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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



Netanyahu under scathing fire over uninvited visit to Paris for rally ~ link ~ link ~ More drama and BS.  Stirling   
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has opened the floodgates of criticism by going uninvited to the rally in Paris held in protest at recent killings in the French capital.

Israeli media reported on Monday that France had asked the Israeli premier to stay away from the weekend solidarity march, but Netanyahu ignored the request.
On Sunday, thousands of anti-terrorism protesters gathered for the rally, with world leaders and officials in attendance. The event came after days of deadly attacks, which claimed the lives of 17 people and three gunmen in France.
President Francois Hollande of France had wanted to “focus on solidarity with France, and to avoid anything liable to divert attention to other controversial issues…,” Israeli paper Haaretz reported.
On Saturday evening, Netanyahu’s rivals, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett announced they would travel to Paris.
“When Netanyahu heard they were going, he informed the French he would be attending the march after all,” Haaretz wrote.

When Netanyahu rejected the appeals of the French government, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was swiftly invited, Channel Two television and Israeli newspapers reported.

During the march, Netanyahu was seen elbowing his way to the front of the parade of world leaders. He also waved to the crowd, a gesture some commentators deemed to be at odds with the somber mood. Netanyahu has also been slammed for his call on members of the French Jewish community to immigrate to Israel for safety reasons.
“It was embarrassing, not to say disgraceful, to see Israel’s prime minister yesterday trying to push his way onto a bus that he was not supposed to board, making his way determinedly from the second row (where he was placed) to the row of leaders walking in front (which he took over), behaving in a mourning parade as in an election rally,” wrote the rightwing Maariv newspaper.

Israeli spokeswoman on America and Americans ~ link ~ Reminds me of what Bibi 666 Netanyahu said, when he did not know he was being recorded: 'After we are done using America, I don't care what happens to it.  It can dry up and blow away for all I care.'  What is so shocking, is that America has directly given over three times the amount that it has spend on the entire US Space Program to Israel.  That is a LOT of BILLIONS.  Of course, we have spent TRILLIONS of dollars fighting unnecessary wars so that Israel can dominate the Middle East.  You simply cannot make this stuff up!!!  Stirling 
The Year that US-led Capitalism was exposed as the Root of Global Conflict ~ link ~ Actually, America was simply the replacement for a used-up British Empire as the Enforcement Arm of the Global Banking Cartel.  They are destroying the world for their demonic quest for a New World Order slave/police state!!!  Stirling  
Historians may look back on 2014 as a defining watershed in geopolitical events, the year when the limit of American power was exposed as a waning entity and the contemporary root of global conflict. 

It was the centennial anniversary of the First World War when Great Powers back then were similarly exposed in their attempts to offset inevitable demise through war. In the early 20th Century, Britain in particular was a dying hegemon, beset by rivalries from an emerging Germany and the loss of its Empire. The US was but a vigorous new power back then, which Britain was fortunately able to hitch its ailing condition to. One hundred years later, the US resembles the erstwhile British power, scrambling to maintain its former glory as the world’s foremost power.

Russia has re-emerged as a new power on the world stage, along with China and other members of the BRICS nations. This year saw Russia and China cement strategic trade and energy partnerships that promise, through legitimate means, to deal a death blow to the decrepit American dollar as the world’s reserve currency – probably the last remaining lynchpin in the Washington’s claim to global power, apart from its over-extended military prowess.

Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick - JFK TO 9/11 - video ~ link ~ This is a long video that is well worth the time.  However, notice what is unsaid and left out: The role of the Rothschild-led Global Banking Cartel is WAY underrepresented and the role of Meyer Lansky in the JFK Assassination is totally left out as is the role of Israel and its determination to prevent Kennedy from stopping the Israeli nuclear weapons program!!! Nevertheless, this is a good in depth video!  Stirling   

The Michael Brown Scam ~ link ~ Do take a minute to watch the video!  Stirling   
The scam has gone on long enough.  Black on black crime in the US is the problem, not police racism, which, though real, is far from what it is presented as. 
Yes, police departments are corrupt, certainly they victimize veterans.  

Yet, most Americans know the police, don’t like all of them, hate some of them but know the majority are people doing the best they can of a job no rational person would ever want.

The Michael Brown story is something else, clearly a plot on behalf of a controlled media to exploit racial divides and trash the US.  This isn’t done “for nothing.”  It never is.

Paris False Flag Aftermath: France to deploy 10,000 troops within France to "protect" the nation ~ link ~ So now the French people will have troops on their streets "protecting" them!!!  That is a major step to all out fascism!!!  The Rothschilds love to use the Hegelian Dialectic to control the sheeple!!!   Stirling  
France is mobilising 10,000 troops to boost security after last week's deadly attacks, and will send thousands of police to protect Jewish schools.

Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said troops would be in place from Tuesday evening in sensitive areas. It is the first time troops have been deployed within France on such a scale. 


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New Twist: Charlie Hebdo Police Investigator Turns Up Dead, ‘Suicided’

A police commissioner from Limoges, France, Helric Fredou, aged 45 (photo, below), turned up dead from a gun shot to the head on Thursday amid the Charlie Hebdo affair. A high-ranking official within the French law enforcement command-and-control structure, Fredou was also a former deputy director of the regional police service.

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