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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


Obama Administration to allow "moderate" Syrian "rebels" to call in USAF B-1B strategic bombers for air support against Syrian Government forces ~ link ~ link ~ This is highly likely to be a key ignition point for the all-out military phase of the Third World War/Armageddon!!!  To call this crazy is an insult to insane people; to call this psychopathic is an insult to all true psychopaths; to call this evil is a understatement; to call this creating mass murder is an insult to mass murders!!!  This is clearly something outside of human thinking and of 'human' in general.  It is clearly demonic in nature; something from a different dimension, a spiritual dimension from the fallen Lucifer and from Hell itself!!!  Stirling   

While Obama desperately tries to stick to his now crushed "Nobel peace prize winner" image, by not succumbing to an all-out land war in the one nation where his progressive "pacifism" brought him fame (and according to some, the presidency), namely Iraq, the rest of militant, "interventionist" US foreign policy is rapidly starting to resemble that waged by the most brutally rabid, neo-con Republican leader. Case in point an absolute stunner reported minutes ago by the WSJ, according to which the White House has decided to provide pickup trucks equipped with mounted machine guns and radios for calling in U.S. airstrikes to some moderate Syrian rebels aided by American B-1B bombers! 

The real question, however, is dramatic impact against whom? The real answer: not ISIS, which is just a strawman to finally topple Qatar's, pardon, America's real enemy in the region, Syria's Assad.
And therein lies the rub, because this entire operation has nothing to do with suppressing an ISIS which has seemingly specialized in making Hollywood quality straight to YouTube decapitation videos, and everything to do with finally crushing al Assad's regime, something the US started in 2013 with the infamous YouTube clip of chemical weapons which nearly turned into an all out war before Russia intervened and halted what could well have been a global war.

Surviving the Pricks vs BRICS wars ~ link ~ Great article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 

The people of the Pricks nations know that their leaders seek a war every time the economy goes south. Three million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. We are in far worse shape today than then we have many more Unpayable Debts to cancel. We could easily lose 10 million Americans to starvation. The Pricks leadership would rather launch World War III than offer Debt Cancellation and a Debt Free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

The Pricks will soon realize they have no followers. No one to believe their lies and no one to follow their dictates. And more importantly no one willing to die in another of their senseless wars.

Survivors will need to do two things. Tell their friends and neighbors about this imminent economic collapse and that nasty habit of the Pricks to start wars every time the unemployment rate soars. The second thing is to prepare to live for 3 hard months with minimal outside help. It might take 90 days to get a new government up and running.

Ukraine Civil War: UN Security Council passes a Russian resolution for new ceasefire ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The Ukraine Ceasefire is not lasting as long as the last one.  Events could get out of hand soon here.  Porky and several key political leaders in the Junta have gotten their families out of the Ukraine as reports indicate that the Obama regime has supplied six tactical nuclear weapons to Kiev (with one or two likely having been used in the last few days but not reported on by the MSM).  Stirling   

UN: Syria offers Aleppo humanitarian  ceasefire ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  

It sounds like Syria is laying on some PR efforts as things are about to seriously deteriorate!  Stirling     

ISIS is heavily involved in 'organ harvesting' and sales ~ link ~ So is Israel but this makes sense as the head of ISIS is an Israeli Jewish actor who is a Mossad agent!  Stirling    

The Islamic State is harvesting human organs to finance its blood-driven caliphate, according to Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations, urging its Security Council to investigate the issue.

Envoy Mohamed Alhakim called on the 15-member body to look at allegations of organ removal by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) as bodies with surgical incisions and missing kidneys were discovered in shallow mass graves.

Hungarian visit by Putin a in-your-face challenge to Globalist/Zionist controlled EU ~ link ~ link ~ The Hungarian Government has shown a strong dislike for EU policies, for Israeli aggression, and for the global banksters.  This is a continuation and expansion of their position; one of several European nations that are signaling a re-alignment on the eve of the coming global all-out war.  Stirling     

Japan Preparing for War - Shades of 1940 ~ link

Of course, "normal" is being generous: as those who follow Japan's economic collapse are well-aware, between Abenomics and its demographic implosion, Japan is now the first officially failed "Keynesian" state. And sadly, it is the fact that Japan's economic situation is now as bad if not worse compared to where it was in 1940 that makes it the biggest threat: because as Greece is demonstrating currently, it is not until "you have lost everything, that you are free to do anything."

Japan has almost lost everything. It still has its precious Nikkei but that is one major central bank debacle away from total implosion. And then what?

Which brings us to our original question: is Japan actively preparing for war... or, just like in 1940s, is the stage being set by "someone" to "force" Japan to declare war on "someone", once the next and final pillar from underneath its economic house of cards - a house of cards that has only gotten worse when Japan followed the US fed into terminal currency devaluation courtesy of the BOJ's money printer - is finally pulled?

Ultimate coming crisis: Crisis of faith in central bankers ~ link ~  

The final and ultimate round of the Crisis that begin in 2008 will occur when faith is lost in the Central Banks.
The entire rally in stocks post-2009 has been due to Central Bank intervention of one kind or another. Whether it be by cutting interest rates, printing money, buying bonds, or promising to do more/ verbal intervention, the Fed and others have done everything they can to push stocks higher.
As a result, today, more than 90% of market price action is based on investors perceptions of what the Central Banks will do… NOT fundamentals. For instance, if bad economic data hits the tape, the market tends to rally because investors believe this will result in the Fed having to print more money.

Nigel Farage, MEP: The Great Game of Poker over the Future of the Euro - video ~ link 


Capital Controls for Greece? ~ link ~ I suspect that the new Greek Government will end up telling the Rothschild-headed global bankster puppet masters and EU/ECB/IMF to 'stick it where the Sun doesn't shine'!  Stirling 

Which means that the standoff will may well continue past midnight tomorrow. Now, in the worst case scenario, should the ECB yank all Greek ELA, then all bets are off, and on Wednesday it is unlikely that any banks will reopen in Greece, which incidentally would likely lead to an immediate compromise by the new PM and FinMin, unless of course they are prepared for this contingency and reveal a new €100 billion or so loan from the BRIC bank, compliments of Vladimir Putin

But even in the less Draconian case, one in which the ECB decides to remain merciful for 10 more days, the outcome is not much better: "Unless Athens agrees an extended aid programme soon, keeping ELA capped would put lenders in a funding squeeze that could require the introduction of capital controls to limit savers taking out more of their money, the sources said."

So even as Europe is throwing the kitchen sink at Greece in hopes of sparking a bank run, it should be very careful what it wishes for. Because a nation with nothing left, with no hope, is far more dangerous than the servile debt-slave Europe expects Greece to be. And if as Goldman suggests, a Grexit has far greater and far more negative consequences for Brussles than Athens, then Varoufakis' gambit will be spot on, and Europe will be begging Greece to stay, or return, before all all is said and done and the European project is cast away on the every larger trash heap of failed neo-liberal ideas.

Texas court's immigration rebuke to Obama may be hard to challenge ~ link ~ link ~ link

President Barack Obama's administration faces a difficult and possibly lengthy legal battle to overturn a Texas court ruling that blocked his landmark immigration overhaul, since the judge based his decision on an obscure and unsettled area of administrative law, lawyers said.
In his ruling on Monday that upended plans to shield millions of people from deportation, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen avoided diving into sweeping constitutional questions or tackling presidential powers head-on. Instead, he faulted Obama for not giving public notice of his plans.

The failure to do so, Hanen wrote, was a violation of the 1946 Administrative Procedure Act, which requires notice in a publication called the Federal Register as well as an opportunity for people to submit views in writing.

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