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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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On the Road to the Third World War.
Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 



US Defense Secretary forced out  ~ link ~ link ~ link
Chuck Hagel has resigned as US defence secretary after less than two years in the top military post.

Last month, it was reported that he was sharply critical of the US strategy against Islamic State and in relation to the Syria regime. He will stay on as secretary until his successor is confirmed. 

Ukraine Coup Junta planning to join NATO in spite of Russia's clear warning - Will hold referendum ~ link ~ This is designed to force Russia to abandon the defense of Syria and Iran from a all-out western attack or force Russia into World War III.  This is NOT the work of sane humans, it is a demonic agenda for the destruction of Earth and all life on it, at work!!!  Stirling  

Russia barring Lithuania cars and trucks after war-like talk from its President against Russia ~ link ~ About two weeks ago, Russia signaled that it would no longer just sit back and take whatever crap the Globalist/Zionist controlled West decided to dish out.  This is one example of its new policy.  Stirling   

Lithuania says Moscow is preventing the entry of Lithuanian commercial and private cars and trucks into Russian territory.

On Monday, Lithuanian Interior Minister Saulius Skvernelis said Lithuanian "cars and trucks are virtually not allowed into Russia."

Russia has suspended customs procedures for Lithuanian trucks, which are now stranded at either the border or customs points, according to Lithuania’s National Road Carriers' Association.
“There are verbal instructions to stop all procedures for cargo from Lithuania and cargo transported by Lithuanian vehicles," said association’s president, Algimantas Kondrusevicius.
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has called Russia a "terrorist state" over Moscow’s alleged involvement in the conflict that has been going on in Ukraine since November 2013.

Russia has said Grybauskaite’s remarks "surpassed even the most extremist statements coming from radical nationalists in Kiev."


Seven-month extension agreed on Iranian nuclear talks ~ link ~ Eventually they needed to push back the start date for all-out WWIII a bit.  At least till they can get Russia in line.  Stirling   

Iran and six world powers have failed to resolve their 12-year dispute over Iran's nuclear ambitions for a second time this year.

Iran and the P5+1 have given themselves seven months to overcome the deadlock that has prevented them from clinching an historic deal.

Iran to be able to access $700 million in frozen assets during nuclear agreement intern period ~ linkA 'sweetener' to keep Iran involved in the BS talks!  Stirling  

Israeli PM welcomes Iran-P5+1 failure to reach nuclear deal ~ link ~ Ever notice how dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu never met a peace deal that he liked or a war that he was not in favor of!!!  I believe that he is the actual Antichrist that the Bible speaks of.  He is the one person that is behind most efforts to move the Mideast towards a great and horrific war, a General Middle East War, and to World War III.  Stirling  

Evil With A Nice Face - The Janus Principle ~ link
This Janus Principle stimulated the later formation of Existentialism, best known as the Leo Straussian Bolshevik credo that “the desired Ends always justifies any means necessary to be used to obtain those desired ends”. Strauss was a Neo-Bolshevik and a notorious liar that taught it was a good idea to spread any lies necessary to obtain desired results in urban organizing as long as the lies could be made believable if only for a short time until the objective was obtained. In the forward of his book, he dedicated it to Lucifer and this type of commitment actually is the basis of the Deep, Dark secret of Freemasonry, the very top positions in both Political parties and the Establishment Top Policy-Makers as well as Nazi-ism, Bolshevism and most every ‘ism invented by the City of London empowered Babylonian Talmudists aka the “Illuminati”.

Biased USA won't affect construction: China counters criticism of artificial military island project in South China Sea ~ link ~ China, like Russia, is no longer going to be restrained in its response to western aggression, and that is a bad sign for the near future of mankind.  Stirling   

China has cautioned that US warnings to halt construction of a massive artificial island and airfield will not deter it from completing the project in disputed waters of the South China Sea. This is the fourth such undertaking in the last 12-18 months.

China’s top general has defended the construction of the 3,000-meter island as “justifiable” in a scornful response to swift American criticism that followed evidence of large-scale military construction on the Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands area. 

US troops to maintain deployment in Poland and the Baltic states in 2015 ~ link ~ One more red flag for WWIII in a growing sea of red flags!!!  Stirling   

A ‘temporary’ deployment of US troops in Poland and the Baltic states has been extended through 2015, a US commander in Europe said. NATO sells its presence as a deterrent to an ‘aggressive Russia’, with Moscow countering that it only escalates tension.

The alliance deployed several hundred US troops in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia earlier this year. The move was explained by a desire to give confidence to these NATO members after the political crisis in Ukraine and the secession of its region of Crimea to rejoin Russia. The alliance called it an annexation and said countries in the region feared that Moscow would militarily attack them.

Russia and Abkhazia sign alliance ~ link ~ The Russian bear is no longer hibernating and he is one big dangerous beast!!!  Stirling     

Russia and Abkhazia have signed a new partnership agreement, which includes a collective defense system, and extra aid to the former Georgian region. The Georgian opposition blamed its government for failing to prevent the signing of the document.

President Vladimir Putin and his Abkhazian counterpart Raul Khajimba, who was elected president in August, sealed the treaty on Monday in Sochi.
The new agreement supersedes an older document adopted back in 2008, when Russia recognized Abkhazia as an independent state after an ill-fated attempt by Georgia to seize control of the region along with South Ossetia.

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