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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



Ukraine War: Pro-Russian forces seek to increase their fighting strength by 100,000 men as War intensives ~ link ~ link ~ linklink ~ Also see: Apocalypse Now & Forever ~ link ~ The Globalist/Zionist Coup Junta is under orders to expand and continue their mass murder in the Ukraine.  Why do the citizens of NATO nations allow their politicians to be bought and controlled by such people???  Stirling 

A pro-Russian separatist leader in eastern Ukraine has announced plans to mobilize 100,000 fighters against Ukrainian government forces amid intensified battles following the collapse of peace talks.
Aleksandr Zakharchenko, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, said on February 2 that the call-up would begin in 10 days.

European Commission on Greek Crisis: EU - IMF - ECB  Troika may go ~ link ~ The new Greek Government has its creditors by the balls!!! They are still talking tough but many are scared about what comes next!  Stirling   

Greece's new left-wing government does not accept the troika's agenda. Instead it aims to renegotiate the bailout, to get a huge reduction in Greece's debt.

At a news conference on Monday, the Commission chief spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, quoted a pledge by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to replace the troika. "In the future, we should be able to replace the 'troika' with a more democratically legitimate and more accountable structure, based around European institutions with enhanced parliamentary control both at European and at national level," Mr Juncker said in his mission statement last year.

Tsipras does NOT rule out Russian aid as UK Chancellor says Greece is "Greatest Risk To Global Economy" ~ link ~ Or is that the greatest risk to the Cartel???  Stirling  

Pakistan test-fires nuclear- capable cruise missile ~ link ~ The Saudis paid for much of the Pakistan nuclear weapons program and, no doubt, are in possession of a number of Pakistani manufactured nukes!!!  There is much effort being placed by both the NATO/Israel/Australian alliance and the Russian/Chinese/Iran/BRICS alliance to get India on their  military side in the coming Third World War! Sadly, most people are totally out of touch with what is developing!  Stirling    
Pakistan has successfully test-fired a new indigenous nuclear-capable air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) with a range of 350 kilometers (nearly 220 miles).

According to a statement released by the Directorate of Inter-Services Public Relations, the mouthpiece of the Pakistani army, the Ra’ad (Thunder) missile blasted off on Monday, and would enable Pakistan to achieve “strategic standoff capability” both on land and at sea. The low-altitude missile has high maneuverability and enjoys stealth technology. Ra’ad can be also armed with nuclear and conventional warheads, and has “pinpoint accuracy” according to official sources.

China has overtaken America as the top destination for foreign direct investment ~ link ~ Another sign that the Global Banking Cartel has ridden America into the ground!  Stirling   

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently published a report showing China had attracted USD 127.6 billion in foreign investment in 2014 compared to USD 86 billion invested by foreign businesses in the US.

In addition, the report said China’s special administrative region Hong Kong also stood at the second spot ahead of the US after it attracted USD 111 billion in foreign investment.

The $100 TRILLION Ponzi Scheme Built On Global Debt ~ link ~ Why are we allowing a handful of demon worshiping cabal families to ruin our lives and the lives of our children???  Stirling 

For 30+ years, Western countries have been papering over the decline in living standards by issuing debt. In its simplest rendering, sovereign nations spent more than they could collect in taxes, so they issued debt (borrowed money) to fund their various welfare schemes.

This was usually sold as a “temporary” issue. But as politicians have shown us time and again, overspending is never a temporary issue. Today, a whopping 47% of American households receive some kind of Government benefit. This is not temporary… this is endemic.

All of this is spending is being financed by borrowed money… hence, the bond bubble, the biggest bubble in financial history: an incredible $100 trillion monster that is now growing by trillions of dollars every few months.

China: Air in 90% of Chinese cities still not safe for breathing despite a "war on pollution" ~ linkThe lack of modern standards for pollution control gives China a unfair advantage in manufacturing and trade.  This is something that the rest of the world should NOT put up with!  Stirling   

Air pollution in China is still incredibly high – 90 percent of its cities stand below the threshold for air safety standards in 2014.

The “war on pollution” started a year earlier is having some effect, but hazardous emergencies are still in the hundreds. 

Only eight of China’s 74 large cities have managed to meet official air safety standards in 2014, according to the Environmental Protection Ministry. This is five cities more than in 2013, when only three cities – Haikou on the island of Hainan, the Tibetan capital of Lhasa and the coastal resort city of Zhoushan – officially met air quality standards.

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