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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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On the Road to the Third World War.
Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

Breaking News
Turkey makes major U-Turn over Kurdish fighters - with extensive combat photos of bombing  ~ link ~ I suspect that a secret agreement has been reached that is effecting this.  However, I do not know the details.  Stirling  
Turkey's top diplomat announced on Monday that his country is helping Iraqi Kurdish fighters cross into Syria to "give support" to fellow Kurds defending the border town of Kobane from Islamic State militants.

The remarks by Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu came hours after the US military announced it for the first time had airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies provided by Iraqi Kurdish authorities to Kurdish forces in Kobane.

Syrian Kurdish fighters welcome US arms drop as Turkey boosts Kobane battle ~ link
Kurds battling militants for the Syrian border town of Kobane welcomed a first US airdrop of weapons on Monday as neighbouring Turkey said it will help Iraqi Kurds to join the fight.
Ankara has refused land deliveries of arms to the Syrian Kurds, who are linked with Turkey's outlawed rebel Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), but said it was helping Iraqi Kurds to reinforce the strategic town.
 Sweden widens search for "Russian Sub" ~ link ~  
Military analysts think the craft is most likely a Russian submarine or a mini-submarine, although Moscow fiercely denies that and said on Monday that it was probably a Dutch sub.  
Sweden: 'Cold War' thriller exposes Baltic Sea nerves over Russia ~ link ~  
It has all the makings of a Cold War thriller -- an emergency military deployment with stealth ships and helicopters hunting for a foreign submarine in the Stockholm archipelago. Grainy photographs of a mysterious vessel. Sightings of a black-clad man wading in shallow coastal waters.

In just over a month, an Estonian intelligence officer has been reported abducted by Russian forces, Finland has complained of Russian interference with one of its research vessels, and Sweden has lodged an official protest over a "serious violation" when Russian warplanes entered its air space. 
Sweden: Mysterious "Russian submarine" off Sweden may be Dutch says Russian military ~ link
Swedish authorities reportedly searching for a Russian submarine in its waters are probably looking in the wrong direction. The sub is probably Dutch, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told RT.
Earlier Swedish media reported that the nation’s navy is looking for a submarine in the Baltic Sea, possibly belonging to Russia.
Sweden: Photo of mystery "Foreign Vessel" ~ link ~  
And he dismissed a report from Swedish media suggesting that a Russian emergency transmission had been intercepted, indicating that a Russian submarine was in trouble in the area.
"From the information we have, we cannot draw the same conclusion as the media that there is a damaged U-boat," he said.

UKIP's alliance in European Parliament rescued by Polish MEP ~ link

The UK Independence Party says a Polish MEP has joined its Eurosceptic grouping in the European Parliament, paving the way for significant EU funding and committee posts.

The EFDD group was thrown into disarray last week after a Latvian MEP left.

Blast rocks chemical plant in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine - Claims that a tactical missile was used ~ link ~ This would be a major escalation by the Coup Junta, if true.  Stirling

A huge blast has rocked a chemical factory in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, the city council says on its website. The blast wave reportedly shattered windows in houses in a radius of several kilometers.

Local militia has said that the plant was targeted by a tactical Tochka-U missile (SS-21 Scarab).RT’s team in Donetsk is trying to verify this information.

Red Death: Heartbreaking photos of children in Sierra Leone as virus tears families apart ~ link ~  

The death toll in the outbreak is now at 4,546, around half of the known cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, according to the latest figures from the UN World Health Organization.

Now, the WHO is scaling up efforts to reach 600,000 people that have been affected by the health crisis in the area, that has seen hundreds of children orphaned and many families left without a breadwinner.
Red Death: Ebola eradicated in Nigeria ~ link ~ If only the CDC were as good as the Nigerian health authorities!  Stirling 
In a rare victory, the outbreak has officially been declared over in the West African country. But Ebola continues to rampage through other African countries, with almost 10,000 cases in five of them, plus Spain and the US.

Nigeria's containment of the lethal disease is a "spectacular success story," WHO said. Twenty cases were reported in the country and eight people died.


Pope: God not afraid of "new things" ~ link ~ I think that Pope Francis is the Obama of the Catholic Church.  He was put in office to destroy it from within.  He is gutting traditional dogma and it will not end well.  Stirling 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

A few weeks ago, some Salfists thought they could be the "Sharia Police" in some cities in Germany.

Well, now we have got this situation:
Football/soccer-hooligans who previously fought against each other, have established an anti-Salafist coalition.
These hooligans are right wing German "patriots".
Watch the following video, please. Its message is:
We are the real Germans, we are going to defend our country against Salafists, we are strong, we have no mercy.

I would not like to have any problems with these guys, because they are mean, brutal and Arian (they think, but I don't).
Well, there might be a civil war in Germany in the near future.
In my opinion, Muslims should convert to Christianity or leave the country, right now.
They have had the possibility to integrate into the German society, but they did not accept our offers.
They would like to continue being boys' penis mutilators and fighters of Mohammed.
There is no place for Sharia or black walking rubbish bags/trash bags in our streets which are full of the spirit of Christianity.
They won't blow up our churches.
If they try.... you know the answer.

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany