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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 





Ukraine: Putin was ready for nuclear alert ~ link

President Vladimir Putin has said he was ready to put Russia's nuclear weapons on standby during tensions over the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea. 

Kerry: USA wants to "re-ignite" peace talks on Syria War ~ link ~ Sorry I just don't believe him!  Stirling  

Speaking as the war enters its fifth year, Mr Kerry said it was "one of the worst tragedies any of us have seen".

He said the international community was upping pressure on Syria's regime to hold new peace talks, saying "we have to negotiate in the end" with Mr Assad. 

Israeli Elections: Key Candidates ~ link
Israelis vote in the second snap election in two years on 17 March, and polls indicate that right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party is facing a serious challenge from the centre-left Zionist Union. 

But Israel's proportional representation electoral system means that several other parties will enter the Knesset parliament, and the larger of them will be vital in deciding who forms the next government.

Lebanese Army strikes militant positions near Syria ~ link

The Lebanese army has pounded militant hideouts along the border with crisis-stricken Syria after being tipped off about suspicious movements by al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in the area.

On Sunday, Lebanese troops fired several artillery rounds at militant positions on the outskirts of the village of Ras Baalbek, located 124 kilometers (77 miles) northeast of the capital, Beirut.

The al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and the Takfiri ISIL militants overran the town of Arsal, situated 124 kilometers (77 miles) northeast of Beirut, in August, killing and capturing more than three dozen soldiers and security forces. They have executed at least three of the hostages.

Over 215,000 people have been killed in the Western/Israeli inspired war in Syria ~ link

A London-based monitoring group says it has documented the deaths of 215,518 people in Syria since March 2011, when the Syrian conflict began.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said out of the total figure, 66,000 were civilians, including 10,808 children and nearly 7,000 women. The group added that some 5,000 people have been killed in the past five weeks alone, as the Syrian conflict entered its fifth year.

The Vatican endorses military force against ISIS genocide ~ link ~ If you needed confirmation that Pope Francis is working with the forces driving the world towards World War III, this is it.  He damn well knows that ISIS did not just come from nowhere, that it is the creation of the American CIA and Israeli Mossad and serves the interests of the Global Banking Cartel and Netanyahu Zionists to foment a 'Clash of Civilizations'/WWIII/Armageddon!!!  Stirling   

The Vatican’s line on ISIS has taken a new turn, as its ambassador in Geneva suggested that if a political settlement is impossible, military force should be used against the jihadists. He also said the form of intervention should be defined by the UN.

In an interview with Catholic magazine Crux, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi used the word “genocide” to describe the terrorist group’s campaign of executions and ethno-religious persecution through northern Syria and Iraq. 

Netanyahu: 'Western governments seek my overthrow' ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu is a very dangerous psychopath, the one man that I consider the most likely to light the fuse on Armageddon!!!  Stirling  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the West, particularly the Scandinavian governments, of plotting to remove him from power. “Scandinavian governments have spent millions of dollars on a campaign to remove me from power,” Netanyahu told Israel’s Kol radio station on Sunday. The Israeli premier further said Western governments, mostly Scandinavians, prefer his opponents to win the regime’s upcoming parliamentary election.

Iran goes into mass production of new long-range domestically engineered anti-shipping cruise missile ~ link ~ This just increases their already high capability of shutting down all shipping through the Straights of Hormuz.  One thing of note on this subject:  America has just about finished topping off ALL underground crude oil storage facilities.  This will allow the US to wage a major war in the Mideast for months even with a total shutoff of Middle East oil!!!  Stirling     

Chinese PM: We have the tools to boost our economy ~ link ~ The Chinese economy is now so big it can look to its internal markets for expansion!  Stirling  

Prime Minister Li Keqiang emphasized at a press conference in Beijing that the government would take more forceful measures if slowing growth begins to hit jobs as well as the income.

He said an example of such measures include implementing constraints on government power so that the private sector can grow. “The good news is that in the past couple of years we did not resort to massive stimulus measures for economic growth,” Li said during the two-hour-long televised news conference as reported by the Wall Street Journal. “We still have more tools in our toolbox.”

Thousands in Canada see their freedom in serious jeopardy and rally across Canada against new "anti-terror" law ~ link ~

Thousands of demonstrators have united across Canada to take action against proposed anti-terrorism legislation known as Bill C-51, which would expand the powers of police and the nation’s spy agency, especially when it comes to detaining terror suspects.

Organizers of the 'Day of Action' said that “over 70 communities” across Canada were planning to participate on Saturday, according to 

The biggest gatherings were reported in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax. 

“I’m really worried about democracy, this country is going in a really bad direction, [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper is taking it in a really bad direction,” protester Stuart Basden from Toronto, the Canadian city which saw hundreds of people come out, told The Star. “Freedom to speak out against the government is probably [in] jeopardy...even if you’re just posting stuff online you could be targeted, so it’s a really terrifying bill,” Basden added.

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