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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

Putin condems Kiev Junta over the blockade of eastern Ukraine ~ link
Russian President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine's government is "cutting off" defiant rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine through an economic blockade. 
"Al-Qaeda" seizes southern Yemen airport ~ link ~ link ~
Militants from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have seized an airport in southern Yemen, officials say.

Troops guarding the site in the major port city of Mukalla, Hadramawt province, have fled, they said.

ISIS increases its assault on Iraqi city of Ramadi ~ link

Anbar provincial council member Athal al-Fahdawi said the government compound was within range of IS weapons and that it and the city were "in great danger". Hundreds of people have fled Ramadi and the surrounding area in recent days.

Netanyahu outrageously compares Iran to the Nazis during WWII ~ link ~ Bibi is one lying piece of human dung!  Stirling   

Putin: The S-300 Air Defense System is only for the defense of Iran, it is not offensive in nature ~ link ~ So very true!  Stirling  

Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended Moscow’s recent decision to deliver S-300 air defense system to Iran, saying the system is meant for deterrence amid the developments in war-torn Yemen.

He made the remarks during his annual televised question-and-answer session with the nation at Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Yard) exhibition hall in the Russian capital city of Moscow on Thursday. “This is a defensive weapons system. More than that, considering the situation that is building up in the region, especially regarding the incidents in Yemen, we think that the delivery of this kind of weapon is a preventive factor,” Putin said.

The comments come as Yemen has been the scene of deadly aerial assaults by Saudi Arabia since March 26. The attacks have so far killed some 2,600 people, according to Yemeni sources.

Iran is urging China, India and Russia to counter NATO missile system ~ link

Iran has announced its readiness to cooperate with Russia, China and India on the issue of NATO’s missile shield and related threats from the military bloc, the head of its defense ministry said in Moscow. “I'd like to support the idea of developing multifaceted defense cooperation between China, Iran, India and Russia to counter NATO eastwards expansion and installing a missile shield in Europe,” Hossein Dehghan said on Thursday, at an international security conference in Moscow.
Hours later Dehghan was cited by RIA Novosti as saying that Russia, China and Iran may hold tri-party defense talks

Russian Defense Minister: America crossed ALL Imaginable Lines forcing the Ukraine to do its bidding ~ link

The Ukrainian conflict is part of a larger Western plan to undermine Russia, the minister stated. Washington and its allies are trying to alienate Russia’s neighbors through a combination of misrepresenting Russia’s stance as aggressive and offering investments and lucrative military programs to their governments. 

“NATO countries are actively pursuing an expansion of their geopolitical space, building up the military capabilities in Eastern Europe and closing in on Russia’s border. The focus of their drills in the alliance’s eastern front and Arctic region indicates their anti-Russian nature,” he stressed. 

Another example is the US-led project for a European antiballistic missile system, which Washington long insisted was targeting ‘rogue nations’ like Iran and North Korea. Moscow believes the system is aimed at Russia. 

Satellite Destroyers - China's Super Weapon ~ link ~ A key part of the Super Elite's plan to survive WWIII is the ability to 'remove' radioactivity via very advanced satellite systems.  This will no longer work!  Stirling   

Does the United Kingdom remain a world power? ~ link ~ The answer is largely NO.  It has nuclear weapons, but its overall military strength continues to erode year by year.  It WAS the enforcement arm of the Rothschild-led Global Banking Cartel until World War I and II finally ended the reign of the British Empire and America got the role.  Stirling   

Fear of a Greek default fuels borrowing cost ~ link

Fears of a Greek debt default have seen the country's borrowing costs in the markets rise rapidly. Greek three-year bond yields jumped more than than 3.5% to about 27%.

Iran needs to purchase 500 passenger airplanes over the next 10 years ~ link ~ Sounds like Iran is sending a message to the US aerospace industry, that peace with Iran can be very profitable ... Understand This!  Stirling  

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton: Corrupt successors to the Same Old Dynasties ~ link ~ These bums need to be in jail NOT in the White House!  Stirling  

Voting Machine password hacks as easy as 'abcef' ~ link ~ If you vote on a computer system, or if your area uses computers to count votes, you do NOT have democracy but FRAUD!!!  Stirling  

Touchscreen voting machines used in numerous elections between 2002 and 2014 used “abcde” and “admin” as passwords and could easily have been hacked from the parking lot outside the polling place, according to a state report.
The AVS WinVote machines, used in three presidential elections in Virginia, “would get an F-minus” in security, according to a computer scientist at tech research group SRI International who had pushed for a formal inquiry by the state of Virginia for close to a decade.
In a damning study published Tuesday, the Virginia Information Technology Agency and outside contractor Pro V&V found numerous flaws in the system, which had also been used in Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

UK Election: Corrupt Conservative Party is profiteering from dodgy tax havens ~ linkI can't believe it ... next you will be telling us that the LibDems and the Labour Party are a bunch of crooks also ... I just can't believe it ... NOT!!!  Stirling 

UK Cover Up: Lord Jenner will not be charged despite evidence of multiple cases of child abuse ~ link ~ Maybe he has Alzheimer's now, but these cases go way back and he was NEVER charged over the many years!  Stirling  

The decision was immediately condemned by Leicestershire police, the investigating force, which claimed that it would let down the alleged victims who had come forward. In an unprecedented move, the force said it was “exploring what possible legal avenues there may be to challenge” the decision.

The Labour peer Lord Janner of Braunstone will not face charges over alleged historical child sex crimes despite evidence from four police inquiries that he had been involved in the abuse of children, the director of public prosecutions has said.

Alison Saunders, the DPP, said in a statement that it was not in the public interest to put the QC and former MP on trial because four separate doctors have said he has Alzheimer’s disease and is incapable of instructing lawyers or entering a plea.

US forced to import corn as Shoppers Demand Organic Food ~ link ~ Good, people are waking up.  I try not to eat corn and any form of corn syrup and wheat because almost all corn grown in America is both Roundup Ready and has multiple applications of deadly Roundup applied.  Also they apply Roundup shortly before harvesting wheat to make it sprout more.  If you want to live and stay healthy, stay the hell away from Roundup!!!  Stirling   


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have just been wondering who the owners of Monsanto are.
You may ask why I have been wondering who runs it.
Well, the EU is going to allow the import of 12 genetically modified organisms, probably seeds.

Well, my search engine tells me that Monsanto, Disney and Pfizer are run by THE TRIBE.

I didn't know that.

So THE TRIBE is going to poison the European sheeple with their evil products.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this interesting article on

The Monsanto family's ancestors were slave traders and slave owners.

This article is also worth reading:

A few years ago I used this text (simplified where necessary)in one of my English classes. My students were more than surprised.

Well, well, not only the Huns are bad guys, no, you can find them everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This dirty Zionist/Zionist-operative is shitting bricks, because he knows that Putin will do everything to defend Russia.

If Russia is attacked the devilish Poles, Danes, Romanians and the states in the Baltic Sea will be destroyed within the first hour - by nukes.
And there are some Russian U-Boats
in the seven seas which can fire deadly missiles to any place in this tiny world.

I wonder if THE TRIBE will survive this time.
70 years ago it did.

Anonymous said...

What about your Posse Comitatus Act?

Military against sheeple: No way.

Militarised police against sheeple: Go ahead.

THE TRIBE is fuc+ing the proud American sheeple.