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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


Breaking News

Red Death: Suspected Ebola cases are mounting in Europe as pandemic fears grow ~ link

A Briton is suspected to have died from the virus in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Elsewhere, a Prague hospital is testing a 56-year-old Czech man with symptoms of the virus, a hospital spokesman said.

And French authorities sealed off a building near Paris after four people inside fell ill but officials said later it was a false alarm.

Red Death: Spain quarantines even more over Ebola Pandemic fears ~ link

Seven more people have been admitted to a Spanish hospital for monitoring for Ebola, including two hairdressers who had contact with a nurse infected with the deadly disease, health officials say.
The nurse, Teresa Romero, helped treat two elderly Spanish missionaries who died after returning from west Africa with Ebola.
- See more at:
Red Death: A video of a nightmare!

Red Death: Ebola cases officially surpass 8,000 ~ link ~ Real cases are apt to be three to five times this number.  Stirling
Over 8,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have been infected with Ebola, according to new data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The numbers show there were 2,799 new cases in the last 21 days. Of the 8,011 people infected, 3,857 people have died. “The situation in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone continues to deteriorate, with widespread and persistent transmission of [Ebola],” says the WHO in a statement.

Red Death: A global Ebola outbreak would be Advantageous for the Globalists ~ link
It’s sad to say with such finality, but a universal fact of existence is that most of the people you meet in this life are fundamentally and functionally ignorant. Not necessarily stupid, but certainly ignorant. Ignorance comes not from a lack of intelligence, but from a denial of knowledge and truth.

That is to say, ignorance takes hold when people decide to act as though they know and understand a thing, even if they do not. Ignorance prevails when a society or nation chooses to value the appearance of expertise, to value the theater of overconfidence, and to cheer for the bluster of morons rather than admit that they have unanswered questions on subjects they do not yet grasp. For nothing is worse for the self absorbed than to acknowledge that they do not know.

Entire nations have fallen throughout history because of this terrible weakness…

Red Death: Medical robot kills Ebola with UV light ~ link ~ Yep and you can do this at home for under US$100 by buying a UV light filter, or you can purchase a combined HEPA and UV light filter, or you can have a UV light installed in your central furnace!  Every classroom should have both HEPA and UV light filters, as should every doctor's office (including waiting rooms, exam rooms, staff offices, etc.), church, library, movie theater, restaurants and other places where people group together.  This is not 100% sure of stopping a Ebola airborne transmission but will dramatically reduce same!!!  Demand that your child's school, your university classroom, your church, etc., have this.  Stirling   

Red Death: USMC base conducts unprecedented outbreak drill - video ~ link 

Red Death: Eyam, England - how Black Death in 1665 effected the "plague village" ~ link  ~ If you want a view of what is coming, read history of the Black Death in Europe.  Stirling  

Red Death: CDC is now endangering all Americans by pushing 5 irresponsible assumptions on Ebola transmission ~ linkAs I said on the Nutrimedical Report Show, there are three basic problems related to how the grave global dangers of this genetically engineered advanced bioweapon is being handled: First, gross medical incompetence; Second, a high level of medical arrogance; and Third at certain high governmental levels a deliberate support of this latest Globalist Population Reduction Program (a fancy way to say MASS MURDER)!!!  Stirling   

Red Death: Doctors are puzzled why only some Ebola patients bleed ~ link ~ This version of Ebola hemorrhagic fever has been so 'tweaked' that it is far from a 'typical' hemorrhagic fever!  Stirling  

One of Ebola's most notorious symptoms is bleeding from places like the nose and mouth, but such bleeding has only occurred in a minority of cases in the current outbreak. It remains a mystery why some people experience this bleeding while others don't. The bleeding, which is properly called "hemorrhagic syndrome," happens in the late stages of the disease, about 24 to 48 hours before death.

In the current West Africa outbreak, about 18 percent of people infected with the virus are developing hemorrhagic syndrome, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Typically, the Ebola virus leads to hemorrhagic syndrome about 30 percent to 50 percent of the time, said Angela Rasmussen, a research assistant professor of microbiology at the University of Washington. 

Red Death: The Ominous Math of the Ebola Pandemic ~ link

The ISIS "Threat" ~ link ~  

Last week, my colleague Jeff Opdyke reminded us that like all power-hungry states, the U.S. requires enemies like ISIS to keep the population distracted and mobilized against the wrong threats. As he rightly put it: “War … gives government the cover it needs to curtail liberties and freedoms here at home. It gives government reason to rally the citizenry as the long-term health of the nation deteriorates.”

