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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

Sarkezy takes top place as Le Pen's National Front achieves an historic high watermark in local French elections ~ link ~ That Marie Le Pen's party did so well is reflective of the anger that more and more Europeans are having towards the main political parties.  They feel that no matter who wins, from the mainstream parties, that the money forces remain in power cheating the masses and driving us towards the Third World War.  Stirling 

Despite predictions that had them neck and neck in recent weeks, the FN is thought to have secured 26.3 percent of the vote, with the UMP on 29.2, said research company Ifop, perhaps due to an unusually high voter activity for an election for offices that hold limited power. Turnout was around 50 percent, six percent higher than at the last local election four years ago, according to pollsters Ipsos.

The ruling Socialist Party of President Francois Hollande is expected to come third with 21.4 percent of the vote. 

Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky barricades Ukrnafta Company HQ in Kiev ~ link ~ This is the type of people that the US and NATO placed in charge of western Ukraine after the coup...Shameful.  Stirling   

“Kolomoisky is challenging [President] Poroshenko,” Leschenko assumed. All of this, the MP wrote, is the oligarch’s “reaction on the signing into law of the law on joint stock companies in reducing the quorum. Ukrnafta, now barricaded, has a government share of 50 percent plus one share, but now for the first time in 12 years it will be possible to ensure government management.”
Leschenko has also stressed that the current situation at Ukrnafta should not be mistaken with Ukrtransnafta in Kiev, another company that Kolomoysky and another several dozen of his armed “lawyers” raided on Thursday in order to “drive out the new chief from the office and forcefully reappoint his own manager, Mr. Lazorko.” 

US Army convoy parades through Eastern Europe - with videos ~ link ~ Just another public provocation on the Road Towards WWIII.  Stirling   
A convoy of US military vehicles, mostly IAV Stryker APCs, is touring through Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic to Germany in a symbolic show of force and solidarity with Eastern European allies “that live closest to the Bear.”

Operation ‘Dragoon Ride’ kicked off Saturday in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia and will see the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment covering some 1,100 miles to Vilseck, Germany by April 1. Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, will also participate in the military “exercise.”  

World War II myths are fueling Western crimes ~ link

Today, as Senator Cotton and his neoconservative colleagues push for World War III, it seems increasingly likely that the West’s self-serving World War II mythology will lead us into a war far more destructive than anything humanity has yet experienced. For that reason, everyone who supports peace should be working to demythologize World War II. 

Senator Mario Rubio - Israel First - America Last  ~ linkDo take the time to read this one in full at the linkStirling

>Could it be that he understands that the City of London based Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters established a beachhead in America in 1913, from which they proceeded to infiltrate and hijack our monetary production and distribution system in order to buy control of Congress, and now uses Israel as their main action-agent?
>Could it be that he understands that Israel distributes massive political funding from its espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC and determines who gets elected to what office, and that if they don’t do what Israel wants an opponent with be financed to the degree they will be defeated?
>Could it be that he understands that if he doesn’t support Israel the way Israel wants to be supported, he will not be able to be re-elected, because Israeli espionage fronts inside America own and control the Major Mass Media which is technically a News Cartel and can print a smear which can ruin him politically within 48 hours?
>Could it be that he has already received massive support from Israel and that is why he was able to get elected to the Senate of the United States of America and he believes he owes his political success to Israel?
>Could it be that he recognizes that if he is ever going to become President of the United States that he must completely submit to Israel publicly and clearly show that his first loyalty lies to Israel?

Israeli settlers and troops attack Palestinians in East Jerusalem and in Nablus ~ link
Armed Israeli settlers staged attacks on Palestinians Wednesday in East Jerusalem and on Thursday in the West Bank city of Nablus. The actions signal a new offensive by settlers and other ultra-rightists encouraged by the election victory March 17 of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition.

Little information has yet been made public about the Nablus incident. The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that dozens of settlers stormed the monument of Sheikh Yousef Dweikat, a local Muslim religious figure, which the settlers claim is where the biblical patriarch Joseph is buried. The settlers came in buses escorted by Israeli troops, who fired tear gas at local Palestinians when they offered resistance to the settler rampage.

