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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 




Send in the Clowns: Bibi's All Done ~ link ~ This is a very important article and I urge my readers to view it all at the link.  However, as to wither or not the Antichrist is 'all done' or not, I remind my readers that he is most dangerous man on Earth and totally immoral and still the man most likely to launch World War III.   Stirling   

And Bibi’s purpose was to make it clear that Members of Congress had better follow his suggestions in his speech if they wanted to be re-elected and keep receiving their backsheesh aka “set-aside allocations.” How many Members of Congress do you think are currently being controlled by either human compromise blackmail operations or by backsheesh payments. despite the implied threat to Members of Congress which may include a veiled Samson Option threat, not only will Congress comply this time, but this time the Khazarian Mafia (KM) is going down, along with Bibi’s political power and the political power of the various Israeli espionage fronts inside America.

And it is important to note that Iran has already signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement while Israel has not and will not publicly admit it has hundreds of nukes armed and ready to go with many planted in major cities of the World ready in case they decide to exercise their Samson option that Seymour Hersch was the first to expose. The Samson Option is nuclear blackmail Israeli-style and was used to manipulate the US Administration into letting Israel create Homeland Security using Marcus Wolfe the former head of the much feared east German Stasi.

Mike Harris discovered the key to the mystery of Bolshevism and Neo-Bolshevism, their origins and the reason for their inter-generational paranoid obsession with asset stripping, mass-murder and extreme bloodletting of Goyim anywhere and everywhere.
And we all owe a debt of gratitude for the pioneering research of Veterans Today’s own Financial Editor and VT Network Talk-show Host Mike Harris who traced the origins of the World Zionist (WZ) crime syndicate operating out of the City of London Financial District all the way back to Khazaria. It is now evident that this Khazarian Mafia (KM) infiltrated and hijacked the British banking System and then all of England and has been attempting to do the same to America through its Federal Reserve System, the largest Fiat Counterfeiting System in the World and the source of pernicious usury and debt-slavery for most Americans.

Now thanks to the work of Mike Harris we now know that Bolshevism was revenge taken against innocent Russians in 1917 for breaking up Khazaria and helping the American Colonists defeat Britain and helping the North defeat the South in the great American Civil War, which was actually being run by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) also better known as the Rothschild private Fiat Central Banksters. We also now know that the Israeli espionage fronts and Dual Citizen infiltrators and Traitors serving as enemies within our gates are actually Neo-Bolsheviks working under the authority of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Bibi has done what many believed was impossible. He was the criminal mastermind that planned and ordered the nuclear attack on America of 9-11-01. His extreme Hubris led him to think he could get away with it. However he underestimated the power of the Worldwide Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg press which transmits truth nuggets at the speed of light rather than the speed of paper and ink.


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Anonymous said...

Bibi is supported by 3 American families.
Bibi has dual citizen-ship and he was part of some kind of special forces, the real cut-throat ones, in Israel.
I do love The Tribe and I do love Bibi.