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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


Obama is weighing sending lethal military aid to the Ukraine Coup Junta ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The American people have NO strategic interest in maintaining and growing the Ukraine Civil War.  This war is strategically very similar to the Spanish Civil War, which was a set-up for the Second World War by the Globalists.  In other words, the current Ukrainian Civil War is a set-up for the Third World War!!!  Moreover, given the highly lethal and dangerous nature of Twenty-first Century warfare, especially that of current weapons-of-mass-destruction, any drive towards World War Three is NUTS from any human perspective.  Those seeking WWIII are clearly operating from a non-human agenda and value system.  A agenda and value system that can only be labeled 'demonic' and totally lethal to human life!!!  Stirling    
President Barack Obama is reconsidering his opposition to giving Ukraine defensive weapons and other lethal aid to help its struggling military repel Russian-backed rebels, a possible escalation that has had strong support from many in his national security team.

The shift suggests the White House is growing increasingly concerned that its reliance on punishing Russia with economic sanctions isn't doing enough to change President Vladimir Putin's thinking about backing fighters in ethnic-Russian eastern Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Civil War: Fierce fighting is raging for key Ukraine town ~ link ~  
Battles raged on Sunday between government forces and pro-Russian rebels for control of a strategic transport hub as the death toll mounted in east Ukraine following the collapse of ceasefire talks.
Intense artillery fire thundered around the Kiev-controlled town of Debaltseve, a key position between the rebel bastions of Donetsk and Lugansk, where insurgent fighters are trying to encircle Ukrainian troops.
PEGIDA has held its first Austrian march ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This type of events, Nazi-type marches in the streets, like the Ukrainian Civil War/Spanish Civil War (WWIII/WWII) example referred to above, is a tried and true route to lead the Sheeple into a new global war!!!  Stirling 
Vienna - PEGIDA, the anti-Islam movement born in Germany, drew hundreds of supporters and counter-demonstrators to the streets of Vienna when it held its first march in neighbouring Austria on Monday. 

With 1 200 police officers deployed in Austria's capital as a precaution, around 250 marchers carrying Austrian flags and chanting “we are the people” faced off against a like number of protestors shouting “down with PEGIDA”. 

Changes we could never have imagined ~ link ~ Wow, this is one that you really need to read, in full and slowly, at the link.  Stirling

It was realized that the very best spying is when you motivate the subject of surveillance to spy on themselves for you by providing them a high tech personal service they become dependent on and cannot live without because of the way it increases their personal power and conveniences. 

Even if they eventually suspect, they won’t care much if everyone else does it and they have become substantially dependent on the convenience and service provided by the device...

When someone is missing with no trace and a murder is suspected, 99 times out of 100 the FBI, the NRO and the NSA can reconstruct exactly where the body was taken. Why, because the NSA has eye-in-the-sky type constant on high tech HD orbital cameras and the FBI has the ability to track all cell phones within fifty feet or so even when off because of secret RFID chips in these cell phones. The FBI’s policy is to put a hold on this important data until six months to a year passes and then send in a hiker or hunter to just find the body “by apparent coincidence” if it has not already been found by a local who travels near it.  

The US shade oil boom was another Wall Street bubble ~ link ~ Do take a minute to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling  

We began writing on the death of the shale gas and oil hype early last year. But we do not claim to be the original experts, as VT has a deep bench, and brother Engdahl was all over this pump and dump scam from its inception.
We know a good thing when we find it, so we promoted his work heavily, including recommending him to New Eastern Outlook, our partner publication in Moscow, where he has become a top contributor. 

Engdahl explained all the shale energy fundamentals to us, and the economics were clearly another rich man’s manipulation scam. What surprised us was when the West started the Ukrainian crisis and rolled out its pre-fabricated media campaign. They campaigned that the EU needed alternate sources of gas so as not be held prisoner by the Russian gas market. It seemed too well prepared to be conveniently shoe-horned into the Ukrainian energy crisis. We smelled the usual psyops stage managing.


Anonymous said...

u might need to set some web space aside for articles like this so readers can get a insight of whats coming down the track...
still not to late to stock up and get some ammo in


Alain DENIS said...

Modern Times, ready for the 3rd circle of death?


Principal Translations

Charlot nm (Charlie Chaplin) Charlie Chaplin n
charlot (pejorative) good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well n
(informal, pejorative) skiver n
(informal, pejorative) clown n
charlot (formal) untrustworthy person n
(informal) cowboy, wide boy n
(informal) fly-by-night expr

charlie - toothbrush moustache



Ils ont tués 3 jeunes hommes des "banlieues" de paris et ils en parlent comme d'un acte unificateur pour la Liberté.
Ne sont-ils pas des païens adeptes de messes noires?
3 jeunes gens désoeuvrés dans ce monde du totalitarisme capitaliste sec et brûlant, essayant d'y exister, un peu mégalomanes à l'image de leurs dirigeants, leurs enfants dans la pensée matérialiste;
3 jeunes gens déseouvrés présentés comme "terroristes internationaux" et à qui l'on oppose la section militaire de police la plus suréquipée ; (si elle n'a pas été précédée par les agents des "Renseignements Généraux"...)

Leur superbe, leur mégalomanie quand en rendent-ils compte en terme de bienfaits pour le Peuple?
Quand ils sont si fiers d'avoir tué un de leurs enfants, qu'en sera-t-il de leur Peuple?

Des dictateurs enfermés dans leurs raisonnements de guerres mégalomaniaques et qui se retrouvent sur les pavés de paris soi-disant pour y défendre la Liberté de se moquer des dirigeants.
Le 'prince du terrorisme et du génocide palestinien' en tête..

Un monde devenu fou, paradoxal, manipulé, bâillonné, hypocrite, une tension Bi&Ambivalente.

Une odeur d'années 30' en Allemagne, les mêmes esprits délirants, ivres de leur puissance égotique, se réunissant pour élever encore le degré d'alcool.

La même fin à l'horizon, destruction et désolation,
pleurs et grincements de dents.

Mais un monde renouvelé.

---- in English

they have killed 3 young men from paris's suburbs and they talk about it as an unifying act fro Freedom.
Are they not pagans, disciples of black mass?
3 young idle men in this dry and scorching totalitarianism capitalist world, trying to exist, a bit megalomaniac modelled on their political leaders, their children in materialistic thinking;
3 young idle men presented as "international terrorists" and to whom they oppose the over-equipped police military Section. (if it has not been preceded by french "fbi"...)

Their "superb", their megalomania, when do they give a compte rendu in terms of benefits for the People?
When they are so proud to have killed one of their children, what will it be for their People?

Dictators locked up in their megalomaniac war reasonings that show themselves on paris cobblestones supposedly to defend liberty to make a fool of political leaders.
terrorism and palestinian genocide prince leading...

A world became mad, paradoxical, manipulated, gag ruled, hypocritical, a BI & amBIvalent tension.

Like a 1930' years odor in Germany, the same crazy spirits, drunk of their egocentric powers, meeting to still incease alcohol level.

The same end on the horizon, mass destruction and desolation,
tears and teeth-grinding.

But a reniewed world.