Is a new Political System emerging in America? ~ link ~ We have allowed the worst most evil trash to take over America and the costs to the citizens of America will be horrible ... their freedom, their property, their hope, their future, and yes even their very lives!!!  Stirling   

Let me make my case, however minimally, based on five areas in which at least the faint outlines of that new system seem to be emerging: political campaigns and elections; the privatization of Washington through the marriage of the corporation and the state; the de-legitimization of our traditional system of governance; the empowerment of the national security state as an untouchable fourth branch of government; and the demobilization of "we the people."

Whatever this may add up to, it seems to be based, at least in part, on the increasing concentration of wealth and power in a new plutocratic class and in that ever-expanding national security state. Certainly, something out of the ordinary is underway, and yet its birth pangs, while widely reported, are generally categorized as aspects of an exceedingly familiar American system somewhat in disarray.

After the Federal Reserve crushed the Middle Class it is now targeting the American Family ~ link ~ More demonic crap from the Global Banking Cartel families. Stirling   

On a number of occasions this month we’ve drawn attention to the divergent fates of the 80% of American workers whose wages are declining and whose general outlook is concomitantly deteriorating, and the other 20%, whose pay is increasing and who generally feel good about their economic future. We also pointed out that with the correlation between wages and consumer spending now nearly perfect at 0.93, depressed wage growth may indeed drag on US economic output going forward. Given this, we weren’t surprised to learn that the biggest threat to traditional American society is in fact class (i.e. income inequality). This is vividly illustrated in a new work by Robert Putnam (of “Bowling Alone” fame). One key observation: race matters far less than it did in decades past and class matters far more. 

Large demonstration in Dublin against proposed water charges/austerity - with photos ~ link

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday to demand the government drops its plan to introduce new water charges. Opponents say they can’t afford to pay and it is an austerity measure by the Irish government.

The organizers of the rally, ‘Right2Water’ said around 80,000 attended the protest. However local police said the figure was nearer 20,000 to 30,000, according to the Irish Times. This was the fourth and largest mass protest since October, when the Irish government, which is seeking re-election next year, decided to start charging the public for the water they use. 

Washington will seek partnership with the China-led development bank ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Don’t look now, but Washington just blinked. As we’ve documented exhaustively over the past week, pressure has been building steadily for the US to strike some manner of conciliatory tone towards China with regard to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-led institution aimed at rivaling the US/Japan-backed ADB. Britain’s decision to join China in its new endeavor has prompted a number of Western nations to throw their support behind the bank ahead of the March 31 deadline for membership application. Because the AIIB effectively represents the beginning of the end for US hegemony, the White House has demeaned the effort from its inception questioning the ability of non-G-7 nations to create an institution that can be trusted to operation in accordance with the proper “standards.” Now, with 35 nations set to join as founders, it appears Washington may be set to concede defeat.  

Hillary Clinton's ties to Ukrainian oligarch ~ link ~ Shameful ... nothing but legal bribery!!!  Stirling   

Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by Mr. Pinchuk, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company. He served two terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union. 

Reburial Journey for remains of King Richard III - with photos ~ link
The remains of Richard III have returned to Bosworth where he fell in battle 530 years ago, with thousands gathering to honour the dead king.
Siberia Reindeer Herder's Day - with photos ~ link ~ Interesting. Stirling

These stunning photographs show Reindeer are revered in Russia on days other than Christmas with an annual event to celebrate the animals. Some participants traveled hundreds of miles across the frozen tundra to attend Reindeer Herder's Day competition in the northern Siberian region, which has more than half of its territory above the Arctic Circle. For the indigenous nomadic Nenets people, the event offers a chance to show their prowess in wrestling, high jumps and other traditional local sports, but, above all, reindeer races. 

Singapore's founding leader Lee Kuan Yew dies at 91 ~ link ~ He created a well run and wealthy city-state.  Stirling   

Lee Kuan Yew, the statesman who transformed Singapore from a small port city into a wealthy global hub, has died at the age of 91.

Mr Lee served as the city-state's prime minister for 31 years, and continued to work in government until 2011.

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