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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


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Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on October 16 2014 Hour 3
Red Death: CDC Director: "We are always open to ideas" ~ link ~ I simply do not believe that this man is that damn dumb (to keep the doors open to America from the Hot Zone nations in west Africa).  He is criminally complacent, as is Obama, to the developing mass genocide-by- Pandemic!!!  It is Congressional Election time in America ... people do use this to put as much pressure on the political class as possible.  Let them know that bullshit instead of real efforts that work, to control the spread of this super-killer virus, is NOT acceptable!  The usual BS from Obama and his Administration is not going to cut it on this Ebola threat.  People are now really getting scared and that motivates them.  This could be the event that we see the Obama Administration 'gut themselves' over!!!  Stirling   
The excruciating hearing came as three members of Congress and a sitting governor are calling for Frieden's resignation and the White House began the torturous process of throwing him under the disease-control bus on Thursday afternoon, saying that Frieden is 'taking responsibility' for his agency's screw-ups.
Red Death: Air France airliner isolated at Madrid airport amid Ebola fears from sick Nigerian passenger ~ link ~ Those officials that insist on continuing to allow people from nations with active Ebola to enter Europe or America are complicit in the planned genocide of much of the Human Race and should be arrested!!! Further, they allowed all 160 people on board the plane to leave. They and the crew should be quarantined for two months not allowed to spead the virus!!!  Stirling   
The passenger on Air France 1300 from Lagos, Nigeria, had started shivering with a fever during the flight which landed at Barajas International Airport in the Spanish capital.

Air France said the other passengers disembarked from the plane, which was flying via Paris. The plane will now be disinfected and the return flight has been cancelled.
Red Death: Fears of Ebola spread across USA - Yale student quarantined, California school shut down, Florida man tested for Ebola ~ link ~  
A Yale student has been quarantined with Ebola-like symptoms, a man in Florida is being tested for the deadly virus, and a California college has been shut down as fears of an outbreak spread across the US. 

It comes as the CDC concedes it is not entirely sure how to control the disease. 

Red Death: Texas nurse Nia Pham transferred to special isolation ward at NIH Hospital ~ link

Nina Pham, the first American nurse diagnosed with Ebola, is being transferred to a special isolation ward at the National Institutes of Health Hospital in Maryland, it has been revealed.

The plan to fly Ms Pham out of Dallas removes the last patient with the infectious disease from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital as criticism over the protection of healthcare workers mounts.

Red Death: Texas Presbyterian Hospital nurse who cared for Ebola infected colleague has a large tear in her protective outfit and supervisors ignored her alarm ~ link ~ Those supervisors should be arrested and charged with felony endangerment!!!  Stirling 
Red Death: 21 Day Quarantine is NOT long enough ~ link ~ We now know that sometimes the incubation period is as long as 42 days.  Stirling  
Red Death: Obama mobilizes National Guard  and Reserves to "fight Ebola" ~ link ~ All Obama will do is get our boys killed while he tries to look like he is 'doing something'!!!  Stirling    

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