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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 




Russian opposition political leader Nemtsov killed near the Kremlin ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The Globalist and Zionist controlled mainstream news media are determined to blame Putin for this, as are many Globalist and Zionist "western" politicians.  However, the key question to ask is "Who Benefits" from this.  Putin is very popular in Russia, Nemtsov simply was NOT a real danger to Putin.  His murder simply feeds the propaganda machine that the NWO types are using to try to make him out to be the next Hitler or Kaiser.  I suspect that this 'hit' was yet another False Flag event on the Road to World War Three!!!  Stirling    
Mr Putin, who earlier blamed the assassination on foes trying to discredit the Kremlin, said in a message to Mr Nemtsov’s mother: “Everything will be done so that the organisers and perpetrators of a vile and cynical murder get the punishment they deserve.”

The 55-year-old former deputy premier who was a vocal critic of Mr Putin, was shot in the back several times shortly before midnight Friday local time as he walked across a bridge a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.

Gorbachev: The murder of Nemtsov could have been a PROVOCATION designed to Destabilize Russia and to heighten confrontation with the West  ~ link
Gorbachev says:
The assassination of Boris Nemtsov is an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilize it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition.
Michael Rivero notes:
Another reason to doubt the “Blame Putin” chorus we are already seeing in the corporate media is the manner in which the shooting took place, in public, in front of the girlfriend, to generate the maximum publicity. If Putin had really wanted to kill this guy, it would have been a “suicide” in private or a small plane crash, the way the US Government handles assassinations.

Putin spokesman: Nemtsov killing was 100% Provocation ~ link
Just a few short hours after the terrible murder of Russian opposition politician and outspoken Putin critic Boris Nemtsov, US' John Kerry was quick to condemn the actions of the "reformer" and demand Russia's "expeditious investigation," and President Obama has since issued a statement "admiring [Nemtsov's] struggle against corruption." The undertone was clear - 'Putin did it'. Furthermore, President Poroshenko has claimed that Nemtsov was on the verge of "exposing direct Russian links to the Ukraine conflict." As many realise the futility of trying to determine whether it is a Russian act, a CIA act meant to look like a Russian act, or a Russian act meant to look like a CIA act, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says the Nemtsov murder was "100% provocation... It looks like a contract killing."

Ten reasons Washington has War Fever ~ link ~ The ultimate reason is on the spiritual level ... a battle between the forces of good/God and those of evil/Satan.   Stirling 

The political elites, Federal Reserve and special interests that really run the show hiding behind Congress and the president of either party in America's closed two-party monopoly seem to be running scared in many regards. They rightly have many fears for their political future as well as the profits and survival of the major international corporations and banking interests that support the current political leadership and regime.

Never has our nation, corporations and wealthy top 1% faced so many new threats to their efforts to grow their power and wealth around the world. Although there is enough blame and mistakes to go around, many of these threats can not really be blamed on our political or financial leaders but rather result from changes in the fast-paced world we live in today.

Former Mossad chief urges Israeli voters to oust Netanyahu ~ link ~ The smart Zionists know that Bibi and his crew are nuts that will get tiny Israel wiped off the face of the Earth.  They want no part of him, nor should we!!!  Stirling  

IMF bent its own rules to hobble Greece with unsustainable debt ~ link

In a 90-minute documentary aired this week on the French-German public television station Arte, an executive director from the international lending agency said that in 2010, when the Greek bailout was initially arranged, the IMF violated its own lending rules, apparently for political reasons.

Brazilian executive director Paulo Nogueira Batista said the agency’s rules were changed in a clandestine manner to allow the IMF to provide its share of bailout funds far beyond the normal limits allowed, and above all to violate the principle not to make any loans that have no chance of being repaid.


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