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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Red Death: A rising call for travel ban from west Africa ~ linkThe White House continues to treat this as just another PR issue but the public, for once, is aware of the dangers and not buying the BS.  Stirling
Warning that Americans are losing faith in their government's ability to stop Ebola, Republican lawmakers on Thursday pressed for a ban on travel to the U.S. from the West African outbreak zone. The White House said other measures are more effective.

The administration spent the day trying anew to tamp down fear as the pool of Americans being monitored for symptoms expanded from Texas to Ohio. President Barack Obama said he might appoint a single official to lead the nation's efforts against the deadly disease.

Health officials in Texas took a tougher stance on monitoring the dozens of health care workers who had contact with the man who died of Ebola in Dallas, asking them to sign legal documents agreeing to stay home under threat of sanctions if they ventured out in public places. Earlier, officials had requested the 75 workers to self-monitor for symptoms of infection after two nurses were diagnosed with the virus.

Red Death: Tracking a Serial Killer: Could Ebola mutate to be even more deadly? ~ link ~ The answer is YES.  It is mutating faster than any virus ever studied.  That is one indication that it is a genetically engineered virus.  There will continue to be mutations as this virus interfaces with other viruses and diseases in the environment.  Some mutations will be "good" ones, that is make a version of the disease less dangerous; other mutations will make the disease more dangerous, the nature of things is that some of these mutations will survive and expand and hence Ebola will get worse.  Stirling  

Red Death: Europe's Hidden Cases of Ebola ~ linkBased on reports that I am getting from Central America, I suspect that many nations are suppressing any story about Ebola in their nation.  They don't want to panic the public and are trying to contain the issue.  This is not likely to work and the nightmare disease will continue to spread.  Stirling  

If you were surprised to hear the news that a Sudanese United Nations worker died of the deadly Ebola virus in a Berlin hospital on Tuesday, you might be even more surprised to learn just how many Ebola patients there are elsewhere in Europe.

The World Health Organization maintains that there are eight confirmed cases of the deadly virus in Europe tied to the current outbreak: two dead missionaries in Spain, one dead doctor in Germany, one cured man and one doctor in treatment in Germany, two tropical disease doctors in treatment in Holland and a Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero Ramos, under treatment in Spain.  Romero Ramos contracted the virus from one of the dead Spanish missionaries.  There are also at least a dozen or more suspect cases scattered around European hospitals that may or may not evolve into the full-blown virus.
Red Death: Thanks to Obama's incompetence, Ebola is now Out-of-Control in the United States ~ link ~  

Much of the responsibility for the Ebola crisis that the United States is now facing can be laid squarely at the feet of Barack Obama.  If Obama had banned all non-essential air travel between the U.S. and West Africa, Thomas Eric Duncan would have never gotten on to a plane to this country in the first place.  And if Obama had directed the CDC to get all hospital staff in America some basic training about Ebola, we might not have two infected nurses at this point.  But instead, this Ebola outbreak in America is now officially out of control.  The fact that one of the sick nurses got on to an airplane while she was feeling feverish boggles the mind, and it is creating a tremendous amount of fear all over the nation.  Already, one traveler showed up at Dulles airport in a full hazmat suit.  The White House has announced that Obama has canceled a fundraising trip and will be holding an “emergency meeting” on Ebola.  Hopefully he can start to get a handle on what is going on before it is too late.
 News that a second nurse that was caring for Thomas Eric Duncan has Ebola sent shockwaves all over the country.  Apparently those caring for him did not wear hazmat suits for the first two days.  This is such a monstrous error that it is hard to put into words. What made things even worse is that this second nurse decided to get on a plane even after she began exhibiting symptoms…

Red Death: White House Petition supporting a General Strike in USA in response to Obama's inaction on Ebola Pandemic ~ link
Alex Jones and Infowars have posted a petition on the White House petition website calling for a nationwide general strike to force the Obama administration and the federal government to get serious about the health of the nation as Ebola spreads.
Read and sign the petititon here.

Red Death: Is Ebola airborne? ~ link ~ Yes even the CDC and WHO are finally admitting it is!  Stirling 

Why not quarantine west African countries where Ebola is widespread, surge not troops but medical personnel and other resources to stop the spread Ebola at the source?

One Ph.D. toxicologist quoted without attribution told me that:  “The anonymous CDC (as you well know) is the most incompetent crew of sycophants you can find in government.  They will do what is politically expedient, as we’ve seen with their dealings on issues impacting Veterans (e.g., the “safety” of depleted uranium) and communities badly contaminated with toxic chemicals. Many are simply incompetent and have little knowledge of current health science.  If the CDC is in charge, run in the other direction!  I hope the public is finally figuring this out.  As one highly placed colleague told me, they need to eliminate the entire agency and start from scratch.  I couldn’t agree more.”

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