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Holy Shroud of Turin

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


Russia in Stern Warning to USA against fresh economic sanctions - Vows to Strike Back over US arms to the Ukraine ~ link ~ The worthless political whores that we call the US Congress has finally pushed the Russian Bear too far.  The Globalists and Zionists are calling all the shots now, and they are so nuts, so irrational, that they clearly are NOT operating from a human prospective!!!  Stirling     

Russia has vowed it will not take lightly the fresh economic sanctions the U.S. Congress had unanimously approved on Saturday against it. The Ukraine Support Act of 2014, still up for President Barack Obama's signature, apart from economic sanctions, had also approved extending lethal assistance to Ukraine's military, in what could be taken as a trigger button for Russia to unleash full military war against the U.S. The U.S. had just unleashed a "powerful bomb" that will merit a counter reply.

Russian Ruble falls to a new low against US Dollar ~ link

As of Monday afternoon, it takes more than 60 roubles to buy a single dollar. The 60 mark is considered a "psychological barrier" for Russia's national currency, says the BBC's Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg. Since the start of the year, the rouble has lost more than 45% of its value against the dollar. 
The Government Controlled Propaganda Machine ~ link
  Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what’s called the mainstream media is not information, but power?

These are urgent questions. The world is facing the prospect of major war, perhaps nuclear war – with the United States clearly determined to isolate and provoke Russia and eventually China. This truth is being turned upside down and inside out by journalists, including those who promoted the lies that led to the bloodbath in Iraq in 2003

Australian commandos end Sydney siege ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This strikes me as one more "the big bad Muslims are coming to get you" BS/False Flag event, using some manipulated sick jerk.  The Australian PM Abbot will be able to point to politically motivated killings as justification for his fascist programs.  I notice that the police let this go on till several people were killed and the event got global publicity.   Stirling   


Nationwide Anti-Austerity Strike across Belgium causes transport and business chaos ~ link ~ link ~ The spread of anti-austerity fascism protests and strikes has now spread from southern and eastern Europe to the industrial northern Europe.  It appears that Europeans are increasingly frustrated and angry at the Rothschild austerity scam!  Stirling  

Spain could become a nightmare police state as early as February ~ link

Spain introduces one of the worst restrictions on civil liberties that Europe has experienced
On Thursday, 11 December 2014, the Spanish congress approved a devastating new law that limits many civil rights in the country. The “law on protection of public safety” (Ley Orgánica de protección de la seguridad ciudadana) has been dubbed the  ‘Gag Law’ (#LeyMordaza), as it focuses mostly on limiting the civil rights of protestors. has listed some of the most restrictive measures of the law. It includes fines for photographing police, the blacklisting of protestors and outlawing the gathering in front of the building of the very congress that passed the law.


The US National Security State as a Criminal Enterprise ~ link ~ What is so amazing is that the controlled MSM trouts Jeb Bush as a likely front runner for President, him and Hillary Clinton.  Sad, so very sad. And so sad that the America people continue to put up with the worst criminal scum occupying they government!!!  Stirling   

Gorbachev: 'America needs a Perestroika' ~ link ~ We need a whole series of criminal trials for all the crimes that the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists have pulled over the last few decades.  Trials, convictions, and public executions and long prison sentences!!!  Stirling    

Gorbachev stressed the need for political and economic reforms in the US, saying “they need a Perestroika” (translated from Russian as “restructuring”), referring to the political movement carried out during his rule in the 1980s. “They can call it any name they want, the American way,” he said, adding that Americans do not want a war. But it is not easy for them, with the society that they have.”

The US uses tensions and instability to intervene into a conflict, then creates an enemy to enable their “policy of pressure” and shift responsibility, he said. “Whenever tensions are high, whenever there’s instability in a certain country or throughout the region, it’s an opportunity for [the US] to intervene,” said Gorbachev. 

US taxpayers are now alone in financing the Ukraine Coup Junta's ethnic cleansing campaign ~ link ~ Using much needed American tax dollars to do such evil is NUTS!!!  Stirling   

Russia may build a new all-Russian Space Station ~ link ~ Why not?  America has not had the capability to send anyone into space, or to the current ISS, for years.  We have relied totally on Russian launch systems.  They are still building the future while America throws its resources away on war after war for the Global Banking Cartel and the tiny state of Israel.  Stirling   

Russia is considering the creation of a national space station, the head of the Roscosmos space agency confirmed. Earlier a senior Russian official said the country may pull out of the International Space Station project.

The possibility of Russia creating of an independently-operated space outpost was confirmed Monday by Oleg Ostapenko.“There is this option. We are making calculations at the moment,” Ostapenko said when asked about the possible project. He added that a national space station would be “a step forward” for Russia and may serve “a number of different purposes,” for instance as a transfer point for the Russian lunar exploration program. 

Monaco celebrates the birth of twins to the ruling Prince Albert and Princess Charlene ~ link

Monaco has declared a public holiday on January 7th to celebrate the birth of twin heirs, Prince Jacques Honore Rainier and Princess Gabriella Therese Marie.

The babies, who were born last Wednesday by caesarean section, will also make their public debut - from the balcony of the Palais Princier in their parents' arms.

China's great Green Wall of 100 billion trees designed to hold back the spreading Gobi Desert ~ link ~

For several decades they have been planting a ‘great wall of trees’ to block the impacts from the Gobi Desert - and a study says the measures are working, despite previous criticism.

The Three-North Shelter Forest Programme, more commonly known as the Great Green Wall (GGW), is a series of huge forest strips designed to hold back the expansion of the Gobi Desert.


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Up to 15,000 people have marched against “asylum cheats” in anti-Islamization rally in Dresden, Germany. The group’s protests are attracting bigger crowds every week since its first rally in October, which gathered just a few hundred people....

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