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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Red Death: Now FOUR people in Spain hospitalized in Madrid with Ebola or possible Ebola ~ link ~ Two days ago the number was zero.  The real question is how many people were given the disease by these four and how many were given the disease by those and how many did they give it to/etc./etc.!!!  Ebola Red Death has a period of up to 21 days when there are no symptoms but can be spread during most, if not all of this time!!! The raw incompetence of the North America and European and global medical community and the political establishment is going to get BILLIONS killed if we are not very lucky!!!  We are dealing with the dangers of a geometric spread of a advanced biological Doomsday weapon of the most lethal variety!!!   Stirling  

Health officials in Madrid say three more people are in the hospital on suspicion of contracting Ebola. The news comes a day after a nurse who treated two Ebola patients at a city hospital became infected with the disease.

The nurse is now being treated with a drip using antibodies from those previously infected with the virus, Reuters reports. Approximately 22 people who have been in contact with the woman, dubbed by media the "Spanish Ebola nurse," have been identified and are being monitored, Madrid health officials told reporters Tuesday. The officials added that the hospitalized include the nurse's husband, another health worker and a traveler who had spent time in one of the affected West African countries. 

Red Death: Standard protective medical clothing does NOT work against Ebola ~ link ~ They were using Level 2 protective measures in Spain ... they should have been using Level 4 equipment.  Level 2 "might" work in a casual contact, at least to reduce the chances of infection, but not in close contact.  And frankly, the in-your-face evidence is showing that Ebola is airborne at least to some extent.  And, of course, it continues to mutate at a rate that is FASTER than any virus known to man!!!  This is a highly advanced genetically engineered super killer Doomsday biowar virus!!! Stirling 

Anger was growing in Spain today over how a nurse became infected with Ebola as it was claimed the protective suits given to health officials were not good enough.

Leading charity Save the Children warned recently Ebola is spreading at a 'terrifying rate' with the number of recorded cases doubling every week.

Red Death: Spain investigates new Ebola case/s ~ link ~

The nurse had twice gone into the room where Mr Garcia Viejo had been treated, to be directly involved in his care and to disinfect the room after his death. Both times she was wearing protective clothing.

Madrid healthcare director Antonia Alemany told reporters that according to the information available: "The nurse went into the room wearing the individual protection gear and there's no knowledge of an accidental exposure to risk."

Red Death: Ebola case in Spain fuels fear of widespread European outbreak ~ link
also see ~ link ~ link

Fears grew Tuesday that the Ebola epidemic was spreading outside Africa after three more people were isolated in Spain following the infection of a nurse in a Madrid hospital.

The EU demanded answers about how the disease could have spread in Spain's most specialist unit treating Ebola where the nurse cared for two elderly Spanish missionaries who died from the virus after being flown home from west Africa.

"People are freaked out," a cardiologist at the hospital told AFP. "We cannot understand how someone who was wearing a double protection suit and two pairs of gloves could have been contaminated."

Red Death: How did Spanish nurse become infected? ~ link ~ The nurse was infected at a top European hospital that had specialized equipment and facilities for treatment and quarantine of highly infectious diseases!  Stirling  

Spanish authorities said they were investigating how the nurse became infected at a hospital with modern health care facilities and special equipment for handling cases of deadly viruses

Red Death: Ebola Crisis ~ link
Health authorities said on Monday night that the nurse was in stable condition. She had alerted them to a slight fever on 30 September, said Antonio Alemany from the regional government of Madrid, and checked into a hospital in Alcorcón with a high fever on Sunday. Ebola protocol was immediately activated at the hospital and initial and secondary tests were both positive for the virus. The patient, who is married with no children, was on holiday when she began showing symptoms, said Alemany.

Bernabéu compared Spain to the US and pointed out that the Americans have 10 hospitals with the highest level of biosafety possible. Spain, in contrast, has just one suitable hospital with biosafety levels that are much lower.

WHO: Ebola spread in Europe "unavoidable" due to extensive travel ~ link ~ The World Health Organization is a Globalist controlled group that I do NOT trust at all.  All travel from the west African HOT ZONES should have long since been shut down totally.  This this has not been done is indicative of both raw stupidly and deliberate support by certain high level persons and organizations for this massive Illuminati Population Reduction Program!!!  Stirling     

WHO has so far placed no restrictions on flights to the worst-affected countries. While British Airways and Emirates are no longer flying there, Air France has only suspended flights to Sierra Leone – not Liberia, Guinea or Nigeria (though air crews were recently offered the option to refuse flying to those destinations).  

However, WHO has stated that the continent is well prepared to control the disease.

Dr. Mary's Monkey - video ~ link ~ This movie explains how the polio vaccine give millions of people cancer.  How key players in the President Kennedy assassination were involved.  It is long, but it will open you eyes to Big Pharma and the hidden Luciferian Death Cult elite!!!  Stirling 

Trenches dug in eastern Ukraine as battle over Donetsk airport continues despite month-long ceasefire ~ link ~

Pro-Russian separatists used tanks, artillery systems and rocket launchers in their fight to capture the airport in the rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk yesterday.
Turkish tanks mass on Syrian border - with extensive photos ~ link ~ The Syrians have said that any Turkish crossing of the border will be an Act of Aggression!  The Turks and NATO/Israel/Saudi Arabia/Qatar are just waiting for the right moment to turn the Phony War on ISIS into a General Middle East War against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah and that will being in Russia and China and begin WWIII.  Stirling 

Kobane is just six miles from the Turkish border - the gateway into Europe - and the NATO member country has already called on the international alliance to provide military assistance in the event that ISIS fighters breach the border.  

