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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
  ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 




The Rothschilds' Satanic Global Power Play ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full, and save it!!!  Stirling 

None of this surprises me, because, you see, the satanic, Rothschild, global banking faction had already telegraphed their maneuver in advance, with the symbolism on The Economist's cover.
Look at French President, François Hollande, who is standing in the second row of world leaders. Just to his left is a woman with a strange, winged headdress, looking fixedly at him.
Bingo! That is the Rothschilds' calling card, their weird way of telling Hollande that they have plans for France and that he had better watch out.
It is with this subtext that French President Hollande remarked a few days afterward that the so-called "terror" attacks in Paris were carried out by the "Illuminés" (French for the Illuminati).

USA still considering a military option against Russia ~ link ~ If those words don't send a shiver down your spine, nothing will!  Stirling 

But “it must be understood in context,” he added. “Peeling back the layers of doublespeak and hypocrisy, we find that since the coup that the US launched in Ukraine about a year ago, it has been the US that has spearheaded the present military conflict there today.”

“It has been the US that has been funding and supporting the various extremist elements…in Ukraine,” he added.

Trombone playing alligators .... and Bibi Netanyahu's Gig ~ link

Its apologists have just let them get away with a lot of egregious behavior, and then successfully lobbied the Congress to bail out the Jewish state. However, the fact remains that a lot of Israelis are very smart about things other than manipulating public opinion. So, when Bloomberg News breaks this story, that Mossad has broken with the Prime Minister, and has briefed US officials and lawmakers and anybody else who’ll listen that the various Iranian Sanctions Bills are going to derail the nuclear negotiations with Iran — a smart person takes notice.
Now, Israel does not want any reduction in US-Iran tensions. It’s in their interests to keep Iran out of the family of nations. However, the US has other issues besides the things that keep Likud happy. While the Iranians agreeing to stop working toward nuclear weapons would be a good deal, the Israelis do not need one Bush’s Axis of Evil to appear reasonable.
Mossad, on the other hand, like all intelligence agencies, has the responsibility to ignore state-generated BS and look at the actual calculus on the world stage.


The "Civilization of the Neocons" ~ link

Imagine – a bunch of French, CIA and Mossad special forces, one of them or a combination of the three, attack a racist, Moslem-insulting publisher in Paris and a kosher supermarket at another end of town – killing altogether 17 people, notwithstanding the ‘suicide’ of the French police chief in charge of investigating the atrocity.

A million and a half people in Paris take to the streets – about 6 million throughout Europe – all screaming or carrying posters with a maddening, inexplicable “Je Suis Charlie” – depicting an utterly brainwashed mindset, brainwashed for decades with Washington directed mind control.

They do not know, do not want to know, that the Charlie massacre was yet another staged event, another false flag that will eventually give their masters green light to intensify their ‘wars on terror’ around the globe. Terrorists are mostly Muslims; so is their dictum. Before the massacre, the powers that be identified three Muslims as the perpetrators of the crime to come. Soon after the Charlie attack, they sent killer squads to massacre them, before anybody could question them. The fight on terror – don’t leave witnesses behind.
The millions of demonstrators’war cry is literally asking the western armies, led by NATO to turn- and speed up their brutal killing machine in the Middle East – to exterminate the Moslem population.The western public has been told and is constantly being told by the western powers dominated main stream media thatMuslims are at the heart of all evil; when in fact quite the contrary is true. The West under neoliberal leadership (sic) has become a horrifying merciless killing machine.

Obama in India joins PM Modi at the Delhi Republic Day parade ~ link ~ link ~ A very big effort is being made to get India to switch sides and war with the "West" against Russia/China/etc. in the intense military phase of WWIII.  Stirling   

Syrian Kurds drive ISIS out of Kobane ~ link ~  

Kurdish forces have driven Islamic State (IS) militants from Kobane, officials say, ending a four-month battle for the northern Syrian town.

Fighters from the Popular Protection Units (YPG) were said to have entered outlying areas in the east of the town after the jihadists retreated.

Who are the Davos Class ~ link ~ These are high level employees, not the real powers!  Stirling   

Obama Mixtape - video ~ link  

If you want to see just how dramatic the current drop in Sunspot activity has been see this graph ~ link

Snow emergency in USA ~ link ~  

An emergency has been declared in several US states as a storm bringing hurricane-force winds and 90cm (36ins) of snow barrels down on the north-east.

Boston, New York and Philadelphia began shutting down Monday evening as the flurries began, with the worst ahead.

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