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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
  ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 

Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.    

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



US Politicians take advantage of Paris Terror Attack to call for more NSA spying ~ link ~ Last night I watched two videos on North Korea.  There the people are so brainwashed and so scared that they treat their evil corrupt political leaders as gods and rush to show their total obedience to their control monsters. The totally corrupt bought-and-paid for scared/blackmailed political class in America is beginning to remind me of the pathetic slaves in North Korea.  Stirling   
Mikhail Gorbachev warns of a major nuclear war in Europe over the Ukraine ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ and this ~ linkHe joins a growing list of retired but very senior people who are giving the same warning!!!  Stirling   

Two months ago we reported that former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that tensions between Russia and the West over the Ukraine crisis have put the world "on the brink of a new Cold War." That warning has now escalated as the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner told Der Spiegel news magazine, according to excerpts released on Friday, that tensions between Russia and European powers over the Ukraine crisis could result in a major conflict or even nuclear war, adding that "a war of this kind would unavoidably lead to a nuclear war."

The Three World Wars of Albert Pike ~ link ~ We are now approaching the intense military phrase of the planned third war.  Stirling   
The Paris Jihad - Ready or Not - Has begun and is going to widen ~ link ~ Actually, the Paris Terror Attack was NOT a Muslim created event, but one created by the usual suspects, the Global Banking Cartel and the Netanyahu Zionists who are actively working to create the conditions for the Third World War between the Christians and the Muslims (per the above Letter from the evil Albert Pike).  It is likely that we will now see a significant number of similar False Flag Operations elsewhere in Europe and around the world ... All blamed on ISIS/a-Qaeda ... but really undertaken by the Mossad, CIA and other Globalists/Zionist controlled intelligence agencies ... designed to take the entire world into WWIII, a human life extinction event!!! The tie-ins to Satanism are NOT coincidental; this is a Luciferian operation from the get-go!!!    Stirling   
European leaders due in Paris for Sunday 'Unity March' ~ link ~ also see ~ linkThe drama/PsyOp continues!  Stirling  

Huge rally held in Germany's Dresden against Islamophobia ~ link ~ link ~ Many Germans remember how World War I and World War II tore the hell out of Europe and want to avoid a repeat of same.  Notice how the Paris False Flag Event and other things are driving a strong split between Christians and in the evil Albert Pike's letter, of a hundred some years ago, outlining the coming three world wars!!!  The letting into most European nations, of large numbers of poor and relatively uneducated Arab Muslims is something that the people did NOT want but the bought-and-paid-for political classes insisted upon.  This was part of the set-up for what is now developing!!!   Stirling   
Tens of thousands of people have marched in Germany to protest against Islamophobia in the country.
More than 35,000 people attended a Saturday rally in the eastern city of Dresden to call for more tolerance and to protest hatred and racism emerging in the German society.

The marchers outnumbered the 18,000 people who had gathered in the city on Monday in an anti-Islamic rally organized by an extremist group called, PEGIDA. The group claims to be countering what it calls the Islamization of the West.

Hezbollah leader on Charlie Hebdo Attack: 'Extremists more offensive to Islam than cartoons'  ~ link ~ I am not a supporter of the Islamic faith, but I can smell a False Flag Rat a mile away, and the Paris Terrorist Attack was clearly a Mossad False Flag Operation.   Stirling 

Paris False Flag Attack designed to shore up France's vassal status ~ link
A former White House official says the terrorist attack that killed 12 people on Wednesday in Paris was a false flag operation “designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, made the remarks in an article published on Thursday.“The suspects can be both guilty and patsies. Just remember all the terrorist plots created by the FBI that served to make the terrorism threat real to Americans,” he wrote.

Dr. Roberts said now the US agencies have planned false flag operations in Europe to create hatred against Muslims and bring European countries under Washington’s sphere of influence. 

Link between Charlie Hebdo gunman and 'underwear bomber' ~ link ~ The underwear bomber was also a False Flag scam!!!  Linking the 'Easter Bunny' to 'Santa Clause' does NOT make either one more real!  Stirling   

Ron Paul: "Reality is now setting in for America ... It was all based on lies and ignorance" ~ link

If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. If we do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took many years of neglect for our liberties to be given away so casually for a promise of security from the politicians. The tragic part is that the more security was promised — physical and economic — the less liberty was protected.

Vicious winter storm leaves thousands of Scottish homes without power ~ link
Some 100,000 homes suffered the power outage for several hours on Saturday, but Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) said later in the day that it restored power to 73,000 homes.

“Our electricity network was battered continuously by hurricane winds for eight hours on Thursday night and during much of Friday,” said Alan Broadbent, director of engineering at SHEPD. “This has weakened it in places, which caused more power cuts overnight.”

Stunning winter storm pictures of Michigan's St. Joseph Lighthouse ~ link ~ WOW 
Space X launches cargo shit - Rocket recovery test ends in failure ~ link ~ This is promising technology, but like all high tech undertakings, it usually requires some tweaking.  Stirling   
The company CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the booster hit the platform hard.
"Close, but no cigar," he added. "Bodes well for the future tho'. Ship itself is fine. Some of the support equipment on the deck will need to be replaced." And he continued: "Didn't get good landing/impact video. Pitch dark and foggy. Will piece it together from telemetry and... actual pieces."

25 Uncommon dog breeds - with photos ~ link  ~ Some really interesting looking dogs.  Stirling  

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