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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

A Saudi failure in the new Yemen War will result in a direct US military intervention ~ link
The corporate media is attempting to push the narrative that the Gulf Emirate attack against Shia Houthi militias in Yemen is about restoring the “the legitimate government of Yemen,” as Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, said Wednesday.
The ambassador’s remarks serve as a thinly veiled cover for the real objective for the attack on Yemen — taking control of one of seven strategic world oil shipping chokepoints. The removal of sitting President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi from power by the Houthi militias threatened this control. It also potentially increases Iranian influence in Yemen and the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab el-Mandab where more than 10 percent of the world’s seaborne petroleum passes.

Saudi-US Blitz in Yemen: Naked Aggression and Absolute Depression ~ link ~ One more important step towards a General Middle East War and the Third World War.  Stirling  

The “proxy war” model the US has been employing throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and even in parts of Asia appears to have failed yet again, this time in the Persian Gulf state of Yemen.

Though Saudi Arabia claims “10 countries” have joined its coalition to intervene in Yemen, like the US invasion and occupation of Iraq hid behind a “coalition,” it is overwhelmingly a Saudi operation with “coalition partners” added in a vain attempt to generate diplomatic legitimacy.
Paul Craig Roberts: USA is Broke and Europe looks to China as INSANE "American" policymakers PUSH FOR WAR ~ link ~ Don't forget: The coming Third World War has been planned for over a hundred years by the Illuminati/Globalist banksters.  It was spelled out in a letter, that was on public display for years at the British Museum in London (until a Rothschild got on the Board), by US Confederate General and satanist Albert Pike.  Stirling 

The United States is broke.  The only way the United States has any money is the Fed prints it.  And the only reason that they can do that and get away with it is because the dollar has been the (world’s) reserve currency.
But it looks like the United States has so abused that role that we increasingly see movements away from the dollar.  We have the BRIC’s, representing 40 – 50 percent of the population of the earth, settling their trade balances between themselves in their own currencies.  We see the Chinese and the Russians settling in their own currencies, with energy trading no longer (being traded between them) in dollars.  This movement will continue.

Yemen War Exploding: Is the Stage Set for a big Regional War ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ and these on Yemen missiles ~ link ~ link

Rapid changes are occurring in Yemen. Ever since United States had to leave its military base there, other powers have been lining up to benefit from the chaos. It has been revealed that Saudi Arabia has commenced bombing targets in Yemen. Egypt has announced its support for the Saudi effort. I am quite confident that this support is in compliance with our instructions to our puppet leader now in charge in Egypt. The current president of Yemen, Hadi, a leader who took over after the Arab Spring revolution, has been removed from power. He is said to have escaped to Saudi Arabia, and those who are now in charge in Yemen will most likely kill him if he returns.

Yemen has been instrumental in the US effort to fight al-Qaeda in the region. Unsuccessfully, I might add. The Houthis who have deposed Hadi are said to get their support from Iran and are now likely the strongest political force in the country. But they will not have an easy time of it. Too much is at stake for the United States and Saudi Arabia. We don’t read much about the Saudi Air Force being involved in military conflict, but the seriousness of the situation has prompted them to do exactly that. There are also reports that 150,000 or more troops are massed near the borders of Yemen for a probable invasion. It is assumed that other Arab nations will be involved, along with Egypt. One report said that it appears the country is “sliding toward a civil war.” I would suggest that it’s past sliding toward the civil war, and, rather, is involved deeply in a civil war that is now spreading outside its own borders.

Mainstream US writers are calling for supporting al Qaeda and ISIS ~ link ~ The bottom line is war, war, and more war all for the evil hyper-racist tiny Israel and the Global Banking Cartel families.  Those that fall for this bullshit are insane!!!  Stirling  

Why Latin America is rejecting American military presence ~ link ~ Good One, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling  

And so goes the US foreign policy enraptured by its own regime change madness to makeover any nation it so chooses using the worn out lie of spreading democracy when it really spread its own selfish agenda of destabilizing, plundering and enslaving in insurmountable debt every nation and people possessing precious dwindling resources or geopolitical chessboard significance to the US Empire as the self-serving master of the world...

But this time what could easily turn into World War III would be against a nuclear powered enemy and would risk the end of all life on planet earth. Yet these suicidal gestures of an evil Empire in freefall decline both morally and economically are being puppeteered by Western oligarchs in the midst of losing power and control to the emerging power of the East. For many centuries the central banking cabal has used war to drive both its power and profit...

The vast majority of treasonous American leaders controlling the US crime syndicate government possess absolutely no regard for humanity, truth or justice and apparently are determined to plunge the planet headlong into catastrophic world war.

In a Shocking Breach, America declassifies a document revealing some of Israel's nuclear capabilities ~ link ~ There is a War to Start/Prevent World War III going on now, behind the scenes, in America, and many other nations.  Not everyone is on-board the satanic drive towards Armageddon!!!  Stirling  

An informed person connected to the government in Jerusalem, tells me: 
“Over the years there have been backhanded references and comments made by individuals with some familiarity with this issue. But there has never before been any official description of the quality and capacity of installations. This kind of declassified document constitutes a whole different level of acknowledgement. It is part of a pattern of carefully controlled leaking of information which is very hard to attribute to a specific government agency or individual. Nevertheless it is clear what is happening.

“The failure to maintain the degree of mature and cooperative discretion that officials from several governments have exercised up to now, marks a serious change in the code of conduct. It is not wise to draw attention to this issue because it would tend to destabilize the international order and encourage others to pursue nuclear capabilities.”

