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MSM Censored: Bodies of 286 young women found in Donetsk ~ link ~ This is a horrific War Crime and the Globalist/Zionist mainstream news media is NOT reporting it.  Of course, the entire Ukrainian coup and war was always a Globalist/Zionist operation.  It is now clear that almost 700 women, aged 18 to 25, were kidnapped, raped and at least 286 were slaughtered, with 400 still missing!!!  This is very typical of the strongly demonic Globalists and Netanyahu Zionists!!!  All you who live in NATO nations: You tax dollars are helping to support this, as are the political whores who sit in your national governments.  Shame on us for allowing this great evil and war crimes to be done in our names.  Stirling   
The bodies of 286 women have recently been discovered in the eastern Ukrainian city of Krasnoarmeisk while almost 400 women between the ages of 18 and 25 are still listed as missing, Alexander Zakharchenko, prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said Friday, according to RIA Novosti.

“Around 400 women between the ages of 18 and 25 have gone missing in Krasnoarmeisk where [Ukrainian forces] Dnepr-1 was based. The bodies of 286 women around Krasnoarmeisk who had been raped have been discovered,” Zakharchenko said at a meeting with students from Donetsk National Technical University.

Ukraine mess deepens after elections in the east  ~ link ~ For the Globalists and Zionists who control the Ukraine Coup Junta, they never intend to allow real freedom.  They are there to destroy the Ukraine and its people!!!  Stirling    

A strange story about ISIS ~ link ~ The American public continues to allow demonic psychopaths to engage in war and all types of horrors with money that should be making America and the world a better place.  Instead it goes into the rat holes of the Illuminati trash.  Stirling    

The divergent reporting on ISIS/ISIL itself is telling. Controlled media, as is now always the case, ignored the obvious questions, instead seemingly tasked with maintaining an endless drone of Iranian nuclear plots while the world burns down around them.

The axis — Tel Aviv, Qatar, Ankara and Riyadh, and, we must include the banks of Zurich and London and the back rooms of Washington as well — is this why ISIS/ISIL is so secretive?

Putin to the Western Elites: World War III Is Inevitable ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link!  Stirling 

Russia Conducts Full Nuclear Triad Drill ~ link ~ Russia is getting ready for the Third World War ... shouldn't you?  Stirling   

While east Ukraine, aka the Donetsk Republic, was voting over the weekend in what the west pre-emptively classified as another sham vote as its outcome would merely push east Ukraine even closer to the Kremlin, Russia was busy conducting its most comprehensive Nuclear preparedness drill in recent history, one involving the entire "nuclear triad" consisting of strategic bombers; submarines and an the ICBM shown above on Saturday morning.  

Here are the complex Russian military aircraft 'incursions' that NATO is so concerned about ~ link ~ These are a bit of probing and a bit of warning.  Since the Globalists are so damn determined to get almost all of us killed in WWIII, we should pay attention to this!  Stirling   

Europe has 421 million fewer birds than it did 30 years ago! ~ link ~ Mankind is destroying this beautiful planet that God created for us!  Stirling  
The population crash is related to modern farming methods and the loss and damage of habitats, according to the study published in science journal Ecology Letters.

“This is a warning from birds throughout Europe. It is clear that the way we are managing the environment is unsustainable for many of our most familiar species,” said Richard Gregory of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which co-led the study.

Red Death: CDC purchasing 1.4 million surgical gowns as Ebola concerns grow ~ link ~  

The Centers For Disease Control is set to purchase over 1.4 million surgical gowns in response to concerns about the spread of Ebola, as experts predict the United States could see over one hundred cases by the end of the year.

A notice posted on FedBizOpps reveals that the federal agency is preparing to spend big on personal protective equipment (PPE) to try and deal with an outbreak that scientists have warned could “explode” by mid-December unless urgent action is taken.

Red Death: France takes in an infected UN employee for treatment near Paris ~ link

France's government announced late Saturday that the patient, who was infected in Sierra Leone, was evacuated in a special flight and is undergoing treatment in 'high-security isolation' at Begin Army Training Hospital in Saint-Mande.


Lost First Air Force One saved from scrap along with Ike's prophetic warning ~ link
The resurrection of Eisenhower’s lost Columbine Two is somewhat parallel to his almost forgotten presidential farewell speech of 1961 where he prophetically warned of the dangers of an out of control Military-Industrial complex which he helped create and we are now directly experiencing 53 years later:
Kellogg's cereals contain a double dose of GMO pesticides and antibiotics ~ link
A consumer recently sent a box of Froot Loops to a lab for genetic testing and found that the corn and soy used in the cereal are 100% RoundUp Ready GMO. So is the sugar. Never mind the other toxic ingredients in the cereal. This means that in one box of Kellogg’s cereal (and likely all their cereals contain similar GMO products), you are dining on a double dose of glyphosate and Bt toxins – glyphosate being patented as an ‘antibiotic’ by Monsanto in 2011.

Kellogg’s has been making cereal since 1898, but I seriously doubt its founders ever thought it would be poisoning the world at breakfast every morning.

Syngenta's GMO corn banded by major high-fructose corn syrup manufacture ~ link

A major U.S. manufacturer of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has announced that it will not purchase a new strain of genetically modified (GM) corn from biotech company Syngenta.

The company, Illinois-based Ingredion Inc., did not state its reasons for rejecting GM corn of the Agrisure Duracade variety, but numerous other global commodity traders have already rejected that corn and another Syngenta variety because it is not approved for import in China or the European Union.

China stealth fighter - photos ~ link 

Chinese weapons on display at Zhuhai 2014 Airshow - photos ~ link  

Samsung 'Smart TV' records personal conversations and sends them to third parties ~ link ~ Brave New World/1984 and all that type of trash is now becoming a reality in this demonic Globalist controlled upside down world!!!  Stirling  

HAARP Weather Warfare Weapon causing the massive California Drought ~ link

Here’s a look at several events on the West Coast radar that definitely beg the question of whether or not we are all living in a James Bond movie where the weather is no longer a natural occurrence — and the California drought is an engineered disaster

Virgin Galactic crash: It appears that the Descent System deployed early ~ link ~ The rocket and the fuel tank were intact.  Which means that the articles in the UK about the propulsion system being at fault were wrong!  It appears that the MSM reporters are 'not rocket scientists' and that they jumped to conclusions about the cause.  Stirling    

Burkina Faso Army told to hand over power ~ link ~ link

The African Union (AU) has given Burkina Faso's military a two-week deadline to hand power to a civilian ruler or face sanctions.

Burkina Faso military leader will turn over power ~ link

Burkina Faso's army will quickly cede power to a transitional government and appoint a new head of state, the country's interim President Isaac Zida said on Monday, looking to calm accusations that the military had seized power in a coup.

Longtime president Blaise Compaore stepped down on Friday following two days of mass protests in the impoverished West African nation over his bid to extend his 27-year rule by amending the constitution.


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