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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.

Breaking News
Has Kobane become a failure for ISIS - with extensive photos  ~ link ~ For the last couple of weeks the drive to a greater war, a general Mideast war, has been stuck in the 'same place'.  This may be indicative of a 'behind the scenes' agreement or struggle, either between governments and/or between different factions of the Globalists/etc.  Stirling  
Islamic State militants have made fatal strategic mistakes in Kobane, allowing American and Arab warplanes to obliterate them from the air and Kurdish forces to suck them into unfamiliar 'meat grinder' street battles, an expert has claimed.
Swedish Navy: At 'action stations' hunting possible foreign submarine ~ link ~ The only thing of note happening with Sweden, of late, is the recognition of Palestine as a State by the Swedish Government!!!  Stirling   
Sweden's military is investigating reports of 'foreign underwater activity' in the Stockholm archipelago using high-tech-equipped naval vessels, aircraft and home guard forces.

Chief of operations Jonas Wikstrom says information 'from a credible source' sparked the operation on Friday and was being investigated as part of a wider intelligence operation.

Russian Prime Minister: It's time for the World to move away from the US Dollar ~ link
Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told CNBC that the world must move away from its dependence on the U.S. dollar, arguing that the global economy would benefit from a more diversified currency system.

In an exclusive interview that aired Wednesday, Medvedev said he did not have a “special negative attitude” toward the dollar— the global reserve currency—but said a “much more just financial system” was possible.

Welcome to Arcadia - The California suburb where wealthy Chinese stash cash in McMansions ~ link

The surge in foreigners buying up U.S. real estate has been well documented in recent years. Of all this buying, no nation has demonstrated a bigger increase in purchases than China. In fact, it is estimated that 24% of all foreign purchases of domestic real estate this year have come from China, up 72% from last year. In my post from July, Chinese Purchases of U.S. Real Estate hit $22 Billion as The Bank of China Facilitates Money Laundering, I noted that: 

113 Federal Reserve System staff members make $250,000 annually ~ linkI guess for these Cretans destroying your nation is profitable!  Stirling  

Top Iranian general killed in Syria ~ link ~  
Iran’s state agency confirmed that a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander, brigadier general Jabbar Darisawi has been killed in Syria.

IRNA reported on Oct.17 that the body of general Darisawi was buried in Ahvaz Province on Thursday, but didn’t mention when the top commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed.

Red Death: Obama announces CDC directed 'Ebola SWAT Teams' ~ linkThe graphic above is 'cute' but the possibility that evil forces could use the almost unlimited powers to medically quarantine political enemies, dissidents and anyone using their constitutional rights, is a real danger that cannot be allowed!!!  Stirling   
Moreover and possibly more importantly, all of this can now be used as an excuse by the Administration to round-up anyone the White House deems to be a threat, politically or otherwise. And hey, I have to give them credit, it’s a very good plan, offering the powers that be great headway when rounding up the “red and blue list” in the coming weeks. And to think, the camps have been readied — how convenient.

In fact I pointed this out months ago in an article titled Shit to hit fan! — Large empty department stores, Wal-Mart’s being converted into FEMA camps now! where I wrote about a covert government plan to install camps across the United States:

Red Death: Obama on Ebola Travel Ban: 2+2=5 - with video calling for National Strike this coming Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday to force the government to defend Americans ~ link ~ Listen to the video, good one!  Stirling  

As calls grow louder for a travel ban to prevent flights or deny visitors from West Africa, President Obama remains opposed to blocking travel from the three Ebola outbreak countries.

Lawmakers have repeatedly used the phrase travel ban without defining it. A travel ban could take several forms, but all have challenges.

Red Death: As Ebola outbreak grows, race for a drug based cure ramps up ~ link ~ Profiting from the evil they do is a classic sign of the demonic Globalists.  Stirling 

Red Death: Why airport screening will NOT stop Ebola ~ link
THOSE who got sick, and there were many, developed large, dark blisters that oozed pus and blood. Later came fever and bloody vomiting. Long before Ebola, there was the Black Death, which killed millions in the 14th century. And as with Ebola, nervous officials tried to keep the sick from entering their cities. Venetian authorities held ships at bay for 40 days—hence the word quarantine—to check for infections. Still, the disease ravaged the republic. Today countries are screening air passengers arriving from the places affected by Ebola. Will these efforts prove more effective?

Red Death: Top Ebola Experts: This strain is MUCH  worse than any we've seen before ~ link ~ We are seeing a well tweaked out advanced biological war virus doing its evil work!!!  Stirling
Dr. Osterholm just gave a talk shown on C-Span explaining that a top Ebola virologist – the Head of Special Pathogens at Canada’s health agency, Gary Kobinger – has found that the current strain of Ebola appears to be much worse than any strain seen before … and that the current virus may be more likely to spread through aerosols than strains which scientists have previously encountered.  

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