US Senator McCain applauds the Saudi-led Yemen War ~ link ~ Washington is full of totally immoral bought-and-paid-for political whores who think nothing of committing treason to get and stay in power!  However, John McCain is in a class all by himself ... he needs "three hots and a cot" (a padded cell and three hot meals a day) at a state mental hospital.  Stirling  

US Republican Senator John McCain has applauded the offensive launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen, speculating that the “conflict will probably escalate” into a regional war in the Middle East.

McCain said on Thursday Saudi Arabia and its allies “did the right thing” by launching the offensive against the country.

Saudi and Egyptian warships have been sent to Yemen coast ~ link

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have reportedly deployed warships to the strategic strait of Bab el-Mandab off Yemen’s coast in an apparent preparation for a ground intervention in the Arabian Peninsula.

A number of Egyptian and Saudi vessels have been sent to the strait, which is the only access to Egypt’s Suez Canal from the Arabian Sea, according to several unnamed Egyptian military officials cited in a report by The Associated Press on Friday.

Russia to firmly stand for the protection of Christians in the Middle East ~ link ~ America, which use to be a Christian nation, actually controls and funds the ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists that are martyring Christian men, women and children!!!  Stirling  

Russia will firmly stand for the protection of Christians and adherents of other religions who are persecuted by terrorists in the Middle East, Russia’s UN Permanent Representative Vitaly Churkin said on Friday. 

An Acceleration of the Global Power Shift ~ link ~ The Globalists and Zionists have boxed themselves into "the necessity" of having a massive economic collapse and WWIII.  It will NOT end well for them!!!  Stirling   

The Transformation of Humanity ~ link ~  
Several events have emerged early this year which are symbols of the historic shift of power – economic, political and military – from west to east. Perhaps the most visible symbol of this is the massive transfer of physical gold moving from western Central Bank and investment vaults into the massive new vaults erected in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
“Sooner or later we’re going to see a massive flow of major banking systems dumping Treasury bonds because they don’t use them anymore – they don’t want them anymore. And that’s when we’ll see QE4 come into play.”
Rory Hall and I hosted Jim Willie for an incredible discussion about all of the events that are occurring and operating to remove all aspects of power from the grips of Washington, DC, Wall Street and London. We believe this is the best interview and commentary from Jim Willie in a long time. Find a lot more about the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, the new yuan-denominated gold fix, Ukraine, and the imminent demise of the dollar:
- See more at:
    The mad world in which we live has, on the whole, been entirely created by these wicked gangsters and their immoral Jewish mindset. We live in a counterfeit world of theater, of glitter, plastic, and of make believe and pretense. We all, at one level or another, have fallen into a hypnotic spell, a trance, and humanity is fast being radically changed. All things are shaken. Corruption has entered the front door, and will it ever leave? This is the TranceFormation of Humanity.

Iran nuclear talks enter 'Endgame' ~ link ~ link ~

Talks on Iran's nuclear programme have entered their "endgame", Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said.

Negotiators from six world powers are attempting to strike a deal with Iran to restrict its nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. The parties have set a deadline of the end of March to reach an agreement.

T-15 APC to join the new Russian super tank, the T-14 - with videos  ~ link

A first video of Russia’s brand-new T-15 heavy infantry combat vehicle based on the platform of the Armata main battle tank has emerged on the web.

Like its MBT big brother, the carrier appears to have unmanned turret and innovative configuration layout.

T-14 MBT video

Tony Blair Inc.: Cashing in on Mideast misery ~ link ~ Phony Tony Blair is like a really corrupt used car salesman on steroids and funded by the Devil himself.  I did my part to force the bastard from office.  I am just sorry that the Prince of Wales (who was leading the drive to get rid of him behind the scenes), did not have the balls to force the issue a bit more and send him to prison!!!  Stirling  

Since leaving office in 2007, the empire of Tony Blair has grown exponentially cashing in on his role as "Middle East Peace Negotiator" which is code for cash in the misery of the people. 

Growing warnings of another global financial disaster ~ link

Global financial markets are on the road to another crash, with consequences even more serious than the collapse of September 2008. There have been a series of dire warnings from within the ruling class itself that present monetary policies have created massive financial bubbles with devastating consequences

American layoffs mount amid signs of further economic slowdown ~ link ~  

US corporations announced thousands of layoffs this week amid a series of plant closures, mergers and consolidations and signs of declining economic growth.

On Wednesday, US Steel announced 2,080 layoffs at its Granite City Works in Illinois. The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker plans to lay off over 4,500 employees nationwide, including over 1,800 workers in Alabama. Job cuts are also planned in Minnesota and Texas.

Greece prepares to leave the Eurozone ~ link ~ link

All Syriza has done to date, when you look from an objective point of view, is to throw out feelers, trying to figure out what the rest of the eurozone would do. And to make sure that whatever responses it got are well documented.

Because of course Greece (through Syriza) is preparing to leave the eurozone. Of course the effects and consequences of such a step are being discussed, non-stop. They would be fools if they didn’t have these discussions. And of course there will be a referendum at some point.

Montreal police fight hundreds of anti-austerity protesters ~ link ~ link ~

Riot police in Montreal used tear gas and flash-bangs to disperse hundreds of students rallying in the city’s downtown in protest against the Quebec government’s austerity measures.

Following dispersal, barricades have been put up at Montreal’s Carr√© Phillips and protesters are regrouping, according to various reports on the ground.

New discoveries indicate that Mars may have been habitable ~ link ~  

A recent study using data from NASA's Curiosity rover and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences present data showing the presence of nitrates on Mars. This molecule, composed of one nitrogen and three oxygen atoms, may indicate that there was once a nitrogen cycle on ancient Mars, one of the necessary mechanisms on a planet to sustain terrestrial-like life. 


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