen's Red Crescent Society disclosed that tens of children have died as a result of inhaling the poisonous gases of the Saudi bombs thrown on the people in Sana'a.

"We will display a video on the death of tens of children who died after inhaling poisonous gases," an official of Yemen's Red Crescent Society, Abdollah Maboud Al-Shokri, told FNA on Sunday.

He noted that the bomb explosions in the Saudi airstrikes not only destroy a large number of homes, but also create a thick cloud of poisonous and fatal gases.

Yemeni officials had already warned that the bombs that the Saudi regime has used in Sana'a were different from those used in other parts of Yemen.

Now this assembling of a massive WAR FLEET offshore of Yemen by the Obama Administration is placing the possible out-of-control aftereffects of a naval clash between the US Navy and the Iranian Navy on the 'front burner' of all major nations on Earth.

At sea, away from public eyes, anything can happen on the High Seas, especially if one party is looking to 'start a fight'.  This fight could quickly escalate to the closure of the nearby Straight of Hormuz, to a General Middle East War, and yes, even to the Third World War itself.

The Associated Press is reporting ~ link ~ that the US Navy armada could be used to block Iranian arms shipments to their client state Yemen, currently under what the West calls the "rebels". The Chicago Tribune is reporting ~ link ~ U.S. warship heads to Yemeni waters to intercept Iranian weapons.

The rapidly forming nuclear aramada is headed by what the US Navy calls "The Big Stick", the USN nuclear-powered supercarrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).  

USS Theodore Roosevelt (Wikipedia)
USS Theodore Roosevelt (Wikipedia)    

Leading the multi-billion dollar surface combat element of the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group is the high-tech USS Normandy (CG-60), a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser.
There are a total of at least nine surface ships of the United States Navy forming the armada. These include the guided-missile destroyers USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98), USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81), and the  Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group — comprised of USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7), USS Fort McHenry (LSD- 43) and USS New York (LPD-21) and the USMC 24st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), and two Avenger class mine countermeasures ships — USS Dexterous (MCM-13) and the USS Sentry (MCM- 3). Additionally, there are likely to be one to several nuclear-powered 'hunter killer' attack submarines. 

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