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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.   

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 
This is Good Friday for Orthodox Christians.



Is there something behind the 'Power Outage' in central Washington ~ link ~ I was the first in the alternative news media to point out that this was likely a warning message to Obama from the Globalists and/or Netanyahu, just as the Germanwings Crash was likely the same to Merkel.  Stirling 

The April 7th, 2015 power outage in Washington DC is curious to say the least. Virtually instantaneously, the government declare it was not a terrorist attack. After all, how could that possibly be when the NSA guards the country. If there was an attack on the power-grid, then the NSA would have to answer for their failure. So clearly, if it was an attack, they would never admit it.

Instead, this has been attributed to a piece of metal breaking loose from a power line 43 miles southeast of the District of Columbia, which knocked out electricity to the White House, State Department and wide area including parts of Maryland. Can a simple piece of metal break and shut down that much power of a strategic area as DC? That seems to be an excuse like some drunk driver knocked over a power pole.

Update: The experts on power transmission are saying that they simply are NOT SURE WHY THERE WAS A POWER FAILURE, A POWER FAILURE THAT BESIDES EFFECTING THE WHITE HOUSE AND KEY US GOVERNMENT FACILITIES IN CENTRAL WASHINGTON, DC, ALSO CAUSED TROUBLE AT THE CALVERT CLIFFS NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN WASHINGTON AREA.  I suspect that this event, like the Germanwings Crash, was the Globalists and/or Netanyahu Government 'sending a message' to Obama (and to Merkel in the case of the Germanwings crash) to get back on track fully or else!!!  My comments on this 'power outage and nuclear power plant event' may be the cause for the DNS attack on this site!  Stirling 

Both units down at Calvert Cliffs - Nuclear power plant has 'issues' - White House and key US Government facilities on emergency back-up power ~ link ~ Perhaps a 'message' from the Israelis and their black software designed to spoof nuclear power plants!  Stirling  
A transformer explosion and fire at the Ryceville Substation in Maryland caused the shut down of both units at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant. This event briefly cut electricity to the White House and Capitol Hill.  The State Department, White House, and other high value loads in Washington switched to limited backup power. 

The transformer failure caused the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant in Maryland to shut both reactors at the site. Several transmission lines voltage collapsed, the 500KV line from Chalk Point to Calvert Cliffs caused the dropping of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Units.

The State of Israel's addiction to both Nuclear Blackmail and Terror ~ link ~ This false Israel, made up of almost exclusively "Jews who are not Jews" (Khazarian in ancestry not Hebrew), is the "Synagogue of Satan" that Christ spoke of.  It is from this group that the Antichrist (Bibi 666 Netanyahu) comes from.  It is from this group of people that most of the Global Banking Cartel comes from.  It is from the Cartel that most wars come from, including the developing Third World War!!!  Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling   

According to the Israel Samson Option, any direct and serious attack on Israel which threatened its very existence would be followed by simultaneous detonations of these stored and well-placed devices in the targeted major American and European cities. The Samson option is an ongoing nuclear threat against the Top leaders of America and Europe and actually is a form of nuclear blackmail that these top World leaders had better not allow Israel to be attacked and destroyed or else Israel will nuke their major cities and power grids, thereby destroying them.

Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia have gotten away with this monetary manipulation and nuclear blackmail of elected officials in America and all over the World so long that it has become an addiction which is now threatening all Americans and all humanity.

It seems as if these Khazarian Mafioso are hellbent on destroying all societies and taking the whole World down into complete chaos, disintegration, starvation and mass death and nuclear destruction. It is now generally realized that these Khazarian Mafia Chieftains are acting toward non-Khazarians in a way which suggests that they lack any human soul or conscience at all and are not part of the human race.

FBI: ISIS wants to hack WordPress websites - However, ISIS hacks have been traced back to Maryland the home of NSA ~ link ~ Sadly you cannot make crap like this up.  If we are to survive, we have to get the Mossad and Global Banking Cartel out of our Government totally!!!  Stirling  

Germany to bring 100 tanks out of mothballs citing Russian "threat" ~ link ~ link ~ Notice that not a day goes by anymore without additional steps towards WWIII. Stirling  
The moves were seen as a signal that Nato regards Russia's seizure of Crimea and its military forays into eastern Ukraine as much more than a temporary crisis.

German defence ministry spokesman Jens Flosdorff confirmed a report by Der Spiegel (in German), saying 100 Leopard 2 battle tanks will be bought back from the defence industry, which has kept them in storage. 

From WWII to WWIII - Global NATO and a remilitarized Germany ~ link ~ A very small group of people/families have created and profited from most of the wars over the last 240 years - What we now call the Global Banking Cartel.  Stirling  

Greece makes a 450 billion Euro payment to the IMF ~ link ~  

In the face of the dire social conditions in Greece, such statements are an unmistakable commitment to further social cuts and privatisations. Five years of dictates from Brussels have produced an unemployment rate of over 25 percent. The healthcare system has collapsed, and even malnourishment has become a mass phenomenon.

Under these conditions, the Greek government led by the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) has scraped together the money to repay the IMF loan. At the end of February, it was reported that the government had borrowed large sums from the pension fund to avoid state bankruptcy.

The UK General Election - A one-horse race ~ link ~ Like the USA, the UK is totally dominated by the City of London based Rothschild Empire (Global Banking Cartel) and the Zionists.  Like the US, the UK is totally corrupt at the top.  Like the US, the UK is in an Economic Depression that has mostly destroyed the Middle Class and the industrial infrastructure of the nation. Like the US, if the British people do not get rid to the trash at the top, the people will end up mostly dead in WWIII.  Stirling 
On TV last week there was a ‘leaders’ debate’. The issues debated revolved around the economy, the National Health Service and immigration. Leaders of the three main parties embraced a cosy consensus based on the need to continue with ‘austerity’ but quibbled over the nature or speed of cuts to the public sector and public services. The debate has set the tone for the unfolding campaign.

All three main parties are pro-big business and are aligned with the neoliberal economic agenda set by the financial cartel based in the City of London and on Wall Street and by the major transnational corporations. The likes of Chatham House, Centre for Policy Studies, Foreign Policy Centre, Reform, Institute of Economic Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (most of which the British public have never heard of) have already determined the pro-corporate and generally pro-Washington policies that the parties will sell to the public. Pressure tactics at the top level of politics, massively funded lobbying groups and the revolving door between private corporations and the machinery of state have also helped shape the policy agenda.


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