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Jerusalem: Terror Attack & The Third Intifada
Jerusalem terror attack ~ link ~ Events in Jerusalem seem to be morphing into a religious based war as Muslim fears over Israeli intentions for the Temple Mount, rise.  This is real End Times stuff!!!  Stirling   

Two Palestinians armed with knives, an axe and a pistol attacked worshippers during morning prayers in a Jerusalem synagogue today, killing four people as the ongoing conflict appeared to be morphing into religious warfare.
A prime cause of the violence is the Palestinian perception that Israel is threatening Islam’s third-holiest shrine, al-Aqsa mosque, despite statements by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that no changes are planned at the site, which is also Judaism’s holiest spot, the Temple Mount.
Netanyahu vows 'Battle for Jerusalem' ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu never misses an opportunity to stir up a war!!!  Stirling   
Two Palestinians killed four rabbis in West Jerusalem before being shot dead. A policeman later died of his wounds.
Mr Netanyahu vowed to "settle the score with every terrorist" saying that those "who want to uproot us from our state and capital... will not succeed".

Jerusalem has seen weeks of unrest, partly fuelled by tension over a disputed holy site.

Terrorists kill 5 in Jerusalem synagogue attack ~ link
Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun killed five people in a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday before being shot dead by police, the deadliest such incident in six years in the holy city.
Three of the victims held dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and a fourth man was a British-Israeli national, police said.

A police officer who responded to the scene was shot and later died of his wounds.

Jerusalem: 5 Killed in attack on synagogue ~ link

Two Palestinian men armed with axes, knives and a gun killed five people in a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday before being shot dead by police, Israeli police and emergency services said. 
The attack, the deadliest in Jerusalem in six years, will increase fears of sustained violence in the city, already on edge amid soaring tensions over a contested holy site. 

Jerusalem terror attack ~ link ~ link ~ This event is another step towards World War III.  Who benefits???  Stirling 

A worshipper in the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue in an ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood of Jewish West Jerusalem said about 25 people were praying in a service when shooting broke out.

"I looked up and saw someone shooting people at point-blank range. Then someone came in with what looked like a butcher's knife and he went wild," Yosef Posternak told Israel Radio.

Murder of rabbis push a divided city to the edge ~ link
In a city already deeply riven with sectarian tensions, the brutal slaughter of four rabbis in an ultra-Orthodox synagogue has pushed Jerusalem to the edge of what many fear could escalate into another Palestinian uprising. An Israeli police officer also died. 
Clashes following Jerusalem synagogue terror attack ~ link ~ I have been warning of the really grave dangers from the Israeli crack down on the Temple Mount.  Now events are spiraling downwards in the most dangerous bit of real estate on Earth.  A holy place that is so dangerous that it makes the inner-Korean border zone look like a kindergarten play ground!!!  Yet, Netanyahu has chosen to use it to cause and stir up trouble!!!  Stirling  
Baronness Warsi, who left the UK's Conservative party over the summer amidst growing dissatisfaction with party policy on Israel, has compared the attack in Jerusalem today to last month's raid of the al-Aqsa mosque by armed Israeli servicemen.
Groundwork laid for Third Intifada ~ link ~ The Globalists and nutty Netanyahu Zionists seek a General Middle East War which will become World War III.  Stirling  

Iran says the Israeli regime, through its impudent actions, has caused the groundwork for the Third Palestinian Intifada (uprising) to be laid.
The Zionist regime [of Israel]’s impudent actions of continuing settlement construction in Palestinian lands and Judaization of the al-Aqsa Mosque have caused the groundwork for the third Intifada to be laid,” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on Tuesday.
“What is going on in this region is the reaction of the people of Palestine to the Zionist regime’s daily encroachments,” he noted.

A total of 6,200 Palestinians died during the First Intifada between 1987 and 1993 and the second one in 2000s, both fiercely confronted by Israel.

Over the past decades, Israel has tried to change the demographic makeup of al-Quds by constructing illegal settlements, destroying historical sites and expelling the local Palestinian population.

The al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mound] compound has been the scene of clashes between Palestinian worshippers and Israeli settlers and troops.

The clashes erupted last month after Tel Aviv closed all gates to the compound to Palestinian men under the age of 50, following an attempt on the life of Israeli right-wing activist Yehuda Glick.


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