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On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

Special Report: 
All-out World War III Nears
Obama moving towards supplying Coup Junta with arms for Civil War ~ link ~ America allowed the most evil and corrupt group of global banksters to control them, along with a tiny tribe of Zionists, and now we are about to pay the ultimate price ... A Human Population Extinction Level Event - WWIII - Armageddon.  Stirling  
BARACK Obama has said the United States may provide arms to Ukraine in its war with Moscow-backed rebels, saying: “We cannot stand idly by and watch the borders of Europe be redrawn at the barrel of a gun.”

The US president was speaking at a joint press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in Washington to secure US support for a Franco-German peace plan that aims to silence the guns in Europe’s worst conflict in decades, and its worst political crisis since the end of the Cold War.

Germany and France want to get Russia and Ukraine to meet in Minsk for a four-way summit tomorrow to discuss the conflict.

America may supply arms to Junta in the Ukraine Civil War ~ link ~ link ~ link ~   The Globalist - Zionist Coup Junta is collapsing militarily, economically, politically and losing the ability to maintain its hold on Kiev and western Ukraine!  Stirling   

Is Peace or War At Hand? ~ link ~ That is the question of life and death for all 7+ billion of us on this beautiful planet that our Creator gave us!!!  Stirling 

The meeting with Putin was initiated by Merkel and Hollande, because they are disturbed by the aggressive position that Washington has taken toward Russia and are fearful that Washington is pushing Europe into a conflict that Europe does not want.  However, Merkel and Hollande cannot resolve the NATO/EU/Ukraine situation unless Merkel and Hollande are willing to break with Washington’s foreign policy and assert the right as sovereign states to conduct their own foreign policy.

Unless Washington’s war-lust has finally driven Europeans to take control over their own fate, the most likely outcome of the Putin-Merkel-Hollande meeting will be more meetings that go nowhere. If Merkel and Hollande are not negotiating from a position of independence, one likely outcome after more meetings will be that Merkel and Hollande will say, in order to appease Washington, that they tried to reason with Putin but that Putin was unreasonable. 

Obama "delays" his Coup Junta arms decision amid whirlwind of diplomatic activity ~ linkI have a bad feeling that we are witnessing a puppet show that ends with TOTAL WAR!!!  Stirling   

The latest diplomatic efforts come amid renewed fighting between the pro-Russia rebels and Ukrainian government troops, with fighting centred around the strategic railway hub of Debaltseve.
The rebels said on Monday they had cut off a key supply road to the town, which is near the rebel-held city of Donetsk, but the military says the battle is ongoing.
- See more at: http://ngrguardiannews.com/news/world-news/197386-us-may-supply-arms-to-ukraine#sthash.vJgfINjJ.dpuf
US President Barack Obama agreed to hold off a controversial decision on sending arms to Ukraine until German-led efforts to broker a ceasefire with Russia are given a chance. 
"Rebels" have encircled Junta troops in key Debaltseve ~ link ~ The leaders of the Coup Junta know that "the jig is up".  Either the Globalists/Zionists accept a major defeat in Europe or they will have to radically up the battle by injecting Western arms and manpower and lots of cash into the collapsed western Ukraine Coup Junta ruled state.  Doing the latter makes the Third World War almost certain in the days and weeks ahead!!!  Stirling   

Illuminati Plotting World War III ~ link ~ The current world events only make sense if you understand that at the highest level this is a war between God and the fallen Lucifer!!!  Stirling   
Ukraine - A platform for a US (Globalist - Zionist) War with Russia ~ link
Fenenko believes "limited" US/Russia war looms. Both sides are preparing, he says.
US-led NATO war on Russia "is no longer being viewed as a means of last resort for achieving (its) geopolitical goals." How Fenenko defines "limited" he didn't explain. Wars have a life of their own. Once started, odds favor escalation, not restraint.

The possibility of the world's preeminent nuclear powers in open conflict with each other should scare everyone. Wars are waged to be won. Adversaries use whatever weapons are needed to do so. US v. Russia risks potential nuclear war mass annihilation.  

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