Of course, war does more than just that. War generates massive flows of taxpayer money to the defense industrial sector, which passes some of it on to money-hungry politicians, who vote for more war and thus more money for defense. And so on.

Eurosceptic UKIP wins first UK parliament seat in landslide ~ link

The anti-EU UK Independence Party has secured its first seat in parliament, with former Tory MP Douglas Carswell taking the by-election seat of Clacton. He won 59.75 percent of the vote, far ahead of the ruling Tories with 24.64 percent. Carswell's resounding victory reveals the threat UKIP poses to both Labour and the Conservatives in the upcoming general election. While UKIP is unlikely to win more than a dozen of the 650 seats on offer, the party’s increasing success threatens to rupture Britain’s center-right vote and erode the nation’s center-left vote making it more difficult for Labour or the Conservatives to win by a majority

The Eurosceptic party, which has campaigned for Britain to withdraw from the EU and considerably curb immigration, was expected to do well in the Clacton by-election vote. However, its victory in the coastal town by such a large margin has come as a surprise to many. 

Election in a tiny English town: Ominous sign that the EU is coming apart ~ link ~ As I said six months and a year ago about the Scottish Independence Vote, the key driving force is the fact that we are in a Global Economic Depression, that the political class is nothing but totally bought-and-paid-for whores.  Lies are now the total norm in public life and people are fed up with this crap.  They are looking for something as an out from the current totally corrupt political systems.  Stirling 

In the tiny seaside town of Clacton, UKIP (The UK Independence Party) — a rising anti-EU party — scored a decisive win.

And although this was just one election, the vote will send shockwaves across Europe: The message is out — the eurosceptics are on the march.

The last time it was so crazy - The stock market crashed ~ link

Some other VCs chimed in when they had a minute, in between throwing even more cash at these companies to drive their valuations ever deeper into the stratosphere: in the first half, they’d thrown $15.6 billion at them in later-stage financing rounds, theWall Street Journal reported, on track to break the record of $28.4 billion set in 2000, the year of peak craziness as the whole scheme was already collapsing.

So now, 49 US startups that have not yet gone public and have not yet been acquired have valuations of over $1 billion, with five of them in, or nearly in, the $10 billion club. Uber tops the list with a valuation of $18 billion. And Snapchat, one of these $10-billion outfits, doesn’t even have revenues yet though it might eventually by selling ads via its disappearing messages.

How Organic Farming Can Feed the World and Save the Planet ~ link

Just over a week ago, the executive director of the Rodale Institute, Mark 'Coach' Smallwood, set out from the group's research farm in eastern Pennsylvania on a 160-mile journey to Washington, DC with a walking stick, a brimmed hat, and a simple but profound message: We can not only stop climate change. We can reverse it. 

When Smallwood makes his expected arrival in the nation's capital on October 16, he will deliver a Rodale white paper—titled Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change: A Down-to-Earth Solution to Global Warming (pdf)—to lawmakers alongside a broader message from a global coalition of organic farmers, scientists, and food justice advocates who argue that a global transformation in how the world grows its crops, manages its soil, and feeds its livestock is the key solution available to us that can best stop, even reverse, the growing and dangerous volumes of carbon and other greenhouse gases now pushing world's atmosphere and oceans beyond capacity.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un misses key shrine visit  ~ link ~ Something is going on there!  Stirling

The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Kim Jong Un deepened Friday after the North Korean leader appeared to have missed a ceremony to pay tribute to his late father and grandfather on what is an important national anniversary.

Kim's name was absent from the list of attendees at the Kamsusuan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang on the 69th anniversary of the Workers' Party of North Korea, issued by state news agency KCNA on Friday.

The Incredible Charade ~ link

It’s one thing when individuals deceive themselves about who they are or what they might become. But when entire nations engage in these misbegotten fantasies, the world runs the risk of total failure.
When we look around just within the last week the ‘news’ itself is incredulous. “Reason” seems to have totally deserted the entire planet, to the point that the only ‘actions’ being taken will only intensify all our problems whether the problems are financial, military, social or political: Everything that’s being ‘pursued’ amounts to the worst possible course of action: Yet nation after nation remains in denial despite the fact that none of what is being offered, anywhere, has ever been viable. History proves it over and over again yet we still prefer to attend our hollow meetings, the conferences and the parties promoting rigged elections; while all the major players still pretend behind their masks…
The world is dying. Money here is about to self-destruct because it’s not based on anything, except in those nations that are returning to the gold standard: The BRICKS nations that the West still maintains must be banned from their very special little world that was the West, where everything they’ve always looked to, is now just another pack of lies.




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