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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.
Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



USA levels new sanctions on the Crimea and on Putin supporters ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

The Treasury Department added 24 individuals and entities to a list that bars travel and bans financial contacts with U.S.-connected people and businesses. The new sanctions show the U.S. is ready to put further pressure on Russia, even after a collapse in the value of the ruble earlier this week.

The U.S. also is imposing, for the first time, a broad ban on doing business in the breakaway Crimea region. The move shows Washington is digging in for a prolonged standoff over the status of the region and seeking to make it an investment pariah. 

Russia calls the new sanctions on the Crimea "collective punishment" ~ link ~ The evil Globalists and Zionists (all of the most senior leaders of the Coup Junta have dual Israeli-Ukrainian citizenship) organized the coup against the elected Ukrainian Government because Russia had stopped a threatened US/Israeli attack on Iran two years ago and stopped a US/UK/Israeli attack on Syria one and a half years ago.  Their message to Russia is clear: Either become yet another vassal state or we will attack your interests and force you into WWIII.  Stirling    

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday new Western sanctions against Ukraine's Crimea region were a "collective punishment" on residents who voted last March to join Russia, adding it was preparing to retaliate.

Both the European Union and United States adopted tighter restrictions on investments in Crimea this week, targeting individuals, Russian Black Sea oil and gas exploration and tourism.

The March referendum, which Ukraine and Western countries rejected as illegal, resulted in a 97 percent vote in favour of joining Crimea to the Russian Federation. President Vladimir Putin signed a decree the following day to annex the peninsula.

WWIII Countdown: China moves against the US Dollar - video ~ link 

American taxpayers could be on the hook for TRILLIONS in oil derivatives ~ link

The sudden dramatic collapse in the price of oil appears to be an act of geopolitical warfare against Russia. The result could be trillions of dollars in oil derivative losses; and the FDIC could be liable, following repeal of key portions of the Dodd-Frank Act last weekend. 
Senator Elizabeth Warren charged Citigroup last week with “holding government funding hostage to ram through its government bailout provision.” At issue was a section in the omnibus budget bill repealing the Lincoln Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act, which protected depositor funds by requiring the largest banks to push out a portion of their derivatives business into non-FDIC-insured subsidiaries.

Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dept. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Russia to Unleash the Ultimate 'Black Swan' Against the West ~ link

“Suppose the Russian government says, ‘Well, since the attack on the ruble is political and you guys are attacking the ruble and causing us so much trouble, we are just not going to pay off the next traunch of our debt that comes due early in 2015.' 
Well, the European banking system would collapse because those banks are terribly undercapitalized.  Some of them have loans to Russia that almost absorb the entire capital base.  So the Russians don’t even have to default.  They can just say, ‘We’re not going to pay this year.  We will do it later.  We’ll do it when the ruble stabilizes.’ (Laughter).

UN: Over 1.7 million children affected by the Ukrainian War ~ link ~ If you can't see the evil demonic side to what the Globalists and Zionists are doing, you need to open your eyes to reality!!!  Stirling  

US elite has gone far beyond Hitler's impudence and cruelty ~ link ~ I am not sure that this is true, but they are 'working on it'!  Stirling    

World's first GM human babies born ~ link ~ Our level of knowledge is far too limited to be doing stuff like this.  It remindes me of the short cartoon video, The Soccer's Apprentice, where the apprentice gets the soccer's book of spells and turns the mop and bucket into self mopping things (complete with arms and legs), and of course it gets out of control and he floods the soccer's lab and the soccer has to put a stop to it.  This is reflective of some damn fools with Ph.D.s who want to play God but lack the detailed knowledge required to even get to stage one!  Stirling     
The world's first geneticallymodified humans have been created, it was revealed last night. 

The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics. So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found to contain genes from three 'parents'. 

Mad Science: Genetically Modified micro-humans to be farm raised for drug testing by 2017 ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link
Developers of artificial micro-humans, or ‘mini GM humans,’ are hoping to release their technology on the market by 2017.
No this isn’t a sci-fi joke. Scientists are developing artificial humans in the same vein as GM plants with the hope that these creations will replace the need for using animals in laboratory testing.
Artificial humans will be ‘farmed’ with interacting organs that can be used in drug tests, speeding up the process of FDA and other government regulatory approvals, and supposedly without damaging rats or other animals currently used in laboratories. The GM humans will contain smartphone-sized microchips that will be programmed to replicate up to 10 major human organs.

Each GM human will be tiny – roughly the size of a microchip itself, simulating the response of humans to substances inhaled, absorbed in the blood, or exposed to in the intestinal tract.

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