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On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


I do not try to carry vast numbers of stories, many others in the Alternative News Media do that and do it well.  I do try to point out key stories that are important and point to the strategic direction that the Human Race is headed. 
Tim Earl of Stirling  

EU agrees to press ahead with its Russian sanctions policy ~ link ~ Russia played its 'cut off the flow of natural gas to Europe' card and that does not seem to have had an effect.  So now the political whores in the EU are 'doubling down' on the road to WWIII.  Beyond crazy!!!  Stirling 

There will be no let-up in sanctions against Russia despite concerns about the economic consequences, the European Union decides.
EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed not to change the bloc's policy on Russia until Moscow fully implements the September 2014 peace deal reached between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russia forces over the conflict in the country’s east.
“EU foreign ministers agree we must keep sanctions pressure on Russia until it helps deliver peace in Ukraine,” Britain's Philip Hammond said in a tweet after talks in EU’s de facto capital Brussels, adding, “EU must stay the course.”
A new round of clashes recently broke out in eastern Ukraine, which EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called “not encouraging, rather the contrary.”
“The situation on the ground today is much worse than in last weeks,” Mogherini said during a press conference after the talks.

The United States and the EU have imposed severe sanctions on Russia, accusing Moscow of playing a part in Ukraine's crisis. Moscow denies any wrongdoing, saying it is opposed to Kiev’s continued suppression of the ethnic Russian population living in eastern Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister arrives in Iran for military talks ~ link ~ I have a bad feeling about how things are going now.  We seem to be locking ourselves into a Third World War road-map!!!  The Ukraine Coup was tied into the Russian defense of Iran two years ago and its defense of Syria one and a half years ago.   Stirling 

Propaganda and Fear-Mongering Works ~ link ~ Good One, do take a minute to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

When I see the results of polls like the one below, I realize there is no chance the majority will do anything to reverse the course of our nation in terminal decline. It will take a complete collapse and bloody reset before we have a chance at putting this country back on a sustainable rational course.

How the fuck can Americans actually think terrorism should be Obama and Congress’ top priority? Are Americans really that stupid? WTF do they want Obama and Congress to do? Double the DHS budget? Increase electronic surveillance on our communications? Give local police more military hardware? Ban guns? Repeal the 4th Amendment?

Do the ignorant masses know their actual chances of being killed by a terrorist? To say the chances are astronomically miniscule is an understatement. See for yourself:

50 Terabytes! Snowden leak reveals the massive size of the F-35 stealth fighter blueprints hacked by China ~ link ~ The equivalent of FIVE LIBRARIES OF CONGRESS...damn!!!  Stirling  

The hackers are believed by many US officials to be affiliated with the Chinese government. The humiliating 2007 incident saved China “25 years of research and development,” according to a US military official cited by The Washington Post in a 2013 article covering the breach.

Previous media reports said “several terabytes” of data was stolen, but according to the new documents published by the German magazine Der Spiegel last week, the actual amount was far higher, at 50 terabytes –the equivalent of five Libraries of Congress

The data – reportedly used by China to build their own advanced fighter jets – includes detailed engine schematics and radar design.

Europe faces political earthquakes ~ link
It says the rising appeal of populist parties could see some winning elections and mainstream parties forced into previously unthinkable alliances

Europe's "crisis of democracy" is a gap between elites and voters, EIU says.
There is "a gaping hole at the heart of European politics where big ideas should be", it adds.

The United Kingdom - going to the polls in May - is "on the cusp of a potentially prolonged period of political instability", according to the Economist researchers.
Other examples of European elections with potential for unpredictable results cited by EIU include polls in Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany and Ireland.

The End of the World of Finance As We Know It ~ link

The difference between the past 6 years and today is that central banks can and will no longer prop up the illusionary world of finance. And that will cause an earthquake, a tsunami and a meteorite hit all in one. If oil can go down the way it has, and copper too, and iron ore, then so can stocks, and your pensions, and everything else. 

