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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE - SPECIAL REPORT - Final Battle for Syria Begins



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Special Report:  
The Final Battle for Syria Begins - Is this Also the Beginning of Armageddon 

The MSM reading public has heard a bit about a battle between the ISIS and the Syrian Government in two Palestinian camps inside of Damascus.  What they have not been fully made aware, until now, is the immense size of the camps - in the center of the Syrian capital - and the truly horrific danger to vast numbers of trapped civilians.  THIS IS THE BIG ONE in the Globalist/Zionist drive to launch a war on Syria, and through Syria, on Iran.  They hope to draw Russia and China into the war ... a war that will be fought on many levels and for many reasons.  

A considerable amount of hot air and newsprint has been spent, in recent days, on convincing the Western masses that ISIS is this new, hyper-crazy group of Muslims that kill masses of children/etc.  Remember the war propaganda of World War I, how the Huns were killing babies.  

Now in the Yarmouk Camp, some 18,000 men, women and children are said to be trapped, with anti-Syrian rebels claimed to be fighting ISIS rebels, with the Syrian Government also fighting the ISIS forces.  This is the perfect setting for the Globalist/Zionist controlled West to intervene "to protect large numbers of innocent civilians".  Since some 18 nations have fighter aircraft that are "engaged in bombing the ISIS terrorists" in Syria and Iraq, we are apt to see a massive air campaign in the center of Damascus by 'allied powers'.  A air campaign that will begin to quickly nibble away at Syrian Government strategic targets.  And expand quickly, if the Syrians dare to defend their own capital.

This could well be the TRIGGER POINT for a General Middle East War, that will quickly involve Russia, China and several other Eurasian powers on the side of Syria/Iran and Hezbollah/Lebanon.  They may be some fracturing in the support for NATO in one to three North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states.  It is highly likely that such a war will become, sooner or later (more likely sooner), a generalized global conflict ... the Third World War and that will almost certainly become the dreaded Armageddon of the Bible's End of Days!!!

Tim Earl of Stirling 

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Steven Rowlandson said...

Some consider Ben Fulford to be a bit of a wing nut but he did reveal in one of his podcasts at that the illuminati are trying to make Armageddon happen. Perhaps they think they can either share power with God or gain victory over God. Some how I think they will be disappointed.
Check this out.