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  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


France "on Alert" as Sieges End ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ linklink ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The "players" are now all dead and 'dead men tell no tales'.  One more Mossad False Flag Operation completed with the full support of the Globalist - Zionist mainstream news media and the governments involved!!!  Stirling   

French President Francois Hollande has called on the country to "remain vigilant" as the hostage crisis which started at the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre came to a bloody end with the loss of at least 20 lives. 

Three terrorists were among those killed today - including brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi - who were shot after they emerged from a bolt hole firing at police where they kept a print worker hostage. He escaped unharmed. 

Warning to Nations: Don't Cross Israel ~ link ~ Warning to Israel: The masses are beginning to wake up to this crap and that will not be good for Israel.  Stirling  

French website blames Mossad for "France's 9/11" ~ link

Paris Psyop - Inside Job - Mossad Attacks Charlie Hebdo ~ link

After this policeman was 'shot' in the head with blanks, there is no sign of blood. There are 3 different accounts of who this policeman was. In one account he an officer who emerged from a police car. In another account he is a policeman who came out of a police station. And in a third account he is a policeman who was on a bicycle.

CanSpeccy alerted us to this video. Google keeps on censoring this affair, so here it is on - Charlie Hebdo police officer shooting zoomed in ...
Google has been removing the videos that show this fake shot.

Police State France ~ link 

French municipal websites hacked, replaced with ISIS flag ~ link ~ ISIS is headed by an Israeli Jew actor who is a Mossad agent.  They can't fool everyone, but their contempt for the goy masses is so great they don't care!!!  Stirling   

So-called Islamic State flags have appeared on the websites of several municipalities near Paris whose homepages were hacked. The hacks come amidst an intense manhunt to capture two suspects believed to have committed the Charlie Hebdo office massacre.

Charlie Hebdo suspects on US 'No-Fly List' for years - Trained with CIA/Mossad ran al-Qaeda in Yemen ~ link

The two suspects behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris have been on a US No Fly List ‘for years,’ a US official said. According to different revelations, one of the suspects trained with Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen.

They're ramping it up - Operation Blackjack Alert - MI5 warns of 'Mass Casualty Attack' ~ link ~ The Paris False Flag Operation may be just the first in a new series of False Flag Events to be blamed on ISIS/al-Qaeda!!!  The ultimate goal is the Third World War/Armageddon!!! Stirling  

YouTube videographer MaKaElectric gives us an "Operation Blackjack" alert in this brand new video, warning of a potential 'false flag' type attack upon the UK after the head of the MI5 put out a warning for a mass casualty event in Britian. Warning that a "Paris-style" attack may soon occur in London or other UK locations, our videographer compares the Paris attack to the Boston Marathon blast where something just doesn't sit right.

While the MI5 has yet to raise their alert level to 'critical', a sign our videographer is looking for to implement a full "Blackjack Alert", we learn that Saudi King Abdullah warned only last August that 'jihadists' would "begin attacking the United States and Europe within months." 

Wake up, my fellow Christians. You are under insidious attack by the Illuminati: a secret oligarchy of Jews and Freemasons. Don't be deceived by the media which they own." - See more at:


Anonymous said...

This happens to a person when he is hit by an AK 47 bullet.

In both videos the men wear bulletproof vests.

The first vid is in German. Just watch it, the message is clear.

Conclusion: People are not flying through the air when they are hit by a high-speed bullet.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of members of THE TRIBE have been leaving France for the last two years. Most of them hope to find a nice and secure place in Israel or the US.

Remember 9/11?

Members of THE TRIBE didn't come to work right before the attack.

Now France is attacked by the same group of thugs who were behind 9/11.

What do members of THE TRIBE know that the ordinary goy does not know?

Will there be a catastrophy, caused by the Zionist/Globalist cartel, in Europe?

I do not know if you know that French nuclear power plants have been flown over by drones in November and December 2014. Nobody knows who did it!

Is there a secret plan to attack these nuclear power plants?

The guys who attacked Charlie Hebdo used an RPG!

Where did they get it from?

Do their partners/bosses have access to more destructive weapons?

Did the Paris incident happen, because France acknowledged Palestine as a state?

Was it a last warning?

Connect the Paris incident with Ukraine, Syria and Mali and you might get an idea of what is happening right now.

Future will tell.

A long time reader.

Anonymous said...

...some drones overflew nuclear power plants in November and December 2014...

Sorry, completed action in the past needs the simple past tense.

Your long time reader.

Anonymous said...

when a stock market site prints this...there something afoot!!!

The 'Surreal & Sinister' World In 2015

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