27 Facts that show how the US Middle Class has fared under 6 years of the Obama Administration ~ link ~ link ~ The American Middle Class is TERMINAL!!!  Stirling   
During his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, Barack Obama is going to promise to make life better for middle class families.  Of course he has also promised to do this during all of his other State of the Union addresses, but apparently he still believes that there are people out there that are buying what he is selling.  Each January, he gets up there and tells us how the economy is “turning around” and to believe that much brighter days are right around the corner.  And yet things just continue to get even worse for the middle class. 

The numbers that you are about to see will not be included in Obama’s State of the Union speech.  They don’t fit the “narrative” that Obama is trying to sell to the American people.  But all of these statistics are accurate.  They paint a picture of a middle class that is dying.  Yes, the decline of the U.S. middle class is a phenomenon that has been playing out for decades.  But without a doubt, our troubles have accelerated during the Obama years.  When it comes to economics, he is completely and utterly clueless, and the policies that he has implemented are eating away at the foundations of our economy like a cancer.

The following are 27 facts that show how the middle class has fared under 6 years of Barack Obama…

89 Tips that will help prepare you for the coming Economic Depression - Collapse ~ link

What do we need to do in order to prepare for the coming economic collapse?  Are there practical steps that we can take right now that will help us and our families survive the economic depression that is approaching?  As the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, I get asked these kinds of questions a lot.  Once people become convinced that an economic collapse is coming, they want to know what they should do.  And so in this article I am going to share some key pieces of advice from some of the top experts in the entire country.  If you are not convinced that economic disaster is on the way, this article might not be for you.  Instead, I would encourage you to go to my website where you will find more than 1,200 articles that set out the case for the coming economic collapse in excruciating detail.  For those of you that are interested in getting prepared, I apologize in advance for the outline format of this article.  To examine each of these points in detail would take an entire book.  In fact, I am the co-author of a book that will soon be published that discusses many of these things in great depth.  But you don’t have to wait for a book to get prepared.  Mostly, it comes down to common sense.  In this article, I share 89 common sense tips that will help you get prepared for the coming economic depression.  Hopefully a lot of people will find these to be very helpful.
This first set of tips are 11 things that I strongly encourage my readers to do…

Swiss shocker triggered gigantic losses ~ link
The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe.  Citigroup and Deutsche Bank both say that their losses were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 million dollars, a major hedge fund that had 830 million dollars in assets at the end of December has been forced to shut down, and several major global currency trading firms have announced that they are now insolvent.   And these are just the losses that we know about so far.  It will be many months before the full scope of the financial devastation caused by the Swiss National Bank is fully revealed.  But of course the same thing could be said about the crash in the price of oil that we have witnessed in recent weeks.  These two “black swan events” have set financial dominoes in motion all over the globe.  At this point we can only guess how bad the financial devastation will ultimately be.
But everyone agrees that it will be bad.  For example, one financial expert at Boston University says that he believes the losses caused by the Swiss National Bank decision will be in the billions of dollars…

Richest 1% to own more than all others in the World combined ~ link ~ link ~ Crazy!!!  Stirling  

The wealthiest 1% will soon own more than the rest of the world's population, according to a study by anti-poverty charity Oxfam. The charity's research shows that the share of the world's wealth owned by the richest 1% increased from 44% in 2009 to 48% last year. On current trends, Oxfam says it expects the wealthiest 1% to own more than 50% of the world's wealth by 2016.

Pope Francis: No Catholic need to breed like 'rabbits' ~ link ~ link ~ linkI still say that the 'no artificial birth control' position is BAD THEOLOGY written by a all-male celibate group of theologians!  Stirling  
Good Roman Catholics do not need to breed like "rabbits", the Pope has said, but should practice "responsible" parenting instead.

Pope Francis spoke as he returned from the Philippines, where he met former street children abandoned by parents unable to afford to care for them.
Standing firm against artificial birth control, he said new life was "part of the sacrament of marriage". But he said population experts advised three children per family.

Scientists find microscopic living balloons in Space ~ link ~  

Scientists have discovered a strange and microscopic “living balloon” in the outer levels of the Earth's atmosphere, which they say hints at the existence of alien life.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield and University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology said the spectral-like structure, dubbed “ghost particle”, might have carried microscopic alien organisms, International Business Times reports. 


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New police radars can 'see' inside homes

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

welcome to the new gulag coming a place near you!!!