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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 


Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

US paratroopers in the Ukraine "to train" Junta's army as Russia objects ~ link ~ link ~ What an incredibly stupid and dangerous provocation!!!  Way to go Obama ... idiot!  Stirling 

About 300 US paratroopers have come to western Ukraine to train with Ukrainian national guard units, the US Army says. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that the move "could seriously destabilise the situation" in Ukraine. 

Al-Qaeda takes key military camp in Yemen - Seizes tanks and artillery ~ link

Al-Qaeda militants have taken control of a strategic military camp in the city of Mukalla in southeastern Yemen, seizing tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons.

The takeover of the base has established Al-Qaeda’s full control of Mukalla after they seized the city’s airport on Thursday.

"Today Al-Qaida fighters took control of the 27th Mechanized Brigade's camp and seized heavy weapons including tanks and artillery," an unnamed Yemeni official told AFP. 

China warns Japan that its heightened air and sea surveillance patrols are increasing safety hazards ~ link ~

Beijing issued a statement saying Japanese spy vehicles posed a threat to Chinese ships and planes. The comments come just days after Tokyo said it has been increasingly forced to scramble fighter jets in response to Russian and Chinese incursions.

In a statement sent to Reuters, China's Defense Ministry said that Beijing “has a grip on the tracking and surveillance by Japanese ships and aircraft.” "In recent years, Japanese ships and aircraft have often followed and monitored for lengthy periods and at close distances Chinese ships and aircraft, threatening the safety of the Chinese side," the ministry said. "This is the cause of the safety issue in the seas and air between China and Japan," it added.

"We're all frogs in boiling water" ~ link

Global debt has expanded by $35 trillion since the credit crisis and as Lacy Hunt exclaims, "that's a net negative, debt is an increase in current consumption in exchange for a decline in future spending and we are not going to solve this problem by taking on more and more debt." Santelli notes that debt will actually keep growth "squashed down" and points out the low rates in Europe questioning the ability of The ECB's actions to save the economy which Hunt confirms as "longer-term rates are excellent economic indicators" and that is not a good sign for Europe.   

"This process is far from over," Hunt concludes, "rates will move irregularly lower and will remain depressed for several years."  Santelli sums up perfectly, "we're all frogs in boiling water," as we await the consequences of central planning.

ECB: Considering Parallel Greek Currency ~ link
Today, to our dismay, we find that the ECB has not only considered a "parallel currency" alternative but for Greece this may be a reality before long. According to Reuters, the ECB "has analyzed a scenario in which Greece runs out of money and starts paying civil servants with IOUs, creating a virtual second currency within the euro bloc, people with knowledge of the exercise told Reuters." 

Hillary Clinton: Grooming former Goldman Sacks banker for Treasury Secretary ~ link ~ I am shocked, just shocked...NOT.  Stirling  

For years on end, many wondered how it is possible that Gary Gensler allowed Wall Street firms to manipulate, rig, and otherwise abuse the US commodity market which he, as head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2009 until 2014, was supposed to regulate. 

Some, such as this website, suggested that what Gensler was doing was simply protecting his former colleagues from civil or criminal investigation and prosecution. After all Gensler is far better known for not only having worked at Goldman Sachs for 18 years most recently as co-head of finance, prior to joining the CFTC, but for becoming the youngest ever Goldman partner, at the tender age of 30. 

Certainly, being the wealthiest member of the original Obama administration did not hurt: in 2009 the Wasingtonian reported his net assets as being between $15,533,000 and $61,745,000. We take the higher number. To be sure, he had been paid well at Goldman and now had a duty to his former employer: to keep Goldman (or any other Wall Street bank) off the hook of any regulatory investigation. 

Strange rituals performed by Orthodox Jews - with pictures ~ link ~ The simple fact is that way over 90% of the "Jews" in the world today, and that includes those living in Israel, are NOT descended from the Jews of the Old Testament.  They are descended from the Khazarian people who converted to a strange form of Judaism about 700 A.D.  They have no claim to the lands of modern day Israel.  Their religion is VERY DIFFERENT from that which Jesus and the Hebrews practiced!!!  Stirling    

Yaakov Naumi’s fascinating photographs include a man lying in a grave to prolong life, a chicken being walked on a piece of string and men tying a rope to a bride and dancing around her.

Naumi, 32, who was raised in the Israeli town of Bnei Brak and educated in an ultra orthodox school, admitted that some of the rituals, when viewed with the eyes of an outsider, ‘look strange’.

Mass student protests in Chile have escalated into clashes with riot police ~ link

Riot police in Chile have deployed water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators who were lobbing rocks and street signs, after a mostly-peaceful march against a contentious university reform and corruption allegations ended in violent clashes.

Organizers say that 150,000 students filled the streets of Santiago on Thursday to demand free higher education, and challenge Socialist party president Michelle Bachelet over recent corruption allegations. Authorities estimated the number to have stood at around 20,000 people.

Mystery of massive dust storms sweeping the world ~ link
This year has seen a rash of massive dust storms around the world that have led to travel chaos and blocked out sunlight - but experts cannot pinpoint the reason behind the spate.

This week incredible footage showed the moment an unusual 'apocalyptic' dust storm, known in Arabic as a haboob, struck Belarus, turning day to night, and China has suffered four massive sandstorms since the start of the year.

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