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Holy Shroud of Turin

  Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
  ORTHODOX CHERUBIM HYMN - video  ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 


Pray for Peace

Pray for an end to Ebola

On the Road to the Third World War.
Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


Dr. Bill Deagle and Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on the Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on Thursday November 20 2014 Hour 3 
US aid worker beheading video a scam? ~ link ~ Most of what we hear from the governments of the world and from the globalist/Zionist owned mainstream news media is a scam.  Nothing but pure raw propaganda and bullshit!  Stirling     
“There have been a couple of previous beheadings which appear to have been actually staged, or photoshopped, so again it’s hard to tell what kind of publicity stunt this is, whether it’s even another real beheading or another staged one, or who knows?” Barrett asked. The video was definitely “a publicity stunt designed to create the impression that there is a huge threat to America that has to be met with by lots of money for the military, intervention in the Middle East and bombing Syria,” he said.

The US bombs in Syria and Iraq have not really been “directed in the most strategic way towards targeting ISIL, but rather towards destroying the infrastructure of Syria,” he added.


All Wars Are Bankers Wars - A review of Michael Rivero's Documentary ~ link ~ Michael 'hit the nail on the head' with this famous piece!!!  Stirling   
The purpose of war, according to this brief documentary by radio host Michael Rivero, is to force central banks on countries that try to issue their own money. He makes a compelling argument, illustrated by numerous historical examples. The film’s main value, in my view, is in dispelling common misconceptions about where money comes from. Contrary to popular belief, western democracies don’t issue the money they use to run government services. They borrow the money at interest from privately owned central banks. In the US, this private central bank is called the Federal Reserve.
Grand Jury in Ferguson finding could result in a lock-down of medical facilities - video ~ link ~ Warning: This could be a set-up for a major False Flag Event!!!  Stirling  
Ferguson rioters to target whites ~ link ~ The entire scenario of the Ferguson incident, with its heavy coverage by mainstream news media, is indicative of a set-up by the Globalists.  Be ready for a nasty False Flag and/or a prolonged period of violence.  Stirling   
Scores of Department of Homeland Security vehicles have been spotted 25 minutes outside of town and the Governor of Missouri has already declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the fallout should officer Darren Wilson be exonerated.National Guard units have been called up and one law enforcement official has advised residents to be armed because the police department will not be able to protect the town’s citizens should violence erupt.

And violence is exactly what we should expect - more specifically, violence against Caucasians and their children. Two recently recorded videos have surfaced from the Ferguson area showing activists and protesters who are developing a strategy for how they will engage in civil disobedience and who they will target.

Senator Rand Paul: Obama is betraying the founding principles of America ~ link
The Kentucky Senator issued a statement in the immediate aftermath of Obama’s immigration speech vowing not to let him violate the Constitution;
“President Obama is not above the law and has no right to issue Executive Amnesty. His actions blatantly ignore the Separations of Powers and the principles our country was founded on. The President has said 22 times previously that he does not have the power to legislate on immigration,” Sen. Paul said. “I believe that immigration reform is needed, however for true and effective reform, we must first secure the border. I will not sit idly by and let the President bypass Congress and our Constitution.”

Russia can survive a Oil Price War ~ link ~ The reason why gasoline prices have dropped so much in most of the world is that the Saudis and other GCC members are attempting to hurt the Russians and Iranians.  The Saudis are at about the level of cash coming in from oil sales that they need to support current government expenses.  At current crude oil prices, however, the Russians are negative to the level of income from oil sales that they need to support government spending.  The Iranians, however, are way in the red at current crude oil prices.  This is an economic war, which often precedes a shooting war.  Stirling  
Walmart nominated for "worst corporation in the world" ~ link ~ Actually I think that Monsanto is far far worse, but the 'sweethearts' that run Walmart are greedy destroyers of the Middle Class as far as I am concerned.  Stirling   
Walmart workers in 10 countries joined a global day of action on Wednesday to demand better wages and treatment for employees, as a public interest group nominated the retailer for a Lifetime Award as “worst corporation in the world”.
Organizers with the group OUR Walmart estimated that about 300 protesters would march on Walmart’s headquarters in India and block the gate. Another 200 people were expected to protest at the company’s headquarters in Mexico City. Workers in Argentina, Brazil and Canada were also expected to participate.
Have Central Banks entered an Undeclared War? ~ link ~ There are indications that not everyone (players of note) in the "West" is aboard the 'train to the NWO'!!!  Stirling   
NWO: Martial Law in the Soul ~ link ~ A most interesting article which goes into the demonic aspects of the drive to the New World Order.  Stirling 
CIA behind Hip-Hop's drug fetish ~ link ~ President Kennedy wanted to 'break up the CIA into many small pieces', which is one reason he was assassinated 51 years ago tomorrow.  Stirling   
The Central Intelligence Agency, which profited from the crack cocaine epidemic it fueled in the 1980s, is behind hip-hop’s glamorization of drugs, according to former cocaine kingpin Rick Ross.
The reformed drug dealer, who was unaware his cocaine sources were connected to the CIA until an expos√© by the late journalist Gary Webb, said the agency has weaponized mainstream hip-hop to influence America’s youth into pursuing drugs without fear of consequences.

If Ebola remains in the semen of infected men, why were male Ebola victims in America "cleaned" as virus-free? ~ link ~ There are many questions about why/how/what is happening with Ebola and governmental responses and MSM coverage of same.  I suspect that there are many people who have tested positive for Ebola in North America and Europe but that the public is being lied to and the patients are being "treated" for something else.  Stirling  
The New World Order is not
just a temporal empire. 
It is a form of mental and 
spiritual bondage: satanic possession.
- See more at:
An Indian man has been placed under mandatory quarantine in his home country after tests came back positive for the Ebola virus in his semen, according to new reports. The 26-year-old Indian national was hospitalized nearly two months ago in Liberia after contracting the disease and had since been thought to be cleared of the virus, which turned out to be false.

CNN reports that the man was initially released from a Liberian hospital on September 30 with documents in hand declaring him to be Ebola-free. But Indian authorities later conducted their own tests just to confirm and were surprised to find traces of the virus in the man's semen.

Twelve charts that show the connection between Roundup and Disease ~ link ~ You really need to view these charts to get the full picture ... shocking to the max!!!  Stirling     

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