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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


  Special Report: 

As the Globalist/Zionist Ukrainian Coup Junta faces military, political and economic collapse, Europe and the entire World are teetering between the Brink of War and Peace this weekend!  There are conflicting reports on the results of the emergency visit by the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany to Moscow, yesterday, to see the President of Russia over the Ukrainian Civil War.  This visit may have also included the topic of the current economic/currency war between the BRICS nations and the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel controlled nations, and Middle East developments.  Events have reached a key pivotal point ... war or peace!  Please pray for peace.  Tim Earl of Stirling     

Europe on the Brink of War ~ link
Reports that Washington is considering arming the Western-backed regime in Kiev with weapons to attack pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have placed the risk of world war at the center of political life in Europe.

Earlier this week, French President François Hollande warned of the risk of “total war” before jetting off to Moscow for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin. These comments were echoed Friday by former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt.

World capitalism faces a crisis as profound as those that twice in the last century—in 1914 and 1939—plunged humanity into world war. Tens of millions were massacred in the course of these imperialist wars, which would pale in comparison to the devastation caused by a Third World War waged by nuclear-armed powers.

No breakthrough in the emergency talks between Merkel, Hollande and Putin ~ link

Russia’s spokesman says there will be a four-way phone-call between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine on Sunday, after Merkel and Hollande depart talks without comment

Talks between the leaders of France, Germany and Russia to end the war in Ukraine ended without a breakthrough early on Saturday. Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and Vladimir Putin agreed only to keep talking and to draw up a plan to halt the conflict, which has claimed more than 5,300 lives since it broke out in April. 

Last-ditch meeting in Moscow does NOT produce an agreement as USA plots major escalation in the Ukraine ~ link ~   

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande met for approximately five hours with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday in an attempt to hash out what has been described as a last-ditch effort to resolve the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. 

The talks concluded Friday evening without any agreement, and the two European leaders left Moscow late at night without making a press statement. There were pledges of further discussions this weekend on a ceasefire between Ukrainian armed forces and pro-Russian separatists in the country’s eastern Donbass region.


French President Holland: 'Last chance for peace' ~ link ~

A peace plan drawn up by France and Germany is "one of the last chances" to end the conflict in east Ukraine, French leader Francois Hollande says. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was unclear if the plan would succeed, but it was "definitely worth trying". Mr Hollande said the plan would include a demilitarised zone of 50-70km (31-44 miles) around the current front line.

Mr Hollande and Mrs Merkel are due to discuss the peace plan with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko by telephone on Sunday. 

Hollande: If a lasting Ukraine peace is not found the scenario is WAR ~ link

Hollande described the peace talks he and Merkel held with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine this week as “one of the last chances” for peace

Merkel is sure the Franco-German initiative was worth undertaking even if so far its results are unclear. "After the talks yesterday in Moscow that the French president and I had, it is uncertain if it will succeed," she said, as cited by Reuters. "But it is my view and the French president's view [that it’s] definitely worth trying. We owe it to the people affected in Ukraine, at the very least."  


German Chancellor defends no arms to Ukraine Junta stance in the face of US Administration criticism ~ link

Germany's Angela Merkel said on Saturday that sending arms to help Ukraine fight pro-Russian separatists would not solve the crisis there, drawing sharp rebukes from U.S. politicians who accused Berlin of turning its back on an ally in distress.

The heated exchanges at a security conference in Munich pointed to cracks in the transatlantic consensus on how to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin over a deepening conflict in eastern Ukraine that has killed more than 5,000.
Ukraine's military said on Saturday that pro-Russian separatists had stepped up shelling of government forces and appeared to be amassing troops for new offensives on the key railway town of Debaltseve and the coastal city of Mariupol.

Ukraine SITREP: Extremely dangerous in Debaltsevo ~ link ~ The Junta's military position is collapsing and this is the driver for what is now happening with regard to the Ukraine!!!  Stirling  
The Novorussian and the junta have agreed to a cease-fire to allow the civilian population to leave Debaltsevo.  In theory, each civilian will get to chose whether he/she wants to be evacuated to Novorussia or to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.  The convoy of refugees will be escorted by senior OSCE officials.  Both sides to the conflict have pledged not to open fire during the time needed for this operation.  Now consider this:

1) The only thing protecting the junta forces are, precisely, these civilians.  If these civilians leave, then Debaltsevo will turn into Saur Mogila.  Until now, the Novorussians have advanced rather slowly precisely because they could not use the full power of their artillery to soften up the well dug-in junta forces.  But thanks to the Voentorg, the Novorussians now have plenty of firepower now and if they decide to really open up upon the junta forces the latter will suffer the same devastating consequences as their (now dead) colleagues in Saur Mogila.  Everybody understands that.

2) Tonight the junta has used white phosphorus again, and in the recent days they have used both ballistic missiles and cluster munitions.  Why this sudden concern with the Debaltsevo civilians (whom the Nazis consider as "bugs" anyway)?  Does anybody really believe that the Nazi freaks in Kiev care for Novorussian civilians?! 

Ukraine Coup Junta pushes for a quick ceasefire ~ link ~ link ~ The rats are running scared!!!  Stirling   

Petro Poroshenko spoke amid a hectic flurry of diplomacy at a summit in Germany. Hours earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was still unsure of reaching a deal to calm the crisis, which France's president said could feature a broad demilitarised zone and greater autonomy for Ukraine's separatist eastern region.

Mrs Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, fresh from trips to Kiev and Moscow, plan to discuss the proposals in a phone call tomorrow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Mr Poroshenko.

