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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



Events at multiple places on the Globe, and in various venues (economic, currency, geostrategic, political, etc.) are accelerating rapidly now.  
The military impact of the Mossad/CIA organized and led ISIS is mostly a spent force in the areas near Israel including Syria and Lebanon.  
The people of Greece, where democracy began millenniums ago, are telling the Global Banking Cartel to Go To Hell. 
The people of eastern Ukraine and their Russian brothers are outsmarting and outfighting their Globalist/Zionist enemies with the help of Mother Russia.  
The Petro Dollar is falling but will the Globalist NWO single world currency end up ruling the day, or will the BRICS nations and their growing number of allies derail the Globalist Grand Strategy?  
Did "someone", either the Ukrainian Coup Junta operating on its own or a Mossad False Flag Op, 'pop one or more tactical nukes' yesterday (Sunday 8 Feb. 2015) in the Donetsk war zone? 
Is Europe about to enter 'total warfare' as the President of France fears, or will the European powers, without the US, Canada and the UK, come to some form of peace agreement?  
Is the Euro about to go under and with it the European Union?  
Some would argue, with some merit, that this could all be but a strategic plan by the Globalists to take us to total chaos and Armageddon.  
Others, also with some merit, would argue that this is a battle between a totally demonic group (Global Banking Cartel and Netanyahu Zionists) on one hand, and a less-than-perfect (morally) opposing group on the other hand.  
Pope Francis, among others, has clearly said that we are in the early stages of the Third World War now
We are hardly into the second month of 2015 and it is already proving to be One Hell of a Year!
Tim Earl of Stirling      
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BREAKING: Tactical Nuke Detonated in Donetsk, Ukraine?