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On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


I do not try to carry vast numbers of stories, many others in the Alternative News Media do that and do it well.  I do try to point out key stories that are important and point to the strategic direction that the Human Race is headed. 
Tim Earl of Stirling   

Davos World Economic Form: Porky - Russia has 9,000 troops in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ Porky (Poroshenko) is a full of crap, however, it is possible that the Russians have send in some troops but I doubt it.  If they ever feel that they have to send in regular troops, I suspect that they will do a major invasion and take over all of the Ukraine.  The Russians understand that this is a Globalist/Zionist trap and are continuing to resist it.  When they can no longer resist it, is when WWIII is apt to begin!!!  Stirling  
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia on Wednesday of sending 9,000 troops to back separatist rebels in the east of his country, and the IMF chief said she backed extra financial help for Kiev as the conflict inflicts severe economic damage.
Moscow challenged Poroshenko to present facts to prove his allegations. However, he won support from NATO, which said the amount of heavy military equipment used by Russian troops in eastern Ukraine had increased, and the alliance repeated its call for the forces to withdraw.

Ukraine Junta and Russia agree to a pullback line for heavy arms ~ link ~ The key question is 'how long will this last, if it is even put into place in the first place'? Do keep in mind that all the most senior leaders in the Ukraine Coup Junta are dual national Israelis and Israel specializes in creating False Flag events!!! Stirling   

Diplomats from Russia and Ukraine agreed Wednesday on a dividing line from where both sides should pull back their heavy weapons, just hours after separatist forces deployed more arms and manpower to an emerging flashpoint in eastern Ukraine.

Sec. of State Kerry heads to London for talks to London for talks on combating "jihadists" ~ link

US Secretary of State John Kerry headed for London late Wednesday to co-host talks on the fight against Islamic militants, insisting a 60-plus coalition of nations was determined to win the battle.

He and British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond will meet with a small number of the countries that have joined the US-led coalition since September, aiming to drive the Islamic State (IS) group out of its footholds in Iraq and Syria.

Europe's 9/11, ISIS and Russia ~ link
We are seeing quite a consensus now that the public does not buy for a minute that these Jihadis were not on some Intel agency’s string to pull off another one of their destabilization Jihads.
And by that I mean the kind that have nothing to do with Muslims other than being the puppets.

Heaven only knows there are an army of them out their willing to be recruited and drink the Koolaid. Jihadis are now the cannon fodder of choice for the international gangster crowd, those in and out of government.

America 'helpless' in space without Russia ~ link ~ Our political and economic leaders in America have gone a very long way to destroying us!!!  Stirling   

Russian and US officials have agreed to supply RD-181 Russian rocket engines to the United States. The contract is worth one billion dollars, despite sanctions. In fact, the United States recognized that the American space program was under threat because of their own sanctions against Russia. It just so happens that the USA is helpless in space without Russia.

Russian Rocket and Space Corporation Energia and American Orbital Sciences Corporation signed a contract for the supply of RD-181 engines. In total, Russia will deliver 60 of such engines to the United States.  

Russian officials note that the RD-181 was specifically designed for use on Antares launch vehicles. The use of the engine will make it possible to deliver more payload to the ISS and low orbits. The contract provides for restrictions on the use of RD-181 for military purposes. The amount of the contract includes not only the cost of the engine per se, but also a whole range of services: flight training, installation of the engine on missile and even tests. That is, the contract stipulates for cooperation for at least 15-25 years.

Why are the Earth's volcanoes suddenly oozing so much lava? Iceland's lava field is now 33 square miles ~ link 


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