Despite the symbolic raising of the flag, the town's brave Kurdish defenders earlier claimed that the terrorists had not reached the city centre and would not be allowed to do so 'for as long as we live'. 

Kobane, Syria: Civilians flee ISIS street-to-street fighting ~ link ~ All the massive high tech air-power of 12 nations cannot stop a few hundred ISIS terrorists attacking a small town.  Bullcrap!!!  This is a Phony War on a Phony Organization ... all designed to begin a much larger massive war!!!  Stirling 

Speaking on Monday, Asya Abdullah, a co-leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party representing Syrian Kurds in Kobane, described the fighting to the BBC's Newshour programme. She said: "There are still thousands of civilians in the city and IS is using heavy weapons. If they are not stopped now, there will be a big massacre."They have surrounded us almost from every side with their tanks. They have been shelling the city with heavy weapons. Kurdish fighters are resisting as much as they can with the limited weapons they have."

The US Central Command earlier confirmed an air strike on Monday by US-led forces had "destroyed two IS fighting positions south of Kobane" but Ms Abdullah said the strikes in the area were "ineffective".


Kobane "About to fall" says Turkey's President Erdogan, dispite US airstrikes ~ link ~ Erdogan says he needs a no-fly zone, but ISIS does NOT have an air force and the "secure zone" he envisions would not be in Turkey but deep into Syria.  There is no real "moderate" opposition.  All the opposition fighters are paid for by the axis of USA/NATO/Israel/Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  This is NOT about saving the Kurds, which the Turks hate and oppress, it is about starting a much larger war!!!  Stirling  

"Kobane is about to fall," Erdogan told Syrian refugees in the Turkish town of Gaziantep, near the border. "We asked for three things: one, for a no-fly zone to be created; two, for a secure zone parallel to the region to be declared; and for the moderate opposition in Syria and Iraq to be trained and equipped."

Turkish tanks and other ground forces have been stationed along the border within a few hundred meters (yards) of the fighting in Kobane — also known as Ayn Arab — but have not intervened. Just days ago, Turkey said it wouldn't let Kobane fall.

Turkey says Kobane about to fall as ISIS advances ~ link

The group released a video showing dozens of men said to be from Ahrar al-Sham, a rival Islamist group which has clashed with it in the past, pledging allegiance to its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the SITE monitoring service said on Monday. 

Hezbollah claims responsibility for bomb attack on IDF ~ link ~ The developing General Middle East War continues to expand while the world sleeps!!!! When it blows up into a massive regional war with weapons of mass destruction, the world will tremble but it is apt to be too late then as World War III will begin to go 'HOT'!!!  Stirling  

Israel shells South Lebanon after blast wounds two IDF troops ~ link ~

The Israeli Army fired artillery shells into Lebanon after at least two IDF troops were injured in a blast on the border between the two states, an Israeli security source told Reuters.

The Israeli Defense Force has confirmed the shelling of Lebanese territory, saying that it hit two outposts of the Hezbollah militant group in the south of the country on Tuesday. 

Rare eclipse Wednesday will show darkened Moon and rising Sun together ~ link ~ This is a fourth Blood Moon ... one that happens on a key ancient Israeli feast ... when such things happen, which is very rare, they almost always have important meaning and herald major events in the Middle East. See this video ~ link   Stirling 

Sun Tzu and the Cost of War plus Vidrebel's comments ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling   

Let’s interpret modern world history in light of Sun Tzu. Russia and China are poised for victory against America and NATO. The latter are headed to the worst Financial Crisis in 500 years because we have more debts than any time in history. This fate was decided for us in 1913 by the Rothschilds and their friends they gave us a debt based currency guaranteeing us a series of Depressions and Inflations. Catherine Austine Fitts said that the Bankers stole $40 trillion from us. I think the figure is much higher.

911 and the ‘War on Terror’ has enabled the ruling class to take away most of our rights. The 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions are determined that we not be able to demand the return of what they stole. They have intentionally drained America of its resources and squandered them in idiotic wars and occupations. Clearly, we can see they are planning for the Day the Dollar Dies. They know Nationwide Food Riots are coming. They want Race Wars to destroy the unity of America. That is why we have Open Borders. They want America to lose any military confrontation she has with Russia and China. We have to die because they stole everything from us. They expect Hyperinflation to take what little we have left. They want tens of millions of Americans to die from the plagues. That is why we are suffering from Ebola. Ebola is the first of many to come if we allow them to continue to rule over us.

We are very close to the End Game. There is a little while left when we can say No.

Off to World War III ~ link ~

Civil wars in Syria and Ukraine, the threat of ISIS, and now protests in Hong Kong. So far the UN has prevented a war from breaking out between super powers since the end of World War II, but recently the US has not gotten its way in the UNSC. By way of financial flows and sanctions, Western powers have ultimately started a world proxy war.  Are in we in the throes of World War 3?

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