USA and Europe clash over confronting Russia over the Ukrainian Civil War ~ link ~
But European officials acknowledge that the Russian leader may have little incentive to negotiate now, preferring to sit back and watch as separatists seize more territory, undermining a ceasefire agreement clinched last September in the Belarus capital Minsk.

The German leader conceded in Munich, after returning home from Moscow in the dead of night, that it was uncertain whether a Franco-German peace plan presented to Kiev and Moscow this week would succeed. But she flatly rejected the notion that sending weapons to Kiev, an idea being considered by U.S. President Barack Obama, would help resolve the conflict.  

Merkel defends no Junta arms position ~ link ~ Graham and McCain are very dangerous parasites who are pushing for a new global war that will kill billions, all to suck up to their Globalist/Zionists masters!!!  Stirling   

U.S. senators Lyndsey Graham and John McCain, both Republican hawks, were withering in their criticism of the German stance, which is supported by other big European countries like France. "At the end of the day, to our European friends, this is not working," Graham said of Merkel's diplomatic efforts. "You can go to Moscow until you turn blue in the face. Stand up to what is clearly a lie and a danger." McCain added: "The Ukrainians are being slaughtered and we're sending them blankets and meals. Blankets don't do well against Russian tanks."

Get the Hell Out of Our Country - Part V ~ link ~ Remember that the top leaders of the Ukraine Coup Junta are all dual Israeli - Ukrainian citizens and the Mossad played a key role in the Coup.  All to tie down Russia so Israel can use America and the West to conquer Iran and Syria!!!  Stirling  

Everyday more and more Americans are learning about how World Zionist Neo-Bolshevik Judaics have infiltrated America and hijacked most of its Institutions of Government and collaborated with Israel to attack America on 9-11-01. It's time for We The People to do something about it!  

It is a known fact that the Rothschild WZs have hijacked and accrued (aka stolen) most of the World’s money and wealth off the labors of the common man’s back and own most of the very top career paths into the lucrative professions like law, medicine, and government.

Yes, WZs have been able to infiltrate many of the institutions and government of most countries due to the massive Rothschild Counterfeit money power behind these WZ parasites. This incredible Rothschild money power even though based on the massive Counterfeiting Fraud of Fiat private central banking and its pernicious usury, the greatest scam and financial fraud in history, has provided the muscle for WZs to infiltrate and hijack most USG institutions.

Fear "of Putin" grows in EU governments amid SPECTER OF TOTAL WAR ~ link

Carl Bildt, the former Swedish foreign minister, said a war between Russia and the west was now quite conceivable. A senior diplomat in Brussels, echoing the broad EU view, said arming the Ukrainians would mean war with Russia, a war that Putin would win.

Announcing the surprise mission to Kiev and Moscow, Hollande sounded grave and solemn. The Ukraine crisis, he said, started with differences, which became a conflict, which became a war, and which now risked becoming “total war”.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister and until recently the head of Nato, publicly voiced fears that Putin could expand what is seen as Soviet revisionism to countries now in Nato and the EU. In the Baltics, Putin might risk a little exercise in “hybrid warfare”, he said, just to test how the western alliance would react.

Obama "security" plan centers on Russian "threat" ~ link ~ link ~

President Barack Obama’s new National Security Strategy calls out Russia for its aggression against Ukraine and also puts heavy emphasis on climate change as a growing threat to peace, according to details shared with POLITICO.

The much-delayed strategy document, used to prioritize threats and policies across the administration, is due to be unveiled Friday. It holds fast to the diplomacy-heavy approach that the White House has long pursued despite criticism by some in the GOP who say it makes the United States look weak.


US Lawmakers to Obama: Arm the Ukraine Junta NOW ~ link ~  

Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee made a big push on the issue, while a bipartisan group of House members called for the same course of action in a letter.

"The United States must act with urgency to provide defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Defense Secretary concerned over split in NATO ~ link

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday he is worried about a potential division within NATO as countries in the north want to focus on the growing threat from Russia, while other alliance members in the south are more worried about the influx of foreign fighters from northern Africa.

Hagel, who resigned under pressure from President Barack Obama's Cabinet, is expected to be replaced as early as next week by Ashton Carter, whose nomination hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee was on Wednesday. 

Top NATO commander warns of a Russian reaction to arming Ukraine Coup Junta ~ link

The top NATO commander warned Thursday that any move to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons must take into account any possible angry reaction from Russia.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said that any action the U.S. or other Western nations take "could trigger a more strident reaction from Russia."

World War III Breaking Out and we're without a leader ~ link

We now have the first real shooting war between European countries since World War II. Think about that and consider the carnage the first two world wars caused.

US Senator McCain implicates US leadership in War Crimes in the Ukraine ~ link

How does this implicate Barrack Obama and the United States Congress? If the United States is supplying support or weapons to a country they KNOW is willfully committing Crimes against Humanity in Donbass- I challenge you the reader to explain how the US Government is not responsible.

With this admission and the mountain of evidence that has been gathered, in a world where US Federal Law meant something more than a tool the Federal government can wield against citizens, whistle-blowers, or activists- The Anti Genocide Law of 1787 would have to be enforced. Known as the Alien Tort Statute, neither government officials, citizens, or corporations are exempt from crimes against humanity. The bar is set at willful knowledge they were committing the crime.It just needs to be enforced.

With John McCain’s frank confession of Congresses knowledge, we are at case closed before a War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity trial even begins.


Huge magnetic filament hanging on the surface of the Sun could explode and effect Earth and electric grid ~ link ~ This could cause a major EMP event!  Stirling

Most solar flares come from sunspots. The next big explosion, however, could come from a different source: A huge magnetic filament is hanging over the surface of the sun, and it could erupt at any moment. 


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