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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



Russia's startling proposal to the European Union - Dump the US and Join the Eurasian Economic Union ~ link

Slowly but surely Europe is figuring out that as a result of the western economic and financial blockade of Russian, it is Europe itself that is suffering the most. And while Germany was first to acknowledge this late in 2014 when its economy swooned and is now on the verge of a recession, now others are catching on. Case in point: the former head of the European Commission, and Italy’s former Prime Minister, Romano Prodi who told Messaggero newspaper that the "weaker Russian economy is extremely unprofitable for Italy."...

In other words, just as slowly, the world is starting to grasp the bottom line: it is not the financial exposure to Russia, or the threat of financial contagion should Russia suffer a major recession or worse: it is something far simpler that will lead to the biggest harm for Europe's countries. The lack of trade. Because while central banks can monetize everything, leading to an unprecedented asset bubble which if only for the time being boosts investor and consumer confidence, they can't print trade - that all important driver of growth in a globalized world long before central banks were set to monetize over $1 trillion in bonds each and every year to mask the fact that the world is deep in a global depression. 

$1.1 TRILLION F-35 Stealth Fighter Program - Classic symbol of America's misplaced priorities ~ link ~ The F-35 is the wrong airplane for America and its allies for several reasons.  First, "stealth" is way over-hyped.  As someone who has served as an consultant to several aircraft design bureaus, I can tell you that there are ways to detect "stealthed" aircraft and that stealthing does NOT have to add extreme costs to a project.  Further, the F-35 was designed to fill too many roles: USAF/allied air forces 5th generation air superiority fighter; strike fighter; USN/RN/naval carrier multipurpose fighter; and USMC/RAF/RN Harrier replacement.  Only in the latter (Harrier replacement) role is it a clear winner but at an insane price level.  Its dog fighting ability is crap, something like a Mig-21 (1960s/70s) level capability.  Trying to do all roles with one airframe guarantees that it will do almost all roles at less than optimum performance levels.  The high price reflects a organic level of corruption (military-industrial 'hogs feeding at the trough') NOT reasonable R&D and production costs.  In short, it is one very expensive joke on the taxpayers of America, and many other nations!  At least in the past, the America military-industrial complex was able to produce 'the best' in any field even with high profits and the like.  Now even that seems to have gone by the wayside as the organic levels of corruption in the globalists/Zionist controlled 'West' continue to explode out-of-control!  Stirling    

Approximately 45 cents of every dollar of Government spending goes to the Military and much of it is wasted dollars and misplaced priorities such as the current 1.1 Trillion dollar F 35 Strike Fighter. With the advent of Drones, the future of manned military aircraft is dimmed considerably and a restructuring of America’s priorities is necessary ~ particularly in light of our rapidly fading infrastructure and inadequate social welfare programs. The question still remains, are our super expensive fighter planes and interceptors here to protect the fleet or to provide a intimidating presence of control and dominance in a world that increasingly longs for peace.
 “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” ~ Indian philosopher Sri Chinmoy Ghose.

Six north Caucasus insurgency leaders transfer allegiance to ISIS ~ link ~ Make no mistake about it, this is a ramp up of the current economic and low-level military war against Russia by the globalist and Zionist controlled "West".  Stirling  

As Iran politically rises the Zionists slowly and morally fall ~ link ~ This is one of the many factors driving the very dangerous level of geopolitical/strategic 'red flags' as we head into 2015.  Much is Israel's fault as their attitudes towards non-Jewish peoples and especially 'neighboring' peoples is so terribly racist in the extreme (many believe that unless you are born of a Jewish mother you are not a 'human' simply a soulless two-legged animal placed on this earth to serve the Jews) that it brings hate upon their heads and empowers potential regional competitors such as Iran (ancient Persia). This could be changed but not under leaders like Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his ilk!  Stirling 

“Warmongers are bent on extinguishing all hope. But hope for change for the better is an innate, religious, widespread, and universal concept.” Hassan Rohani

Some Russian companies halt food shipments as the economic war on Russia accelerates ~ link ~ Remember the phrase, "Payback is a bitch"!  Stirling  

[A]s Russia's Vedomosti reports, citing vegetable producer Belaya Dacha, juice maker Sady Pridoniya and others, Russian suppliers are suspending food shipments to stores because of unpredictable FX movements.

The Vedomosti website further notes that food retailers are at the mercy of suppliers because of the dramatic volatility of the country's currency, the ruble, whose worth is tumbling as devaluation continues daily. As such, suppliers simply cannot "plan their activities in the current environment," according to a Google Translate version of the story.

Ten warning signs of a major market CRASH in 2015 ~ link ~ Do take a few seconds to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling   
Stock markets opened lower on the first day of trading of 2015, and the credit markets that forewarned the 2007 crash are showing signs of strain

Derivative Meltdown Has Begun ~ link ~

Judging from the volatility in the USA index today, I strongly believe that we had a derivative meltdown of some sort.  The total USA dollar short position by major players is 9 trillion USA according to the iMF.  The USA dollar has gone from 80 up to 91.5 for a 14.3% loss.  Coupled with this, the players then bought oil plus other commodities and that as well as seen a huge fall.  There is also a huge problem with a potential  Greece exit.  All of these combined could add up to a trillion dollar loss to the major USA banking system (the major banking underwriters).

Oil Derivatives in early 2015 explosion ~ link

Gold and derivatives expert Rob Kirby thinks crashing oil prices are going to lead to a 2008 style financial meltdown.  This is not a maybe–a market explosion is going to happen in 2015.  Kirby contends, “Oh yes, without a doubt, it will.  It must because the income crude oil sales generate are used to pay the interest on the debt. . . . If you have a mortgage payment of $5,000 at the end of the month and you only have $2,500, you have defaulted.  That is the position they are in right now.  We just need to wait for some coupon dates to come and go because these guys won’t have the money.  They don’t have the income.”

Kirby also thinks what is happening with oil prices being cut in half in a matter of months is no accident.  Kirby explains, “I look at what is transpiring in the crude oil market as yet another engineered or financial trickery on the part of the financial elites. . . . What this breakdown in the crude oil price is going to spawn another financial crisis.  It will be tied to the junk debt that has been issued to finance the shale oil plays in North America.  It is reported to be in the area of half a trillion dollars worth of junk debt that is held largely on the books of large financial institutions in the western world.  When these bonds start to fail, they will jeopardize the future of these financial institutions.  I do believe that will be the signal for the Fed to come riding to the rescue with QE4.  I also think QE4 is likely going to be accompanied by bank bail-ins because we all know all western world countries have adopted bail-in legislation in their most recent budgets.  The financial elites are engineering the excuse for their next round of money printing . . .  and they will be confiscating money out of savings accounts and pension accounts.  That’s what I think is coming in the very near future.”

Greece must abide by the EU bailout terms says German Government ~ link ~ It appears that the anti-austerity party Syriza will win the Greek general election this month.  That is causing a LOT of problems for the ruling powers in the EU!!!  Stirling  

The German government expects Greece to uphold the terms of its international bailout agreement, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel has said.

But spokesman Georg Streiter declined to comment on reports that Berlin is now content that the eurozone could withstand Greece's exit from the bloc.

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