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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


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Ukraine Junta to launch huge offensive in the east supported by NATO says German analyst  ~ link ~ This will be tied to a US/Israel/UK/Australian/NATO offensive "against ISIS" and the Syrian Government, which will cause a truly horrific General Middle East War involving Iran and just about all nations in the Mideast and NATO and Russia and China.  This war in turn will almost certainly 'go nuclear' and 'go biological' and begin all-out World War III.  Stirling  
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is refreshing forces in the east in an attempt to launch a new attack on pro-Russians in the region, says an analyst. “This development is not surprising at all,” said Manuel Ochsenreiter, Berlin-based editor-in-chief of Zuerst, in an interview with Press TV on Friday. “It is well known that Petro Poroshenko was ordering new troops. He was refreshing the troops in the east of Ukraine at the ceasefire line and of course you regroup your troops to launch a new attack,” he added.
Kiev and pro-Russia forces inked a truce agreement proposed by Moscow in the Belarusian capital city of Minsk on September 5, in a move to put an end to heavy clashes in eastern Ukraine. Fighting, however, continues in these regions despite the ceasefire deal.

Locals in Lugansk say there “never was a real ceasefire,” Ochsenreiter stated, adding that according to the self-defense forces in that region, “there was always fighting of much lower intensity than before the truce.”

Ochsenreiter also stated that the government in Kiev has a very clear agenda, which is to regain control of all the lost regions, even Crimea, which is only possible by “fierce” violence.

He concluded by saying that sooner or later Poroshenko will launch a “huge offensive” and this offensive will be covered by the West, namely the European Union and the United States.

Ukraine: Tanks cross border from Russia ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ In light of the renewed fighting and the massive buildup of military forces by the Globalist/Zionist Ukraine Coup Junta, the Russians have sent about 50 older T-64 tanks to the border.  Now the Junta says they have sent most across the border.  This is likely true as the war is about to not only resume but get much worse this time around.  Stirling  
A column of 32 tanks and 30 trucks has crossed into eastern Ukraine from Russia, the Ukrainian government says.
Heavy artillery fire was reported in Donetsk city on Friday, according to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
Chomsky: US and its NATO intervention force may spark NUCLEAR WAR ~ link ~ After the Second World War, the United States and to a lesser extent NATO, became the principle enforcement arm for the Rothschild gangster bankster empire, replacing the old British Empire in this role!  Stirling  
How dangerous is the current confrontation between Russia and the West? Noam Chomsky believes that NATO expansion and US quest for hegemony has put the world in a situation so unstable where any accidental interaction could result in a nuclear war.
The “new NATO” that emerged after the Soviet Union collapsed is basically a US-run intervention force, with a completely different mission as compared to the original, Chomsky tells RT’s Sophie&Co.
World ominously close to Nuclear War ~ link ~ The sheeple had better wake up fast, or they will be consumed by totally demonic weapons-of-mass destruction in WWIII.  Stirling   
Republican war hawks already have a War Plan for ISIS/Syria, the Ukraine and Obama ~ link ~ You didn't really think that things were going to get better after the election, did you?!!  Stirling  
In an interview Wednesday, Sen. John McCain, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he has already discussed a new national-security agenda with fellow Republicans Bob Corker and Richard Burr, the likely incoming chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

“Burr and Corker and I will be working closely together on everything,” McCain said. “For example, arms for Ukraine’s [government], examination of our strategy in the Middle East, our assets with regard to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin in the region, China’s continued encroachment in the South China Sea.”
Explosions as Palestine erupts in a 'Day of Rage' against Israeli Temple Mount restrictions ~ link
Clashes broke out after Palestinian protesters took to the streets in a “Day of Rage” against Israel on Friday, after Israel imposed entry restrictions on the Al-Aqsa mosque – the third holiest site in Islam, and the holiest place in Judaism.

Demonstrators shouted anti-Israel slogans and hurled stones, while explosions in the vicinity of the protests were audible. Israeli forces fired rubber bullets at the protesters, who had been throwing petrol bombs, according to Reuters. Protests were also met with tear gas. 

Trouble has been brewing for two weeks over the area which is known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount. 

China and Japan smooth things out over East China Sea island row ~ link ~ Did China and Japan just agree that there is to be no China/Japan War Theater to the coming WWIII??? Stirling  
All 16 US intelligence agencies warn of World War III coming soon - video ~ linkIt is NOT an accident that we got here.  The economy and political/military/strategic environment has been directed to a place where we will see a new global war begin, just as it was before WWI and WWII, by the Global Banking Cartel.  Stirling  
America will soon have more waiters and bartenders than manufacturing workers ~ link ~ All by design from those wonderful folks at the Global Banking Cartel.  Stirling  
Red Death: Obama Administration pressured news media NOT to report suspected Ebola cases ~ link ~ The reality is, we have many many suspected cases and people under 'watch' in just about every state of the union.  Just not being reported on by the MSM.  Stirling   
At the urging of the Obama Administration, the Associated Press and other news outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed. 
The administration and liberal activists were upset with coverage in the run-up to the midterm elections. 
Red Death: 357 People now being monitored for Ebola in New York City alone ~ link
The number of people who are being actively monitored for Ebola in New York has tripled to 357 people, none of whom has displayed any symptoms, city health officials announced Wednesday.
Red Death: 'Soft' Ebola Quarantine placing America at risk? ~ link
In response to my last article titled ‘Will The Real Ebola Patient Please Stand Up’, I received an inquiry from a reporter who works for a large newspaper in Oregon. In the inquiry, the question that was essentially posed to me was ‘how do I define the word quarantine’. Basically, the reporter wanted to mince words about how I used that word in my article, and in passing also mentioned that there are (as of Nov. 4th) 5 people who are under Ebola watch pursuant to a self-monitoring quarantine protocol. What is concerning is that this brand new protocol is being lauded as ‘successful and working’, only because a few cases (the woman in Oregon from Liberia, the nurses in Texas and the doctor in New York) reported a fever and were subsequently hospitalized.

From my chair it’s a bit premature to characterize that a newly adapted protocol, with essentially just a few data points, as being ‘successful’ and ‘working’. What happens when someone has a faulty thermometer and doesn’t realize that they have a fever, and then continue to mix with the general public while symptomatic (the period when the CDC says people are most contagious)? Or what happens if someone is mentally unbalanced and doesn’t report a fever, or if the onset of the disease is so fast and severe, the individual develops symptoms while in a public location (Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc.), and so on; there are a dozen more possibilities along these lines that could lead to a failure in the protocol.
The Bizarre Electromagnetic After Effects of Near-Death Experiences ~ link ~  

The conversation about near-death experiences (NDE’s) is typically centered around questions about the afterlife and what happens to consciousness should you follow the iconic tunnel of light. Skeptics, of course, look at the various scientific angles, debating whether or not the patient was truly dead, or the research was legitimate, and so on.

Less frequently discussed, however, is what happens to people after a near-death experience, and what changes occur in their psychological and physiological makeup. There are thousands of recorded examples of NDE’s that offer testimony to the possibility of life after death, but what about life after near-death?

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